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About This Course

The vulva is a pleasure palace just waiting for you to try the techniques in this course. Start your journey to yoni bliss today with detailed video tutorials, cheat sheets, and guided audio meditation.

What You Will Learn

  1. The foundations of giving and receiving a yoni massage
  2. Vulva anatomy and how to work with numbness and pain
  3. Pleasure-expanding vulva massage techniques for couples
  4. Self-pleasure rituals for mapping, de-armoring, and full-on bliss

Take This Course and Hundreds More

Taught by the world’s top experts.

Quick results & easy-to-follow instructions.

For everyone. Singles, couples, all genders and orientations.

Lessons and Classes

Total length:90-180 min

1. Welcome to This Course

2. Download All Documents At Once

3. What Do You Need

4. Preparation Checklist

5. The 4 Pillars of a Yoni Massage

6. Receiving & Giving a Yoni Massage

7. Discover Your Clear Why

8. How to Initiate a Yoni Massage if Your Partner Is Unsure

9. Explore the Anatomy of a Yoni

10. Awakening Female Pleasures

11. Healing the Pelvic Floor

12. Working with Numbness & Pain

13. Warm-Up Rituals for Couples & Singles

14. Learn Full-Body Massage Techniques

15. Breath Awareness & How to Breathe During a Yoni Massage

16. Sitting Positions for the Giver

17. How to Awaken the Breasts for Couples

18. Yoni-Blossoming Ritual for Couples

19. Master Pussy Shiatsu

20. How to Enter the Yoni Mindfully for Couples

21. How to Map & De-armour the Yoni for Couples

22. Unleash the G-spot

23. Teasing the Cervix into Bliss

24. Final Integration & Stillness for Couples

25. Intro to Yoni Self-Massage

26. How to Awaken Your Breasts for Solo

27. Yoni-Blossoming Ritual for Solo

28. Let Your Clitoris Sprout

29. How to Enter Your Yoni Mindfully for Solo

30. How to Map & De-armour Your Yoni for Solo

31. Awakening Your G-spot

32. Tease Your Cervix into Bliss

33. Final Integration & Stillness for Solo

34. Step-by-step Yoni Massage

35. Step-by-step Yoni Self-Massage

36. Yoni Massage For Couples

37. Yoni Self-Massage

38. Course Completion

39. Audio Meditations

40. Insights from Sexologist Olivia Bryant, Founder of Self Cervix

41. A Podcast With Yogita About Yoni Massage

Why Join Beducated?

Enjoy Sex More

Experience mind-blowing pleasure and discover new ways to spice things up.

Build Confidence

Become a skillful lover for confidence in the bedroom and beyond.

Communicate Better

Open up to your partner(s) about sex, boundaries, and desires.

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