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Ready to bring the heat for your Business with Facebook Ads? Master the Authority Building Facebook Ads formula that Dr Ben Adkins uses to send new customers to his Brick-and-Mortar based clients.

What You’re Getting When You Sign Up Now…

Week 1: Bu1Ld1ng the Gubs of your Customer Machane.

Part 1: The Psychology of creating a “Local Monopoly” in you Niche

The key to being successful in a local market over is to position yourself as the only option when Someone needs the service that you offer. In this section, you’ll learn the key things that needl to happen for a cold prospect to see you as that expert. You’ll also learn how to turn that authority into
an endless flow of new customers.

Part 2: How to find the ideal authority building partners

You’ll get a full walkthrough of exactly how we find the ideal local partners to position our clients as authorities fast. In this section, we’ll give you an exact roadmap as to who you needl to target and how they position you In front of you ideal audience. This is a gamechanger (even ¡f you never used it to run ads on Facebook).

Part 3: The Local Partner Reach out Templates

You’ll also get the ternplated email, physical letter, and call script that we use to convert our ideal local partners into excited participants fast. This is the core of how we get our ad program off the ground quickly and don’t waste anytime having to negotiate back and forth about specifics.

WEEK 2: Building Your Facebook Ad Funnel.

Part 4: The 3 Core Facebook Ads Uncovered

You’ll get access to the 3 core Facebook Ads that | use to turn any local business into a bright shining star in a local market. You’ll get the full scripts as well as a behind the scenes look at how to write these from scratch (even if you’ve never created a Facebook Ad before in your Life). You’ll also see get
a full walk through at the psychology that makes these ads drive customers so effectively.

Part 5: The “No Obligation Call” Landing Page

We use a special landing page that is extremely hard for people to resist (once they’ve been indoctrinated by the 3 core ads). This page completely eliminates the risks that most people believe they are taking on when they do business with someone for the first time. You’ll get the landing page
template, a behind-the-scenes look at the call that it generates, and a full walk through of how to customize this for any business.

Part 6: Setting up the Re-targeting Ads

Reminding someone who is already interesting in your business is critical. This special add-on campaign is the core reason that we are able to drive so many new customers each month for all of our clients. You’ll learn how to create this add and how to make it work (the easy way).

WEEK 3: Mastering the Facebook Ad Editor.

Part 7: How to Build Your Core Ads for Success

To run successful Facebook ads, you need to understand exactly how the ad editor works and how you can maximize your ads for profits. In this section, you’ll learn exactly how to setup your ads, keep them organized, what types of ads to run, as well as how to bid and scale your ads. This section will turn you into a Facebook ad powerhouse (and show you how to ignore the parts of the editor that
don’t really matter.

Part 8: Ad Cost Lowering Secrets of the Pros.

Have you ever felt like Facebook ads are way too expensive. We all have. A small group of people, however, have figured out little tricks and techniques that set your ads up to be drastically less expensive. In this section, you’ll learn all of the Facebook compliant ways to get your ads for cheaper (so that you can maximize your Return on Investment even more).

Part 9: Getting Your Facebook Ads for Free

Due to the nature of how we’re setting up these campaigns, there is an opening to run all your ads without ever having to pay for them out of your own pocket. In this section, you’ll get a full walk-through of how to structure your Facebook ads so that you don’t spend a dollar of your own
money when growing your business with ads.


The secret to making your ads effective Is to understand how to format the core 3 templates to your niche. In this special bonus session, follow along as Dr Ben Adkins writes ads for multiple business types from scratch. Watch over his should as he uses the formulas to create his Facebook Ads and position each business type for maximum customer exposure and signs up.

Bonus 2:  How to Run a Discount Offer without Devaluing your Brand and Hurting your Business.

There is nothing wrong with running a special deal or giving away something for free as a loss leader on Facebook… if you do it right. In this 7 special bonus, we’ll show you how to run deal based promotions that can skyrocket your business in the span of a few months (without running the risk of hurting your business long-term.)

BONUS 3: How to Build a “Lead Closing Machine” inside any Business.

The secret to getting more business than you know What to do with is to train your staff to look for the opportunities. Inside of this special bonus,
we’ll walk you through how you can train a business’ staff to recognize sales opportunities over the phone, in person, and on Facebook… and how to close those deals without being “Sale-sly”.

Bonus 4:  How to make 1-5k/month (per client) by Generating Customers as a Service.

Once you go through the main Unlimited Customers program, you’re going to have a system that can generate leads for almost any business on Facebook. This is something that so many business owners need help with. In this Special bonus, we’ll walk you through how to build an entire business by offering FB Ads setup and Management as a Service.

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