Cat Howell & Jesse Elder – Time Piercing 101

Cat Howell & Jesse Elder – Time Piercing 101


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Here is what’s included : 

What if you could control what happens to you…
What if you could take on radical responsibility of your reality…
What if you could prove your self negating thoughts wrong.
Isn’t that a revolutionary way to live?
Isn’t that in itself worth exploring?
If you’re ready to take thing deeper inside the rabbit hole, I want to share with you access to my personal mentor and the training that set me off on the path I’m currently on.
I invested over $50K for this stuff.
And learned things the hard way.
Here’s your first opportunity on a silver platter.
What’s Inside
Wealth Frequency Upgrade
Journaling Secrets
Primelight Meditation Secrets
Alignment & Getting Into Financial Alignment
Controlling Your Emotions & Thoughts
Charli – Your Personal Accountability Bot
8 Week Gameplan – Push Reset


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