Charles Black – Get Control Fast

Charles Black – Get Control Fast


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Here is EVERYTHING I’m Going to Cover in Get Control Fast:

  • 6 Rules That You MUST Follow if You Want to Last Longer in Bed
  • 7 Steps You Must Follow to Ensure You’re Successful at Solving Your Performance Issue
  • 8 Myths So-called Experts Would Have You Believe That Actually Make Your Premature Ejaculation Problem Worse
  • 7 Little Known Causes of Premature Ejaculation
  • Exercises That Will Take You From Minute Man to Marathon Man
  • Unique Sex Simulation Method to Train Yourself Out of Premature Ejaculation
  • Easy to Follow 6 Week Challenge to Solve Your Performance Issues For Good!
  • Simple Sex Positions That Will Keep You Going Forever (and Give Her Ultimate Satisfaction)
  • REVEALED: 9 Tricks to Use to Last Longer Immediately (Use These Sparingly)
  • BONUS 1: 6 Step Plan To Come Faster (You’ll Need This After You Learn to Get Control)
  • BONUS 2: How to Get Her Addicted to You (This is Not For The Faint Hearted)

Get Control Fast is Perfect For You If You Want To Know:

  • Which foods make you come quicker (and it’s not what these so-called “sex gurus” say)
  • Why you’re wrong if you believe you are coming prematurely because you’re hypersensitive
  • Which commonly touted “fix” for premature ejaculation only makes the problem worse
  • Little known impact of common remedies that “help” with premature ejaculation
  • How to find and maintain the right level of excitement during sex (and a quick way to achieve this)
  • How muscle imbalances cause premature ejaculation
  • The difference between physical and mental excitement in men and how you can use to your advantage
  • How to identify the exact moment you should stop fucking to prevent ejaculation
  • Most common mistakes men make when training their PC muscle — just making ONE of these mistakes makes you more prone to a painful injury or tear
  • The scientifically proven method to experiencing multiple male orgasms

“So Charles…
Everything Looks Good!
How Can I Grab This Opportunity NOW?”

By now, you’re probably wondering, “Charles, how much is this going cost me?”
And if I’m honest, everything…
…IF you don’t take action to solve your problem today.
Let me explain,
What would your sex life be like if you never had to face the embarrassment of coming too quickly ever again?
How would you feel if you’d never have to see the look of disappointment on a woman ever again?
What would it be worth to you if you could access a simple, easy to follow method to take complete control over your “excitement” and have the power to come when you’re ready to.
At $2000, it would be worth it…
at $1000 it would be a steal, right?
But I’m not going to charge you that, not even close.
I started Don of Desire to help as many men as possible go from sex geek to sex god, so I’m going to make it easy for you with a special offer:

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