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This is a program that me and the Day Brothers have been developing for eight months in 2018.

It’s a model that combine white hat lead generation campaigns, with CPA email funnels.

If you’re reading this page now, unfortunately the program enrollment is closed. We’re busy supporting our first batch of students.

If you’re interested in joining this program, then please click the button below. We’ll send you information as soon as enrollment is open again.

The 6-week Training Program That Teaches You Step by Step, EXACTLY How To Make Money Using 100% White Hat Strategies in Lead Gen.

Go Inside the Lead Gen Engine™

I’ve never created an online course before.
Most people don’t realize the amount of work that goes into creating a world class flagship course, and on top of that, I’m an extreme perfectionist.
If someone’s going to invest their money into me, I need to make sure they get 10x their money’s worth.
You appreciate this mentality right?
I’m proud to say that we’ve achieved that with the creation of the Lead Gen Engine.

WEEK 1: Start up, Introduction to the System, and How to Find Hot Offers

This program begins with several orientation videos. We share with you how the program was designed, and the best way to approach the content.
Next, I’ve always believed that having the right mindset is the foundation of success. We spend some time going into some of the most important mindsets that we’ve discovered for affiliate marketing success.

Next the content:

  • Lead Generation 101. How does the entire business model work from the advertiser, to the affiliate network, to us, and the audience
  • We go into different examples of verticals and offers that are making money right now
  • Examples of what Facebook likes and doesn’t like in our experience
  • We know giving you 10 different verticals that could work can lead you to a state of analysis paralysis. If we had to recommend JUST ONE for you to start with, it would be THIS
  • Which Affiliate networks have the best lead generation offers. We narrowed it down to three, and give you tips on how to get accepted
  • The formulas we use to choose which offers to run
  • Affiliate networks vs going direct. We show you different ways to go direct when the time’s right

WEEK 2: Create Converting Landing Pages and Automated Email Sequences

You’ve found the offer that you want to promote. Awesome!
Now it’s time for us to create landing pages to capture emails.
Imagine creating landing pages so compelling that people will WANT to give you their emails addresses and they’ll LOOK FORWARD to reading your emails.
We know how intimidating landing pages can be.
That’s why we went the extra mile to create over the shoulder screencasts to walk you through anything that’s technical.
Next is we’ll go into everything that you need to know about emails and email sequences.

In this module we’ll include:

  • The Essential Landing Page Tools: We’ll share the tools that we use in the campaigns, plus cheaper versions
  • The 9 Step Conversion Checklist: ALL landing pages that we use must include these 9 things. One of them is URGENCY. Instead of just saying it and calling it a day, we’ll show examples of it in action
  • Over the shoulder walkthroughs on setting up and hosting your landing pages. If you’re experienced then this part won’t be that helpful. But we decided to include this section due to our commitment in making this course accessible to everyone
  • BONUS: DOWNLOAD three landing pages that we’ve actually used. You’ve learned the theory, now see actual examples of it in action
  • The EXACT schedule we use to email. How long and how often
  • Not all of your emails will land in their inbox
  • Learn some legal, easy to implement tricks we’ve discovered to increase your email deliverability rate

WEEK 3: Launching Campaigns on Facebook

All this is useless unless you know how to drive high quality traffic TRAFFIC, at a cost low enough for you to be profitable.
Love them or hate them, Facebook is the best traffic source in the world and the core traffic engine of this program.
I’m going to be blunt:
If you were to take out all the Facebook content and put it into its own course, it would be the best Facebook course on the market.

