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Attract Trophy Clients &  Scale Your Agency to $20K/mths

The Incubator 

  • Discover your niche
  • ​Position your solution
  • ​Automate your lead generation
  • ​Automate your client on boarding
  • ​Scale to six figures


There’s no denying we’re in a boom-time for agencies…

With millions of new startups being created each and every year, the need for marketing and other services to help businesses grow is on the rise – with no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

And as demand rises, so to does the attraction towards the agency model.

It’s no wonder either, demand aside, the agency business has fairly low barriers to entry (you don’t need a lot of capital to get started), and founders can get set up in a relatively short amount of time (you can set up your service offer and start selling almost on the same day – the same cannot be said for physical product businesses).

But just because there is demand, and just because you are competent at a service offer – doesn’t mean you will succeed.

Running an agency is just like any other business.

In order to succeed you must have enough clients (sales) and these must be the right kind of clients (otherwise you’ll encounter operational issues).

The traditional train of thought around generating leads for an agency has also involved lots of “hustling”.

Cold calling.

Door knocking.


Landing press mentions and awards.

I thought all these things too when I first launch my agency six years ago.

At that time, no one was willing to pay for Facebook ad services – it was basically an intern job.

And being based in New Zealand at the bottom of the world – I struggled to find local businesses that could afford the fees I needed to charge.

But I realised something.

If I’m able to generate leads using ads for clients, why can’t I do the same for my own business?!

So I spent the following year testing and building funnels (there was nothing of the sort for agencies back then and everyone in the industry held their cards really close to their chest).

When I finally cracked it – BOOM!

I went from solo freelancer doing $10K/mth to $80K/mth with a team of seven in two months! Best thing – I was working with clients from all over the world, ones who actually valued my services.

Next thing I know all my peers are asking how I did it.

So I started to share the system – from building the pipeline, setting up the traffic ads, and the sales call process.

And have since gone on to help over 700 agencies scale up (of which 32 have already hit seven figure revenues).

As time went on I realised in my own agency that – although the automated funnel system was phenomenal at creating rapid scale and growth in the business, it was scary to solely rely on one source of leads (FB can can change one thing and your funnel can stall for a month or two… it happens).

So I built out a second lead pipeline for the agency. One that would act as a buffer and backup.

Except – here’s the key: I hated cold calling.

I hated networking.

I could never remember my LinkedIn password.

So this secondary lead generation method had to fit in with my own core competencies.

These days my agency has the ability to charge upwards of $25K for contracts (FB ad campaigns and funnels) because we have complete control our own lead pipelines. We can say no to dud leads and yes to trophy clients.

We don’t rely on one singular source, and everything we do taps into our own strengths.

Everyone is different.

Some of you will have team members already. Some of you will be operating remotely with contractors – or doing all the work yourselves.

Some of you will be strong with sales, and others better at presenting and teaching.

The key is tapping into a system unique to your own business DNA.

That’s what the Incubator is.

A plan to help you not only scale up fast using automated funnels, but a method of ensuring long term and stable success with a secondary lead generation method that is playing to your strengths.

So that you no longer have to deal with revenue yo yos…

Or discount your prices…

So that you no longer have to say yes to leads you have a bad feeling about (just because you need the cash)….

And finally scale up to a stage where you can start to be the owner instead of the “do-it-all” person…

If you can commit to implementing and showing up in your business the way it needs you to, then here’s my promise to you:

A growth experience like none other. Not only will I show you the strategies involved to scale, all the documents needed to hit the ground running so when the clients come in you’re not left scrambling, the support with your campaigns and leads, but I’ll also make sure I look after you mindset.

Because we all know that – if you don’t believe you can make this work, it won’t matter what program or course you invest in.

This is what makes this course different from all the others.

– Cat Howell


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