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Accelerate your success

The Fast Track Profit System is the most complete educational course ever developed by Clever Investor. When you get on the Fast Track you simply follow Cody’s six-step system, finally putting you on a direct path to wealth. No more guessing or trial and error, just follow each lesson and make money. The Fast Track system includes over 20+ high-quality video training modules as well as bonus audio training and all the legal contracts and resources you need to start profiting in real estate fast. The system focuses on creating four primary profit centers including wholesaling for a quick profit and buying property to rent for long-term wealth.

We give you everything you need

  • How to find profitable properties
  • Analyzing your deal for profitability
  • Acquiring the properties
  • Understanding wholesale vs. rehabbing
  • Closing deals and getting paid


Profit system for real estate investing

Lesson 1: Setting up your business

The focus of this lesson is making a mindset shift – putting simple systems in place so you don’t have to think to take action. Keep each task super simple, focus on one thing at a time, and document each step in the process.

  • Setup and systematized your business
  • Real Estate Investing Fundamentals
  • Building basic business systems
  • Building your real estate team
  • Forming a millionaire mindset

LESSON 2: Marketing

Leads are the lifeblood of your real estate investing business. This is the one skill you’ll need to master if you want to get wealthy in real estate. In this training module, I’ve perfected ways of generating leads – both paid and free. Marketing success is ‘Leads + Conversions = Deals’.

  • Marketing & lead generation
  • Marketing funnels
  • Building your cash buyers list
  • Social media & SEO
  • Direct mail & bandit signs

LESSON 3 Analysis & inspection

Lesson three shows you how to analyze a property to know if it’s profitable. Understand the details of an inspection report and value to know whether to flip it or wholesale it.

  • Deal analysis fundamentals
  • Speaking to owners & evaluating properties
  • How to Find Accurate Comps without the MLS
  • Calculating ARV and MAO

LESSON 4 Property acquisition

We help you acquire a property with no money out of pocket. This is really my favorite part. While you might not realize it, there are countless homeowners out there who need your help. Your job is to connect them with someone who wants to buy their home.

  • Negotiation strategies and techniques
  • How to find seller motivation and use it for negotiating
  • Knowing your value
  • How to use time to your advantage
  • Common terms to negotiate
  • Understanding and completing contracts

LESSON 5 Funding and strategy

Learn the fundamentals of wholesaling. Understand how to structure your deals and the paperwork you need. Understand the rehabbing process and how to get your deals funded when you need to.

  • Funding options for REI
  • Quick flip wholesale training
  • Understanding the rehab process
  • Real rehab case study & video
  • Common terms to negotiate
  • Cody’s Fix and Flip Guide

LESSON 6 Closing deals

Learn how to market, sell and close your deal and the important paperwork involved. Understand the costs, statements and the access our complete checklist and guides.

  • Selling your deal
  • Marketing your deal
  • Buyer paperwork and contracts
  • Understanding closing costs
  • Settlement statements
  • Closing checklists and state guides

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