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Let Me Show You How To Get More Traffic, Leads And Sales, While Writing Far Less Content…

You ever feel like your content just isn’t working?

Sure it gets a few leads but lets be honest here…

  • You put in the time,
  • do the research,
  • and write your best but nothing happens.

Nothing game changing anyway.

Its enough to make you want to stop writing all together right?

But the worst part?

$300,000 dollars a month- all generated with their content!

Its frustrating right?

Just what are they doing that you’re not?

Whats their secret?

I’ll tell you exactly what it is, so you don’t have to find out the hard way like I did…

The best part?

It works:

  • Even if you suck at writing,
  • Even if you’ve never seen results from content before,
  • Even if you don’t know the first thing about ‘content’ and ‘content promotion’.

Thank God For My Nan (And Google Plus)

You might have heard me tell this story before.

The thing is?

You only know half of it…

A few years back I decided to go all in on content marketing.

I slaved away at my desk for over 80 hours on an article, with only my cat for company.

This was it.

I had done everything I was supposed to, and this was the best article I had ever written.

Can you guess what happened?

It got 2 measly social shares…

2 shares for over 80 hours of work!

And the worst part?

  • One share was ME to my own Google Plus account
  • And the other share was from my Nan…

At this point I didn’t even want to look at my keyboard again.

Fortunately for me, I’m kind of stubborn.

Rather than give up, I sat down to figure this all out.

I’m so glad I did…

I finished the draft, hit publish and then reached out to a friend to let them check it out before I crashed for the night.

(I’ve never told anyone before, but there was a strategy behind this…)

My buddy was in another time zone and I *thought* he was going to read it and give feedback.

I’m a pretty good writer, so why would I ask him for feedback?


So let me explain:

When someone is involved in the creation of something, they want it to succeed, simply because they value it more.

It’s called the ‘ikea’ effect.

People value things that they had a hand in creating, far more than if they were not involved.

The crazy thing is?

This is a great way to get an influencer invested in your content, so that they hopefully share and link to it.

Sneaky eh…

So I went to bed after sending the email, expecting some further feedback on my new guide.

But he didn’t give me any more feedback…

He enjoyed it so much that he decided to share my post for me on a huge marketing forum as a surprise!

I should mention that my buddy is also a pretty big influencer in that forum.

Why does that matter?

Because I may not have had my audiences attention at the time, but he sure did.

That’s when things went a little crazy…

I woke up to over 19,000 views of that article.


The post wasn’t even ‘finished’ yet!

There were a few typos, some placeholder images and no email capture at all.

But it didn’t matter…

Within the week it was the number #1 post on the forum.

By the end of week #2?

(At around $10,000 per campaign, that was a cool $3 Million Dollars in client requests!)

Even better?

I learned my lesson and quickly made sure that the content started to collect leads.

The Results So Far…

A lot of people will tell you its all about content volume.

“You have to create a lot of content to be successful”

They are wrong…

With only 8 blog posts in 2 years, we’ve had:

  • The Top #10 content of ALL TIME on
  • The Top #10 content of 2017 AND 2018 on GrowthHackers.
  • Content shared or referenced by Neil Patel, Sujan Patel, Glen Alsopp, Copy Chief, Co-Schedule, Joanna Weibe and even the CEO of Microsoft…

Pretty cool right?

But influencer’s and forums are just part of the promotion process…

(They are great for traffic spikes but not for sustained long term growth)

And so by working in SEO and linkbuilding also, our latest article is now getting free traffic, week after week.

How’s it doing?

In the last 3 months its gone from zero views in Google, to 30,000+ and we haven’t even finished promoting it yet!

All from promoting just ONE article.

Mind blown yet?

And I know what you’re thinking…

So How Did We Figure All This Out?


It took a LOT of time and effort.

I read book after book and fully nerded out.

Rather than just learn ‘how to write’, I learned what actually drives us as human beings:

  • What makes us tick?
  • Why do we share things at all?
  • What grabs our attention, pulls at our emotions and gets us to take frigging action?

And no…

Not just things that go viral for the sake of it and attract the wrong audience, or sleazy ‘click bait’ hacks that work for a week.

But the nuts and bolts behind the psychology of it all…


Then I got frustrated.


Because I knew I had to promote my content if I wanted people to see it, and so I read every article I could find about content promotion.

(aka the actual marketing part of content marketing…)

The only problem?

They would mention a method but not actually HOW to do the thing.

If I had to read one more frigging list post with single sentences of ‘Run a Facebook ad’, or ‘Share to your email subscribers‘,  I was going to lose my god damn mind.

So that’s when I said ‘sod it’

The only way to figure it all out, was to get my hands dirty and get in the trenches.

So that’s what I did.

After months of work and tens of thousands of dollars spent, I started to figure it all out.

I implemented every method I could find…

I would test what works, improve on it and then cut the rest.

I then took these tests and built an internal training program.

It was a system of processes for our team to follow, use, and get results.

How did they do?

We hired a new intern who’s previous marketing experience involved selling cookies door to door.

(And lets be honest, those things sell themselves.)

She had never written a post before, ran an ad or had any idea what SEO was.

But within a few weeks of training?

She went on to get links and shares from some of the biggest digital blogs in the industry…

The 5 Things That Cause Content To Fail…

It wasn’t always easy.

I had to make a lot of mistakes before we figured all this out.

