BurnTopia – Burn $1500+ on Google, Microsoft, Pinterest and Snapchat ADS


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BurnTopia method was built over time, and most importantly – it works!

What will you learn and get from this course?

-How to create your own Payment Method, or where to buy it.
-How to create Successful Campaigns on Google, Microsoft, Pinterest and Snapchat ads, and spend more than $1500 from threshold and coupons.
-How to choose and create Top Converting Campaigns on different platforms (WP and Cloud Tools)
-Create CPA, Ecomm, Pay Per Call, ClickBank, Lead Generation, Nutra Campaigns.
-How to Get Free: Domains, Hosting, Tracking and Cloakers


-AWS $5k and DO $10k threshold method, and I will also tell you how to successfully create regular AWS and Azure Accounts.
-More than 2Tb of Premium Courses
-Premium WP and HTML Templates, Plugins and Themes
How is this course different?

First of all, I was not typing into text document file, i was speaking and explaining everything in details! I made 100+ in depth videos about all the tools, platforms, networks, that you will use to make money.
That is more than 31 Hours of Content with Step by Step Instructions.
I believe that nobody has done anything similar for Burner Accs, Complete Package with Step by Step Setup Instructions and Live Campaigns on 4 Platforms.

Even if you are a complete beginner, you will know what to do. From choosing the best networks, to choosing the best tools and offers to promote.
The second thing is, I built 10+ Top Converting Campaigns from scratch and recorded the process. You can just replicate what I did and make money. I will also add more campaigns as I test them…
Third and most important thing is, I offer support via chat. You can ask me anything you want on tele.gram (pm and group), and you will be notified about all updates there also.
What is required?
You need to put some time and effort, and invest ~$10 to be able to burn $1500+.
If you don’t have socks5, you can buy it for $5/month (cheapest option that works).
Having socks5 is not deal breaker, you don’t need it for the majority of things that I teach.
You will need crypto, to pay for things that you’ll use in the setup.
What is the price?
Price is $400 in any crypto.

Q: Who is this for?
A: It is for both beginners and experienced people. The idea is to
share results, strategies and succeed faster.
Q: Why burner accs, why not regular (whitehat) accs?
A: Cost per click keeps going up, leaving people without chance
to compete or even survive this game.
Q: Why is the price $400, I see people selling methods for $50, $100…?
A: You will get what you paid for. This is the complete package, that will
be updated when needed, and there is live chat support.
Q: How long until I make my first $, and how much it will cost me to start?
A: Depends on what you do, but it can be in 24 hours, and you need to invest ~$10.


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