Categorization of 1500+ GirlsChase Articles

Categorization of 1500+ GirlsChase Articles


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A. Starting & Review Articles

A.1 How to Approach a Girl • Get First-Date Sex • Get a Girlfriend • Get a One-Night Stand • Master Your Appearance • Guide to Starting Fresh in a New City • Do You Really Need Game?
A.2 The Wrapping and the Present • When You’re Not That Sexy (Yet) • How to Get Taken Seriously by Women • Stop Being Invisible to Women • Give Her Butterflies
A.3 Yearly Reviews (with Article Lists)

B. Fundamentals – How to Attract Women

B.1 Fundamentals • How to Attract Women
B.2 Attraction is Either There, or It Isn’t

B.I. The Qualities of a Man​

B.I.1 On Manhood • Your Identity • Standing Out • The Civilized Man
B.I.2 Decisive • Determined • Risk-Taker • Fearless
B.I.3 Powerful • Dominant • Aggressive • Alpha • Calm • Still • Tactile
B.I.4 Authority • Leader • In Control • Respected
B.I.5 Confident, yet Humble
B.I.6 Attractive • Elegant • Sexual • Sexy • Dirty
B.I.7 Cool • Edgy • Bad Boy • Rebellious • Rule-Breaker • An Asshole • Sexist • Shameless
B.I.8 Romantic • Passionate • Lover of Women
B.I.9 Gentle • Charming • Compassionate • Gentleman
B.I.10 Intriguing • Mysterious
B.I.11 Vulnerable, but Not Weak
B.I.12 The Genuine Man (Series)

B.II. Your Presentation​

B.II.1 Voice
B.II.2 Scent
B.II.3 Exercising • Losing Weight • Nutrition • Testosterone Optimization
B.II.4 Improving Your Looks • Fashion
B.II.5 Hairstyle • Hair Length • Baldness • Grooming • Facial Hair
B.II.6 Facial Expressions • Bored Look • Sceptical Look
B.II.7 Eye Contact
B.II.8 Body Language • Sexy Walk
B.II.9 Physical Insecurities • Height • Penis Size

C. General Life Outlook & Advice

C.1 Purpose • Meaning of Life • The Good Life • Freedom • Independence • Privacy • Unplug Yourself • Surviving Moral Panics • Eject Button
C.2 Reference Points • Mental Models • Your Beliefs Aren’t Real • Empiricism • Scepticism
C.3 Developing Empathy • Stop Being Judgmental • Dealing with Judgmental and Opinionated People
C.4 Self-Cultivation • Having a Positive Outlook • Events vs. Processes • Visualization • Meditation
C.5 Efficiency • Motivation • Mastery • Goal Setting • Habits • Finding a Mentor • Wealth
C.6 Overcoming Depression • Victim Mentality • Helplessness • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
C.7 Entitlement • Egomania • You’re Not That Special
C.8 When It’s Worth Fighting • Dealing with Life-Threatening Situations
C.9 Recommended Reading

D. Understanding Women

D.1 What Do Women Want?
D.2 The Female Mind • How Women Think • Make Decisions • Indecision is a Woman’s Prerogative • Women-Speak • Listen to Her Actions, Not Words
D.3 Women Love Sex • All Girls are Naughty
D.4 Anti-Slut Defense
D.5 Roles Men Can Play in Female Lives: Friend • Lover • Provider
D.6 Women’s Back Pocket Mentality • Orbiters
D.7 On Female Morality
D.8 Women and Sex on the Level of a Society • Secret Society • Sexual Marketplace
D.9 Are Female Standards Too High? • Hypergamy
D.10 Is Dating Fair for Men? • Are Men Disposable? • On Bitter Women • “Women are Evil”
D.11 Excuses for Not Dating • Misconceptions on What Women Want • Looks-Money-Status • Muscles • Good Job • Race

E. Social Commentary, Ethics of Seduction, Didactic Tales

E.1 Social Commentary: Sex Wars • Fight Club • Red Pill • MGTOW • Birth of Game • Mind Control and Media • Madonna/Whore and the West • The Good King • Great Man Theory • Beauty Is the Reward of Valor
E.2 Ethics of Seduction • Player Guilt
E.3 Didactic Tales • Sad Tale of “Shopping Guy” • Like a Moth to the Flame

