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Learn How To Hack Your Authority. The new service everyone is talking about but nobody knows how to implement or sell!

The Top Rated Search Engine Optimization Expert On Google Leaves SEO For This…

After four years of trying to become the, “Bruce Lee” of SEO and making over $60k a month selling services, I decided to leave after figuring out how to create online marketing strategies that blow up any site I touch. Optimizing for users and authority is the new SEO.

These Strategies Are All Completely Legal and White Hat.Learn How To Future Proof Your Marketing Now!

1. Basics To Authority Hacking

Focus on building perceived value and engagement rather than focusing on what search engines want. At the end of the day, search engines are more concerned about their users being happy than a link or an on page signal. This strategy works for any business whether it be a local plumber, national eCommerce store,adult entertainment site, you name it.

2. Black Sheep Your Brand

In order to build massive engagement you need to stand out from the herd. Nobody wins quickly by starting out competing with industry leaders on their level.

3. Market Research Not Keyword Research

Like SEO, keyword research is basically dead. Search Engines are more concerned about content dispersal based on their audience profile than they are worried about what on page signals you are sending.

4. Building Engaging, Authoritative Content

Your content needs to engage your audience and bring in opt ins. Quality in terms of relevancy is essential in order to create a thriving brand that generates leads and traffic long term.

5. Controlling Your Traffic

In order to create a long traffic generation strategy you need to have traffic that you control. This traffic will enable you to bring in further engagement and authority which is essential to your growth.

6. Selling And Creating Recurring Revenue

With any authority hacking system, after you generate enough traffic and a big enough controlled audience, sales are merely percentage based A and B tests.

7. Optimizing User Experience Based Off Analytics Data

In order to really improve your marketing you’ll need to learn how to provide optimal user experience to your visitors based off Analytics data.

8. Selling Authority Hacking Services

After creating a few easy case studies for your own sites, it’s easy to niche down and bring it hyper targeted clients for huge retainers.


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