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Quick Start Labs To Get You MOVING FAST

The first element is the secret sauce that will accelerate your education. You’ll see how it really is possible to start a consistent income stream within 30 days. It’s called the Quick Start Lab. And I think you’ll love how this works: The Quick Start Lab consists of eight high-impact sessions led by me.

My goal here is to turbocharge your education so you’ll get more out of the 4 Pillars of Investing class and the Mentor Club at a faster pace. It’s important, because in the 30-Day Cash Flow Blueprint program we’ll want to get started fast by showing you how to go from zero to cash flow.

We’ll start by showing you how to open a practice account where you’ll be trading 100% risk-free while you learn. Then we’ll move quickly into the 4 Pillars and cash flow strategies. The video recordings of every session are posted in the online training center for you to watch and review as often as you like.

This Quick Start Lab is the one thing that will catapult you as my student beyond where other beginning stock market investors can only dream about.


IN-DEPTH TRAINING With The 4 Pillars of Investing Course

When you register now, you will have instant and unlimited access to my 4 Pillars of Investing classroom training. This is where I will give you the four essential ways to evaluate every investment opportunity you will ever face:

Is it a healthy investment? Is it the right time to buy? Will it give you cash flow? Is your risk protected?

All of this training in the 4 Pillars of Investing course is available to you instantly in my online training center. You get access within seconds of registering. This course walks you through more than 12 hours of simple and focused lessons. This is the foundation of knowledge you need to move forward and put the strategies into practice.


IMMERSION LEARNING With A 1-Year Membership To Our Weekly Mentor Club

As part of your 30-Day Cash Flow Blueprint you also receive one full year membership pass to my weekly Mentor Club. This is where I get together with my own trading mentors once a week to discuss the market in real-time.

Each week we look at real investing opportunities, and place actual trades. This is what learning by immersion is all about. You’ll see how we choose the trades, adjust the trades to keep money flowing in, and at the same time, manage all the risks.

What you will really love about the Mentor Club is that you will see exactly how much we make with each trade, how to stop losing more than we want, and how we actually put a percentage prediction on our chances of success.

Our members have seen how our winners far outnumber the losers, and how we let our winners run to get even more profits, and cut the losers quick. Watching these Mentor Club sessions is like being an apprentice where you get to see the strategies you learn about in real situations. This is a VITAL element to any trading success plan.

With this immersion training, you can speed up your learning and avoid making rookie mistakes that can hurt your investment account. We make it easy to watch and learn by immersion, until you’re ready to do it on your own. You’ll get access to each weekly recording, also inside my online training center.


You need to know that I will do everything in my power to get you where you want to be. I also expect you to do your part and follow what I am teaching. This isn’t magic. But it works, because everything I’m giving you is based on rock-solid principles of smart, safe investing.

You’re going to be pleasantly surprised on how the stock market allows you to make money with even just a little bit to invest. Then, as your knowledge and skills grow, you can grow that little seed into a bigger and bigger account with more and more cash flow. That’s how fortunes are made the safe and steady way.

So join me on this journey. Because I’m here to guide you every step of the way.

About Andy Tanner

Based on Andy’s experience teaching hundreds of thousands of people around the world, he understood the goals and frustrations of these investors. They wanted to take control of their investing, but were confused with the jargon and complexities of stock investing. And with so much hype built up around making money, we knew there was a better way to help our students. Instead of giving people advice we focus on building knowledge, skills, and confidence.

Over the years, Andy developed teaching techniques to demystify stock investing to make it easy for anyone to understand. This teaching style resonated with all types of investors who began asking for more help.

More Valuable Than A College Education?

Have you ever noticed that earning a college degree is pretty much about getting a “good job” and working for someone else? As we’ve seen over the past decade, job security is a thing of the past.

Yet every year students flock to universities. What’s the cost of a 4-year college degree? It starts at about $36,000 for a basic state school, and up to $125,000 for a private school. And that gives you no guarantee of making a single penny!

That’s why it’s so important for you to gain the skills and knowledge you need to generate your own income. Stock and option trading gives you the opportunity to create your own cash flow in any type of market.

I always make sure my training and mentoring programs are absolutely top-notch for you. I give you the tools you need to WIN.

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