F. Social Skills & Dynamics

F.1 Law of Least Effort • Law of Social Exchange
F.2 Social Skills 101 • Social Calibration • Breaking Circle • Overcoming Social Anxiety • Shyness
F.3 Bringing the Energy • How to Be Warm
F.4 How to Not Be Creepy or Intimidating
F.5 Social Status • Social Hierarchies • Reputation • Zero-Sum Power Dynamics
F.6 Making Friends • Guy Talk • Bro Code
F.7 Nice People Need Hard Rules • Avoiding Psychic Vampires • How to Not Be a Target • Not Get Tooled
F.8 Charisma • Charisma Breakdowns
F.9 Spotting Liars • Dismantling Passive-Aggressive Behavior • When and How to Use Labels • Black and White Thinking • Reverse Psychology • Moral Superiority Arguments

G. Game (I-V) (VI-VII) (VIII-XI) (XII-XIV)​

G.1 Starting Out • Newbie Assignment • How Best to Learn Game • How to Practice • Practice Mentality • Game Plan When Going Out • Good vs. Bad Advice • Game-Life Balance • Do You Really Need Game?
G.2 General • How to Get Girls • Find the Woman You Most Want • Get a Girlfriend • Get a One-Night Stand • Get Taken Seriously • Stop Being Invisible • Give Her Butterflies • When You’re Not That Sexy (Yet)
G.3 When You’re Stuck • Overcoming Plateaus
G.4 Role of Chance in Seduction • Thinking in Numbers • Game of Asymmetric Returns
G.5 Can You Get Every Girl?
G.6 Results vs. Reactions • Being too Fun
G.7 Don’t Talk About Pickup to Women or Other People • “Just Be Yourself” is Terrible Advice • Why Female and Mainstream Dating Advice Sucks

G.I. Types of Game​

G.I.1 Schools of Seduction • Approaches to Getting Girls
G.I.2 Naturals vs. PUAs • Natural vs. Technical Game • Playboy Personalities
G.I.3 Cold Approach vs. Social Circle
G.I.4 Day Game vs. Night Game
G.I.5 Online Dating

G.II. Where Best to Meet Women, Logistics​

G.II.1 Going Out Alone
G.II.2 Logistics • Preparing for an Outing • Turn Your Bachelor Pad into a Seduction Spot
G.II.3 Where Best to Meet Women • Finding Your Niche • Moving Overseas

G.III. Mindset​

G.III.1 Move Faster • Attraction Has an Expiration Date • Women Can’t Wait for You
G.III.2 Secret Lover • How and Why to Be Discreet • Sigma Male
G.III.3 Absolute Abundance • Outcome Independence • “I am the Prize” • Being Scarce • Picky • A Challenge • Hard to Please
G.III.4 How to Not Be Needy
G.III.5 Lower Your Standards • Be More Flexible • All Girls are Real Girls • The Wrapping and the Present
G.III.6 Go With Your Gut • Listen to Your Intuition • Don’t Overthink
G.III.7 How to Pick Up Girls: The Success Factor (Series)

G.IV. Techniques, Mistakes​

G.IV.1 Cold Reads • Peacocking • PUA Neg • Neuro-Linguistic Programming • Social Pressure • Conspicuous Consumption • Role-Playing • False Time Constraints
G.IV.2 Push-Pull • Fractionation
G.IV.3 Grand Master Style • A2daMIR Style • Confusion Game • Demo Seduction • Sniper Game
G.IV.4 Lessons from Marketing and Sales
G.IV.5 Turn-Offs • Dating Mistakes • Limiting Beliefs • Myths About Women
G.IV.6 Avoid Alcohol • Drugs • Porn • Masturbation • Sleeping with Prostitutes
G.IV.7 Avoid “Falling Into” Relationships • Consolidate Your Pickup Breakthroughs Before Taking a Girlfriend • The Girlfriend Pickup Dip

G.V. Social Momentum, Preselection​

G.V.1 Social Momentum • State Control
G.V.2 Preselection • Social Proof • Female Competition • Using Jealousy
G.V.3 How to Be a Wingman • How to Use a Wingman or Wingwoman

G.VI. Opening, Flirting​

G.VI.1 Pre-Opening • Approach Invitations • Awareness Radius • Attention Grabs • Opening Body Language • Positioning Yourself • Locking In
G.VI.2 Spotting Naturally Beautiful Girls • Which Girl to Open • Which Are Looking for Men • Horny • Want Sex
G.VI.3 How to Approach Girls • With What Energy • Pickup Lines • Types of Openers: Direct • Indirect • Situational • Playful/Nonverbal • Compliance
G.VI.4 Overcoming Approach Anxiety
G.VI.5 How to Flirt • Tease a Girl • Be Playful
G.VI.6 The Hook Point • How to Hook Girls In (Series)
G.VI.7 Which Girls Are a Waste of Your Time • Attention Whores • When to Eject
G.VI.8 Girls in Groups
G.VI.9 Picking Girls Up In Clubs • Bars • Lounges • Dance Floor • Concerts
G.VI.10 Picking Girls Up During Transit • Shopping • Job • Abroad • Class • College • Tourist • Winter

