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Master yourself. Serve heroically. Empower others to do the same. Let’s change the world. One person at a time. Together. Starting with you and us. Today.

Each Module Includes

Life-Changing Wisdom
Learn the best of ancient wisdom and modern science through comprehensive video lessons.

Guided Exercises
Move from Theory to Practice to Mastery with actionable tools every step of the way.

Audio Files
Take the program on-the-go with downloadable audio tracks for every module.

Eye-Catching Posters
Cement new learnings in your mind with illustrations that bring key concepts to life visually.

Reflection Worksheets
Discover personal insights from universal wisdom by applying it directly to your life.

Practice Instructions
For step-by-step application of new concepts into the structure of your daily life.

Brian Johnson – Optimize Coach


Phase I: Master Yourself With the Optimize Mastery Series

Imagine the absolute best wisdom and biggest ideas from the Optimize Core Wisdom library (600+ PhilosophersNotes, 1,000+ Optimize +1s, and 11 Optimal Living 101 classes) distilled into ONE program that can change your life. That’s the Optimize Mastery Series.

You’ll learn the 7 core Modules of the Optimize Protocol. Watch the overview here!

Module O: Optimize = Optimus = Best = Eudaimōn = Hērō

A Welcome and Invitation to Commit

In which we welcome you to the Mastery series and take a big picture look at the 7 (+1!) core Modules of the Optimize Protocol: Starting with Eudaimonology, Antifragile Response-Ability, The Big 3 (x2), and Carpe Diem then moving on to Heroic Quests, Algorithms, The Fundamentals, and Antifragile Confidence + Heroic Courage.

Module I: Eudaimōn-ology

The Study of a Good Soul and How to Operationalize Virtue via Ancient Wisdom + Modern Science + Practical Optimizing Tools
In which we define the game that we’re playing, hang out with Aristotle, Abraham Maslow and Martin Seligman, discover that the word “psychology” literally means “the study of the soul” and commit to studying what a “good soul” (aka eudaimonia) looks like as we, most importantly, learn how to master the process of high-fiving our inner souls all day every day by operationalizing virtue.

Module II: Hērō-ology – Part 1: The Big Picture


The Study of a Good Hero and How to Create Antifragile Confidence + Heroic Courage + Response-Ability
In which we define the rules of the game, remind ourselves that we will always (!!!) face challenges, meet our training partners, learn how to use obstacles as fuel for growth, and prepare ourselves to face anything that life throws at us as we give our best in service to others.

Module II: Hērō-ology – Part 2: Training & Tools


Preparing for Our Heroic Quests by Training Like Warriors and Stocking Our Armamentarium With Tools + Weapons + Provisions
In which we practice our philosophy with intensity, learn basic orienteering, and equip ourselves with ready-at-hand tools for the journey, including a Virtue Compass, Heroic Healing Balm, Hero Pills, Secret Weapons, Hero Fires, Pearls, Hope Maps, and Hero Bars.

Module II: Hērō-ology – Part 3: Scientific Target Practice


Applying the Best of Modern Science to the Study of a Good Hero
In which we learn the science of how to make our goals reality via WOOP, increase our motivation, cultivate grit, and Optimize our courage en route to maintaining dynamic tension and dynamic equilibrium while aiming ourselves towards our Universal, Unique, and Ultimate quests.

Module III: The Big 3 (x2)

(Energy + Work + Love) x (Identity + Virtues + Behaviors)
In which we hang out with Michelangelo in his studio and get to work sculpting our ideal selves via our Big 3: Energy + Work + Love. How? Getting clarity on our new Identities and the Virtues we will embody and the Behaviors we will practice. When? Every day. Which is the focus of our next Module…

Module IV: Carpe Diem – Part 1: The Big Picture

Today’s the Day to Create Emotional Stamina via Masterpiece Days
If we’re serious about moving from Theory to Practice to Mastery then we need to know one very (!) important fact: TODAY’S the Day!! In this session, we’ll look at the big picture, meet the reporter who’s always following us around, learn about the importance of knowing and EXECUTING our protocol. (Know this: the worse we feel, the MORE committed we need to be to executing our protocol!) We’ll also take a v1 pass at our Masterpiece Day template.

