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You’ve seen it everywhere, people making thousands posting videos that don’t;
– Show their face
– Have little to no editing skills
– Have any real experience
Make the videos themselves
– So how are they able to make this work, considering the competition and lack of skills?

Simple answer, YouTube is a BUSINESS, so treat it like one!

Imagine how many HIGH-quality videos you could produce if you had an experienced team working around the clock to produce content that’s entertaining, clickbait, AND copyright-free. Well, I’m going to show you how to build your DREAM team and how you can get ENTIRE videos made for $20 and under. Most gurus will set you up to pay $60+ and brag about it, but not here…

Cash Cow Connoisseur Course Content

Intro Module

  • Welcome To Cash Cow Connoisseur (14:30)
  • Important Links
  • What Is a Cash Cow Channel(5:52)
  • Perfecting Your Mindset. Realistic Approach(21:55)

Choosing Your Niche

  • How To Pick Your Niche(3:19)
  • The Importance of Branding(7:05)
  • How Much Do Niches Pay(5:27)
  • Which Niche Should You Pick And Why(23:05)
  • Profitable Cash Cow Niches That Require $0 Investment(12:27)
  • Secret Place To Find Trending Niches + UNLIMITED Content(2:13)

Setting Up Your Channel

Verifying Your Channel(0:29)

Back End Secrets(4:20)

Studying Your Competitors

  • Copy What’s Working

How to Promote Your Videos

  • Collaborations(4:11)
  • Community Tab(1:19)
  • End-Screens(1:51)
  • Facebook Groups(1:01)
  • Instagram Shoutouts(1:02)
  • Buying Authentic Clicks(2:40)
  • Buying Authentic Views(3:16)
  • The Sequel Strategy(3:53)
  • The Email List(6:17)

Building Your Own IG Page

  • Quora – Secret View Communities(1:50)
  • Reddit + 100 Communities For Views(3:55)
  • Twitter – The Right & ONLY Way To Post(3:54)
  • LinkedIn(1:05)
  • TikTok(1:18)
  • Trinding(1:10)
  • Tumblr(1:59)

How to Optimize Your Videos Before You Post

  • The #1 Site To Get FREE Top Keywords(6:42)
  • Market Research Breakdown
  • Optimizing For Views
  • Scheduling Hack For More Views(1:19)
  • Secret Title Hack To Stand Out(1:11)
  • Secret SEO Tip(2:20)
  • Similar Meta-Data Hack(2:57)
  • The Best Time To Post(3:27)
  • MorningFame(9:27)
  • TubeBuddy(4:50)
  • VidIQ
  • VMB – Secret Bot That Does It ALL(9:53)
  • Avoid Getting Shadowbanned(5:44)

Everything Monetization

  • Everything About Monetization
  • Get Monetized Method 1(8:16)
  • Get Monetized Method 2(11:19)
  • Get Monetized Method 3(4:12)
  • Get Monetized Method 4(13:00)
  • Speed Up Monetization Hack(2:08)
  • How Does YouTube Pay You(3:05)

How To Maximize Income From YouTube

  • Maximizing Income Around Your Niche
  • Mid Roll Method(3:02)
  • 4 Bonus Methods(11:29)

Everything Virality

  • How To Go Viral Over And Over(3:47)
  • UNLIMITED Topics & Video Ideas(5:19)
  • Secret Site For Viral Topics(3:00)
  • Finding Video Topics & Keywords Using New Studio Analytics(3:04)

Secret Methods To Get More Subs

  • Forced Subscriptions(3:09)
  • The Power of Comments(3:09)

Video Essentials

  • How To Increase Video Retention(5:21)
  • How To Increase Click Through Rate(2:52)
  • Finding And Creating Thumbnails That Are Not Copyright

Copyright Free Images, Sounds, Music & Video

  • The BEST FREE and PAID sites(9:23)

Avoiding Copyright

  • Copyright first, Original Second(4:00)
  • How To Cut Out A Watermark & Intro + Best Free Editor(14:59)

How To Create A Cash Cow In The Gaming Niche

  • The Chase Namic Method(11:30)

How To Create A Cash Cow Video

  • The MOST Useful Resource For Stock Footage – FREE Paid Footage(7:33)
  • BEST Site To Get FREE Intros, Transition, Popups, & Built-In Editor(8:33)
  • FREE Professional After Effects/Premiere/Final Cut/DaVinci Templates(2:41)
  • Thumbnails(2:21)
  • Script Writer(6:57)
  • Optimization(2:53)
  • Alternative Way To Make Entire Videos(6:46)
  • Voice Overs(2:27)

How To Create Your Own Thumbnails, Banner, Logo

  • Creating A Viral Thumbnail – Personality Channel(8:19)
  • Creating A Viral Thumbnail – Cash Cow Channel
  • Canva(2:03)
  • Fiverr(1:55)
  • Photoshop(4:32)
  • Picmaker(1:23)

How To Edit After Effects & Premier Templates

  • After Effects(4:30)
  • Adobe Premier(4:19)

How To Hire Content Creators

  • What To Know When Outsourcing Your Videos
  • Best and Most Secret Place To Hire(2:31)
  • UpWork(4:22)
  • Fiverr

What To Do If Your Video Gets A Claim

  • How To Revoke Your Claim
  • Extra Resources
  • How To Download a YouTube Video(0:40)
  • Where To Get Sound Effects For Your Videos(1:10)

Bonus Content

  • Bonus Content Explained(1:53)
  • How To Rank On The First Page Of YouTube As A New Creator
  • How To Get Views On Your YouTube Channel From Instagram
  • How To A View Farm YouTube Channel – Get Thousands Of Views, FAST
  • Learn About Earnings, Audience Retention, SEO, and MORE
  • Learn About Clickbait, Click Through Rate, Content Creation, Virality, and MORE
  • Learn About Branding, Niches, Copyright, And MORE
  • How To Get Your First 1000 Subscribers
  • Watch Me Build A Cash Cow Channel From Scratch
  • How To Make A Cash Cow Channel In The Health Niche
  • How To Make A Cash Cow Channel In The Animal Niche
  • How To Make A Cash Cow Channel In The TikTok Niche
  • How To Make A Cash Cow Channel In The Animations Niche

Welcome To Cash Cow Connoisseur

So, if you haven’t met me, my name is Victor and I run Pivotal Media (Click to visit) and a couple of other channels I refer to as “Cash Cow Channels”.
I designed this advanced course to give you a graduate-level view of everything YouTube, and show you the secrets and tactics that all the YouTubers are holding back on.

You WILL learn the working methods that top channels use, how to run your channel with a team, or all by yourself, all the resources that I’ve kept secret for years, and most importantly, all my hard work.

You Think You’re Just Buying 1 Course?!

Well, you’re far from right. Throughout the 80+ videos (5+ hours of content) I’ve created, you will be learning EVERYTHING I know (NO knowledge held back), and the tips, secrets, and tactics I’ve learned from over 15 different successful YouTubers courses.

Imagine compressing the hardships, wins, and collective experience of ALL your favorite YouTubers.

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