G.VII. Conversing, Rapport​

G.VII.1 Conversational Techniques • Nicknames and Callbacks • Pregnant Pauses • Open Loops • Baiting • Deep Diving • Getting Past Small Talk • Changing Topics • Active Listening • Telling Stories • Conversational Mistakes • Examples
G.VII.2 Why Talking Less is (Usually) Best • Don’t Talk About Yourself (Too Much)
G.VII.3 How to Be Smooth • Unflappable • Efficient • Staying Unfazed
G.VII.4 Rapport Building • Make Her Feel Special • Emotional Cresting • Cementing Emotions • Anchoring • Pacing • Elicitation • How and When to Break Rapport
G.VII.5 Female State Control
G.VII.6 Qualifying Girls • Giving Women Permission
G.VII.7 How to Compliment a Girl

G.VIII. Frame control, Dealing with Tests & Challenges​

G.VIII.1 Frame Control • Frame Wars
G.VIII.2 Chase Framing • Assuming Attraction • Suggestions
G.VIII.3 Dealing with Tests • “Gotcha” Questions • Objections • When Women Titillate You • Takeaways • Back Turns and Freeze Outs
G.VIII.4 Don’t Complain • Explain Yourself • Ask Stupid, Needy Questions • When and How to Apologize • Course Correct • Concede
G.VIII.5 Common Questions • Your Age • What Do You Do? • Do You Have a Girlfriend? • When She Has a Boyfriend • Brings Up Feminism • “Let’s Just Be Friends”
G.VIII.6 Social Challenges • Making a Comeback • Dealing with Disruptive Men • Cockblocks • Confrontations • Messy Situations
G.VIII.7 When She’s Awkward • Closed Off • Aloof

G.IX. Touch, Sexualization, Tension​

G.IX.1 How to Touch Her • Get Her Touching Your • Calibration
G.IX.2 Tension • Sexual Tension • Building • Defusing
G.IX.3 Sexualization • Sexual Framing • Sex Talk • Sex Stories
G.IX.4 Gambits
G.IX.5 How to Show Interest • Intent

G.X. Compliance, Investing​

G.X.1 It’s Not Your Investment in Her; It’s Hers in You • Don’t Chase Women
G.X.2 Compliance • How to Make Requests • Command • Persuade • Ask Her Out • Get a “Yes” • Compliance Stacking • Yes-Ladder • Time Bridge
G.X.3 How to Exchange Contacts
G.X.4 How and When to Change Venues • Doorway Effect • Making Venue Transitions Fun
G.X.5 Three Favorite Animals Game • The Cube Game • Strawberry Fields Game
G.X.6 Moving and Isolating Girls • Pulling Girls Home • When She Won’t Go Home with You
G.X.7 Dealing with Rejections • Rebuffs • Parting Shot
G.X.8 How to Say No • Disagree • Turn Down Compliance

G.XI. Dates, Texting​

G.XI.1 Texting • Sexting • Ghosting
G.XI.2 Phone Calls • Video Messaging
G.XI.3 Date Plans • Dating on Your Terms • Should You Pay? • How to Get First-Date Sex • Flaking • When She’s Late • Date Types: Party • Friend Zone • Errands • Home • Friday/Saturday Night

G.XII. Escalation​

G.XII.1 Escalation Windows • Timing Your Moves • Persistence • Don’t Let Her Go • No Going Backwards • Over-Gaming
G.XII.2 How Girls Show Interest • Paradox of the Flirty Girl
G.XII.3 Escalation • Last Minute Resistance (LMR) • Creating Comfort • Arousing Her • Pattern Interrupts • Busting LMR with Fractionation • “Just the Tip” • Keep Fingering Her (Don’t Stop!)

G.XIII. Sex, Kissing​

G.XIII.1 Kissing • In Public • Manhandle Kisses
G.XIII.2 Sexual Inhibitions • Getting Comfortable with Female Sexuality • Vanquishing Sexual Shame • Sexual Disgust • Madonna/Whore Complex • Why Dating Without Sex Doesn’t Work • On “Pure” Women
G.XIII.3 On Being a Good Lover • Sexual Confidence • Having Sex When You’re New and Unsure • A Virgin • Sexual Anxiety
G.XIII.4 Penetrative Sex • Vaginal Orgasms • Training Her to Orgasm • Stiff-Dick Tips • Dealing with Premature Ejaculation • Erectile Dysfunction
G.XIII.5 Safe Sex • Contraception • Sexually Transmitted Diseases • Pregnancy Traps • False Rape Accusations
G.XIII.6 Sex in Unusual Places
G.XIII.7 Post-Coital Tone • Preventing Sex Regret
G.XIII.8 Sexual Awakening • Oral • Bedroom Role-Playing • Threesomes • Anal • BDSM • How to Be a Freak in Bed (Series)

