AVS – The Affiliate Marketers Virtual Mastermind 2020


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  • Buying expensive courses
  • Using old and outdated ways
  • Following Guru’s that just talk sh*t and don’t deliver
  • Doing it on your OWN…


  • Using up-to-date tools
  • Following tactics from REAL affiliates
  • Copying what you see during LIVE workshops
  • Expanding your team and automating


1-Akram Akie Hamam & Roman Seet – Opening Speech Day 1.mp4
2-Outbrain-Haran Rosenzweig – How To Boost Your Digital Media Buying With Native Discovery.mp4
3-PayCertify – Chase Harmer -Make Up To 2% Back On Every $ Spent On Payments.mp4
4-The Anatomy Of A HIGH Converting Sales Page.mp4
5-Alaa Khasaa – Building a High Converting Funnel In Clickfunnels.mp4
6-Bilal Asad – 3 Keys to Scaling Your eCommerce Business to 8 Figures.mp4
7-Heath Wilcock – 3-step “Dumb Writing” System He Uses to Write Winning, Compliant eComm Advertorials.mp4
8-Todor Blajev – 5 Things I Learned Before Hitting My First Million As An Affiliate.mp4
9-Michael Rosmer – Legally Structure Your Taxes As a Digital Nomad.mp4
10-Liss Graham – Making Money On Email.mp4
11-James van Elswyck – How To Train, Hire and Scale Media Buying Teams.mp4
12-Luke Kling – Campaign Optimisation.mp4
13-Akram Hamam & Roman Seet – Closing Speech Day 1.mp4
Screenshot_2020-10-13 Affiliate Virtual Summit.png


1-Akram Hamam & Roman Seet – Opening Speech Day 2.mp4
2-Jason Akattif – The Process of Figuring Something Out and Then How You Scale a Team Around It.mp4
3-Ian Fernando – Scaling Sweepstakes On Push Traffic To $X,XXX In 30 days (Workshop + Guide).mp4
4-Adam Pivko – The Secret Behind Super Affiliates.mp4
5-Sergei Glaukus – How to Increase Your ROI by at Least 30% Through Traffic Recycling and How to Make Money Forever Even if You Stop Buying Traffic.mp4
6-KJ Rocker – How To Avoid Google Account Suspension and Run Lead Generation.mp4
7-Hen Kinan – Maintaining Healthy Facebook Fan Page From a Content Point Of View.mp4
8-Michail Svinarev – Working Solo With Webview Apps in 2020.mp4
9-Alex Fedotov – Scaling Facebook Ads.mp4
10-Roman Seet – CIS Market – Presentation.mp4
11-Akram Hamam & Roman Seet – Closing Speech Day 2.mp4
Screenshot_2020-10-14 Affiliate Virtual Summit.png
AVS – The Affiliate Marketers Virtual Mastermind 2020

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