Module IV: Carpe Diem – Part 2: The PM Bookend

Masterpiece Days Begin the Night Before
Now that we know TODAY’S the Day (!!!), it’s time to start at the beginning of our Optimal day—which just so happens to be the END of the prior day. As such, we’re going to start architecting our Masterpiece Day with a solid Shutdown Complete and Digital Sunset protocol. We’ll get better at turning our brains off so we can get to bed earlier and wake up (without an alarm?) nice and early feeling all bright and shiny. (Note: Optimizers consistently tell us THIS session changes lives.)

Module IV: Carpe Diem – Part 3: The AM Bookend

Install Your AM Protocol & Win the Day Early
With a solid PM Bookend installed, we’re ready to show up like a Boss in the morning—waking up feeling energized and ready to do some of our most important Big 3 goodness BEFORE we enter the world of inputs. We’ll begin installing a solid AM protocol, including a meditation and Carpe Diem telos practice and, if you can swing it with your idiosyncratic constraints, some Deep Work, Deep Energy, and Deep Love time blocks.

Module IV: Carpe Diem – Part 4: Energy

Create Rhythms, Train Your Recovery, Flip the Switch
With our AM and PM Bookends coming together, we’re ready to Optimize our Energy throughout the day. Too many of us go through our days constantly “on” and, as a result, feeling a sense of what we call “enervated anxiety” (a close relative of burnout and bleh). To help the cause, we’ll teach you how to create a deep sense of “Energized Tranquility” by systematically creating rhythms to our days that enable us to show up as our best selves more and more consistently throughout the day and over the years and decades ahead. (Boom!)

Module IV: Carpe Diem – Part 5: Work

Going Deep Pre-Inputs With 100% Presence
With our Energy Optimized, we’re ready to go Deep and give ourselves most fully to the world via deep, meaningful work. We’ll talk about how to Go Deep, discover our idiosyncratic rhythms and track our awesome via our Carpe Diem journal. Whether you’re a startup CEO or a stay-at-home supermom, we’ll be creating a ton of flow via deliberate, intentional, deep and meaningful work.

Module IV: Carpe Diem – Part 6: Love

Love 0.0 + Love 1.0 + Love 2.0 + Love 3.0 + Love 8.0 + Love ∞.0
Now that we know that Today’s the Day and have our AM and PM Bookends rocking along with superhero levels of Energy and Work, we’re ready for the most important thing: LOVE. In this session we’ll redefine Love and set some fun daily targets as we master Love 0.0, Love 1.0, Love 2.0, Love 3.0 and Love ∞.0. When? TODAY!!! And tomorrow and…

Module IV: Carpe Diem – Part 7: Carpe Weekem

Extending the Rhythms of Our Days to Our Weeks and Turning Pro
In which we apply what we’ve learned about creating Masterpiece Days to create Masterpiece Weeks, becoming Professional Optimizers as we focus on the process, make progress, cultivate confidence, demonstrate consistency, and commit to spiraling up by keeping score on the things that matter most.

Module V: Algorithms – Part 1: The Big Picture

Using Our Finite Willpower Wisely to Install Habits That Run on Autopilot
In which we learn how to install and delete algorithms (aka habits!) that will make it easy for you to show up as your best self. We need to get really good at using our willpower wisely to install great habits that run on autopilot so we can give the world all we’ve got. We’ll master this process as we create our first set of algorithms and start thinking about our Top 10 Power Algorithms we want running the show.

Module V: Algorithms – Part 2: Install

Being a Good Co-Pilot for Your Daimon Pilot and Basal Ganglia Auto-Pilot
In which we make it really, really easy to create good habits, identify the #1 habit that will have the most positive impact on our lives if we START doing it, and install it.

Module V: Algorithms – Part 3: Delete

Removing the Habits That Make You Crash or Create an Unnecessarily Bumpy Ride
In which we make it really, really hard to do the bad habits that we know don’t serve us, identify the #1 habit that will have the most positive impact on our lives if we STOP doing it, and delete it.

Module V: Algorithms – Part 4: Top 10 Power Algorithms

The Essential Algorithms to Install to Reach Your Heroic Potential
After asking the important question of “What variable are we Optimizing for?,” we explore The Top 10 Optimize Power Algorithms we can use to create a higher probability of living in alignment with our Daimons.