  • Your Facebook Fan Page Matters! Learn the best practices on developing a Facebook Fan Page that helps increase your conversion and build a brand
  • Do you know how to structure your campaign, ad sets, and ads? If you don’t know how to structure it then Facebook’s algorithm can’t give you solid traffic.
  • Learn the EXACT framework we recommend.
  • How to properly utilize the Facebook Pixel. We’ll teach you all the settings we use so that FB’s algorithm can find you the most targeted, and highest quality traffic
  • Are you worried about your Facebook ads account being shut down?
  • Even though everything that we’re teaching is “whitehat”, there are easy to fall into mistakes that could cause your account to be banned.
  • Learn some of our best practices to avoid unnecessary Facebook shutdown.
  • How to brainstorm angles for your Facebook ads (Hint: there are ways to come up with unlimited angles even if you’re not a creative person)
  • Facebook has so many options now for running ads.
  • Learn which type of Ads the day brothers focus on.
  • The single most powerful way we’ve discovered to target our audience on Facebook
  • What Campaign Objectives to choose when you launch – each one DOES affect the type of traffic you get and your costs. Learn what we use
  • The Facebook Launch Gameplan. A step by step process you can follow from beginning to end to launch your Facebook Campaigns

WEEK 4: Analyzing Facebook Data, Optimizing, and Scaling

Buying traffic means you’re buying data.
You need to understand the data and be able to analyze it in order to know what to do next.
We have an entire section dedicated to understanding the numbers and how to make decisions from them.
And lets keep it real – you’re not here to JUST make $100 a day right?
We’ll teach you how to systematically scale your campaigns so you can get more traffic WITHOUT losing profits.
Profitable campaigns aren’t discovered…they’re built through optimization. Learn the exact split tests, in which order, that you need to do to become profitable.

  • How can you tell if your campaign has the potential to do well?
  • Easy…benchmarks. Learn the Key Metrics and Formulas that the Day brothers are looking for in their campaigns.
  • Do you get STUCK when your campaigns are unprofitable? We’re going to walk you through the immediately split tests you should be doing next
  • Is your campaign PROFITABLE? Awesome! Learn what the next steps are so that you can SCALE to five figures a day and STAY profitable
  • The SIX Methods of Scaling on Facebook – and how to increase your volume WITHOUT losing profitability

WEEK 5: Maximizing Your List + Detailed Case Studies

By now your campaign should be profitable.
However, by using paid traffic, you’re starting to build a massive email list. An Asset.
Wouldn’t it be awesome if you had an expert monetize? It’s like you have an employee working for you…(without the hassles that comes with an employee).

  • How to find Email Experts to partner up with. We’ll give you advice on how to set up the deals, and what mistakes to avoid
  • There are a lot of email rules and regulations. Learn our best practices to email in a COMPLIANT way. (NOTE: We will tell you EXACTLY what we do, but always consult your own lawyer because we all live in different areas and have different business structures)
  • Too busy to manage and email your lists? Fortunately you’ve built an asset that’s worth a lot of money. Learn where you can sell your list and how to evaluate how much it’s worth

And finally…

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could actually learn from real case studies showing the theory in action?
And would you rather see old case studies from several years ago, or recent ones?
You want to see recent ones of course.
This is the Lead Gen Engine difference.
We’ll provide four detailed profitable, case studies.
They’re all from 2018 which means that the strategies still work.
They’re all from different verticals so you can see how this system works for any offer.
Learn how the Day brothers selected the offers, optimized their campaigns, how they scaled it.
Get detailed by seeing actual ads and landing pages used.
If you’ve ever wondered how super affiliates take a campaign from Idea to 5-figures+ Profit step by step, then this section was made for you.

WEEK 6: Campaign Troubleshooting, The Vault, Bonuses, and Closing

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth” – Mike Tyson.
Things don’t always go according to plan.
You know who the worst affiliates are? They’re the ones who get excited…launch…and if the campaign isn’t profitable…they go ask their affiliate manager “what’s hot” and start the process all over again.
The problem is they’re depending on luck, and not developing a critical skill set.
The ABILITY to troubleshoot a campaign is what separates the average affiliates from the Super Affiliates.
We’ve collected a list of the most common issues with running a LGE style of campaign, with solutions.

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