G.XIV. Attainability, Nice Guy Problems​

G.XIV.1 Attainability • Auto-Reject
G.XIV.2 When You’re too Much of a Jerk • Player • Girls Who Sense Your Intentions and Don’t Want You Anymore
G.XIV.3 Nice Guy Problems • Women on Pedestals • White Knight Mentality • Supplication • SIMPing
G.XIV.4 Hooking Up With Friends • Avoiding the Friend Zone
G.XIV.5 One-itis • Why Your “Connection” with Her is Fantasy
G.XIV.6 Disqualifying Yourself as a Boyfriend/Provider

H. Relationships

H.1 Why People Settle Down • You Probably Won’t be a Bachelor Forever • The Endgame of Playboy • When Your Relationship is Comfy, but You’re Still Not Happy

H.I. Choosing the Right Girl​

H.I.1 Selection Bias in Women You Date • Does Seduction Only Work on Sluts? • Why You Never Hear from “Alpha Providers” in the Manosphere
H.I.2 Socialized Preferences in Dating • Looks are Subjective • Ranking Women from 1 to 10 is Counterproductive
H.I.3 What Should You Look For in a Girlfriend? • How to Make Strict Girlfriend Standards Work • Mind Your Dating Pool
H.I.4 Myth of “The One” • Unicorns
H.I.5 Screening • On Touchy Subjects • For a Mother and Wife • Pros and Cons • Beautiful vs. Ordinary Women • Why Did She Pick You • Why You Always Date the Wrong Person • Time Orientation • Dating a Feminist • Wounded Man, Nurturing Woman
H.I.6 Types of Girls: Shy • Inexperienced • Submissive vs. Independent • Professional • Narcissistic and Egoistical • Cougar • Club Queens • Religious • Blonde Bombshells • Hipster • Geek
H.I.7 Red Flags • Spotting and Avoiding Cluster B • Borderline • Crazy Girls • * Diggers • Transsexuals • Girls with Baggage • On Pills
H.I.8 Women’s Forgotten Past • How Many Partners Has She Had? • Why Her Past Matters If You Want Something Serious
H.I.9 Dating Younger Women When You’re Older • You’re Never Too Old to Learn Seduction

H.II. Starting & Managing the Relationship​

H.II.1 Converting One-Time Sex into Regular Sex • Becoming a Boyfriend
H.II.2 Starting a Relationship • Setting Expectations • Importance of Relationship Precedent • How Your Relationship Changes After Sex • Kick Her Out or Leave (at Least Once)
H.II.3 Love at First Sight • True Love • Passionate Love • Old Love • Making a Woman Truly Love You with DIALS
H.II.4 Self-Expansion and Growth in a Relationship • 2 Year Drop • You Must be the Leader • Alpha Provider • Impressing Your Girlfriend’s Family • Be Her First Choice Guy • Lopsided Relationships • Break-Up-Get-Back-Together Cycles
H.II.5 Avoiding Commitment Points • Not Making Promises • Not Falling in Love Too Soon • “I Love You” • Strategic Commitment Escalation
H.II.6 Investment and Helping Out in Relationships
H.II.7 Relationship Control • Power Struggles in Your Relationships • Respect • Influence • Realigning a Girlfriend’s Beliefs • Disarming Feminism • Resisting Domestication
H.II.8 Relationship Management • Eliminating Toxic Behavior • Fighting • Drama • Nagging • Moodiness • Trivializing Other People’s Complaints • Blame Games • Core Tests • Communication • Olive Rule • Make-Up Sex
H.II.9 Changing Her Behavior • Operant Conditioning • Rewarding Her • Can You Change Women?
H.II.10 Sex in Relationships • Orgasm Anchoring • Sex Drive Compatibility
H.II.11 Marriage • Avoiding Divorce-Rape
H.II.12 Open Relationships • Polyamory • Friend with Benefits

H.III. Mistakes, Breaking Up, Moving On​

H.III.1 Why Relationships Fall Apart • Common Mistakes • Sexlessness • How to Fix
H.III.2 How and When to Break Up with a Girl • Get Over Your Ex • Rebound Sex
H.III.3 Don’t Chase ‘Em, Replace ‘Em • How to Get Her Back • When Her Ex is Still in the Picture
H.III.4 Infidelity • Getting Cheated On • Signs • Stealing a Girl • Strong Men Get Cucked Too
H.III.5 Jealousy in Relationships

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