Module VI: The Fundies – Part 1: The Big Picture

Energize to Optimize and Alchemize: Virtue-Wise, Peak-Performance-Wise, and Spirituality-Wise
Optimizing all starts with a strong foundation. Let’s plug in and shine by getting clarity on The Fundamentals: Eating, Moving and Sleeping plus Breathing, Being Present, Being Grateful and Prospering. After hanging out with John Wooden and learning how to put on our socks and build skyscrapers, we’ll identify your #1 self-care habit that keeps you plugged in and make a 100% ALL-IN commitment to installing the habits that will let your soul shine with radiant enthusiasm as you get in the best health and of your life.

Module VI: The Fundies – Part 2: Eat

An 80/20 Look at Optimal Nutrition
In which we explore the importance of Optimizing our nutrition to become (even more!) radiantly alive. We remind ourselves that there is no “the” way—especially for nutrition—while reviewing some pretty universal recommendations on what to eat (food!) and, even more importantly, what to avoid (edible food-like substances; aka ultra-processed sugar-laden pseudo foods that make us sick and tired!).

Module VI: The Fundies – Part 3: Move

An 80/20 Guide to Becoming an Energized Perpetual Motion Machine
In which we learn how to take advantage of the time-released, well-being power tool of exercise while also finding Opportunities-to-Move throughout the day and helping our designed-to-move bodies experience the gift of playing our personal movement games. Enter: You, the Energized Perpetual Motion Machine!

Module VI: The Fundies – Part 4: Sleep

An 80/20 Look at Why We Sleep, Why We Don’t Sleep, and How to Optimize Our #1 Fundie
In which we learn that Sleep isn’t just a pillar of optimizing, it’s the foundation on which all of our Fundamentals rest! (It’s also the most underappreciated way to change our lives.) We review what science says about the Top 10 Sleep Kryptonites (and how to minimize/eliminate each of them) before identifying the most important things we can do as we move from Theory to Practice to Sleep Mastery.

Module VI: The Fundies – Part 5: Breathe

An 80/20 Look at How to Optimize Your Breathing for Calm, Focused Energy (Aka Energized Tranquility!)
Having explored the 80/20 of Eating, Moving, and Sleeping, we turn our attention to another potential contender for the title of “most important Fundamental.” We learn how to Optimize our breathing (through the nose, deep into the belly, with long exhales) all day, every day, and how to train our tranquility with this ticket to self-mastery.

Module VI: The Fundies – Part 6: Be Present

An 80/20 Look at How to Focus Your Soul Force on the Only Moment That Matters
If we want to create an awesome future AND to enjoy life right now then we need to focus on the only moment that matters: the present moment. (Aka RIGHT THIS SECOND!) We explore how to Carpe Punctum (Seize the Moment!) with the spotlight of our attention on W.I.N., and how to train our ability to put our minds where we want, when we want, for how long we want (which, science says, is THE hallmark of healthy, happy people).

Module VI: The Fundies – Part 7: Be Grateful

An 80/20 Look at the Powerful Practice of Appreciating What’s Awesome
It’s easy to get so fired up about the whole Optimizing game that we forget the fact that we’re ALREADY WINNING. Science says: Gratitude is super important. In fact, it’s the key that unlocks a ton of joy. Therefore, it’s time to make it a Fundamental. (When? TODAY!)

Module VI: The Fundies – Part 8: Prosper

An 80/20 Look at How to Invest in Optimus You, PBC, to Create a Heroic Fire That Lights up the World
In our final Module of The Fundamentals, we learn how to turn Pro and “go forward with hope.” We’ll build Optimus You, Public Benefit Corporation, with a personal Board of Directors and our daimons as CEO, before creating a 5-year prospectus and tracking our Optimized investment strategy of profound dignity via Eudaimonic accounting.

Module VII: Optimus You = Virtue, Embodied

An 80/20 Look at How to Optimize the Heartbeat of Our Soul
We complete the Mastery Series by reminding ourselves of the game we’re playing (to live with virtue!), recommitting to playing it well (moment to moment to moment), and expressing the best version of ourselves more and more consistently — in our Energy, Work, and Love, TODAY! What happens when we do that? Simple. Optimus YOU = Virtue Embodied.

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