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What’s Inside

Inside you’ll find upwards of 20+ hours of strategy and “over-the-shoulder” tutorials. And to help you maximize what you learn, I’ve included lesson notes, additional resources (like worksheets and shareable automations), subtitles, and transcripts with each lesson.

Module 1
Starting off on the right foot

In this module we cover the fundamentals of both ConvertKit and the best ways to use the available features. Here I make a case for the nurturing and pitch framework that 95% of online marketers should be using, and show you how to not only create your automation strategy – but also how to use this course to adapt your needs to this framework.

Module 2
Get even more subscribers using dynamic opt-in forms

Lead flow is the lifeblood of any successful online business. This module is dedicated to helping you get more subscribers each day through smart, segmented, and personalized opt-ins CTAs.

Module 3
Better understand your audience and their needs

Want to personalize your emails and sales pages? Then you first need to segment your audience. This module dives deep into how to profile your audience, segmenting them by who they are and what they need from you, along with lead scoring your best subscribers.

Module 4
Building trust with your audience

This module is all about building rapport with your audience by designing thoughtful and personally relevant onboarding and educational automations. More “Ah wow, this content is so great…” = More trust = More customers.

Module 5
More sales through personalized pitches

Getting your email list to buy from you is so much more than just hammering everyone with sales emails. It’s about sending smart, personally relevant emails to people when they’re ready to buy from you, and using segmentation to align what you have with what someone needs.

Module 6
Getting off the “email hamster wheel”

In this module, you’ll learn how to spend more time working on your business – and less time cranking out content to keep the lights on. I’ll show you how to set up evergreen “Shadow Newsletters” and leverage personal Offer Funnels to always pitch the right product to your subscribers, both over email and on your website.

Module 7
Doubling down on your success

From A/B testing to automatically pitching your audience on the products or services they haven’t yet bought, this module is dedicated to helping you increase customer value and optimize your conversion rates across the board.

The individual help you need, when you need it.

As long as you’re a subscribed customer of Mastering ConvertKit, you get access to the exclusive Create & Sell: Pro community.

Here you’ll join a community of like minded, “email-first” marketers and entrepreneurs who are commited to using email marketing for good and profit. Each month includes live events, like live “Office Hours” hosted by Brennan where you can personal, webcam-to-webcam help.

(Not to be one of those marketers, but I sell à la carte access to this community and my live training sessions for $79/mo, or $948 a year – which makes this bonus inclusion a pretty incredible steal!)

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