When we break it down, there were 5 major mistakes that were causing our content to crash and burn.

If you want your content to work for you?

Then you need to overcome these problems too…

Mistake #1: You Are Not A Media Company

Human beings are hardwired to copy what we see.


Because by finding and copying patterns, it helped us to survive in the wild.

Since then, we’ve evolved to use patterns to simplify our lives.

It makes sense right?

If you can find something you want, then copying how someone else got the result can help you get the same thing.

But the thing is?

We have to be careful WHO we copy…

Let me explain

When we’re reading online, its usually 2 types of content:

  • Educational i.e it helps you learn and solve an issue, or
  • Entertainment.

The problem?

We copy those entertainment sites and what they do with their content.

Why care?

Because these guys have a totally different business model to you!

They get paid via onsite advertising.

Every eyeball that sees an advert on their website, nets them a few cents.

And so what do they do?

Rather than get new readers or create quality content, they focus on bringing the same reader back 10 times per day.

This means they churn out a whole heap of weak content, because they don’t care if it converts.

This is actually good news for you.


Because your business model is different, it means that you DON’T have to be writing all the time to get results.

Its not about volume.

Its about depth and getting your readers to take action…

Mistake #2: Entertaining, Not Automating

Once we get stuck in a habit, it can be hard to break out of it.


Its hard to even see it happening.

If you’re caught having to write all the time otherwise you won’t get traffic this week, then it can be scary to stop.

But here’s the thing:

You are far better off going out and finding NEW readers and bringing them to your old content, then you are just writing new content for the same people all the time.


Because new readers = new customers.

People think that you need to keep interacting with your audience to make the sale.

And sure, that is true.

You do need a few interactions to move them to becoming a customer.

But the thing is?

You DON’T need to be writing new content each week, to make those interactions happen!


You simply write a series of content that helps them convert into a customer, and then you automate it so that this series gets sent to each new reader.

That’s how you can step away and still grow.

The trick of course is getting those new readers to come to you…

Mistake #3: Shotgun Marketing Strategy

There’s so many promotion channels out there, that it can be kind of overwhelming.

  • SEO,
  • Paid Ads,
  • Forums,
  • Influencers
  • Press etc

Even then, each channel has multiple variations and platforms…

Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads- the list goes on

So the question becomes:

Just where should you spend your time to market your content?

All of them?

None of them?

Well the truth is that every channel out there can help you grow, but they all have strengths and weaknesses.

The trick is knowing which channels to use, and when.

The best part?

You don’t need to use all of them

But you DO need to use more than one, if you want to sidestep those weaknesses…

Mistake #4: Its Not Inbound Vs Outbound…

There’s a big disconnect in the marketing space.

The inbound guys just want to write content so that people will come to them.

The outbound guys?

They’ll do outreach and ads all damn day, but they’re not actually building assets that help them grow.

Its ‘Hunting’ vs Farming’

But the thing is?

They’re both doing it wrong…


Because you need a blend of both if you want to succeed and bypass those weaknesses.

Let me explain:

If all you do is outbound sales, then eventually you’ll fail.

Get sick or try to take time off, and you don’t make any money that week.

Not only that?

But you’re selling one to one, not one to many.

Even if you focus on paid ads, each channel is making it harder to succeed.

You can’t just send them straight to a squeeze page anymore…

Likewise inbound alone is madness!


Because it can take months of work to see results from SEO and so that content?

It does nothing for you, if no one is seeing or reading it yet.

In a recent study by Ahrefs, they found it could take 120 days just to get to page #1 rankings.

120 days!

And lets face facts here:

Until you get to page #1, you’re not going to get much traffic in the mean time…

So what can you do?

Well imagine if didn’t just stick to just one promotion method?

What if you could create long term content assets that rank and get traffic in Google.

Better still?

What if you could also promote that content to a brand new COLD audience, but at a profit?

This means you can get traffic while you wait for it to rank.

Better still?

It means you can scale out to people who don’t even know about you yet- before they even start searching in Google.

Before they even know what problem you solve…

All while using content to make your life easier.

Pretty cool right?

And that’s just 2 promotion methods!

Imagine if you used a few other channels so you could guarantee that you would get traffic on day #1 that the article goes live?

#5: Going Alone Without A Guide

Here’s something crazy…

A study was done by scientists at Max Plank University in Germany.

Its goal?

To see how we respond, when we lack direction.

Here’s how it worked:

They sent people out to areas that lacked natural landmarks, such as deserts and forests. Places where the landscape looked the same, for as far as they eye could see.

The scientists then left the subjects to find their own way out, and would track them via GPS.

Do you know what happened?

The test subjects would walk for about a mile in a straight line towards a direction they had chosen, but then?

Then it gets a little weird…

Lacking a specific landmark to help anchor them, they ALL started to walk in circles.

Every person on every test.

They would get so far, and then just start circling back to where they had been.

Some of them even turned around and went back the exact way they came- without even realizing it!)


Humans work off a system of Action, Feedback and Response

We use anchor points to help us plot a path, and then make minor course corrections.

You wouldn’t think it would make a big deal right?

But without a guide point to anchor us, we start second guessing decisions and suddenly we’re wandering in circles…

What does this have to do with content?

Oh so much…

Without a clear end goal, you can never get to where you want to be.


Without a process or a plan to get there, you’ll keep wandering in circles just like those test subjects.

You have to have direction.

A roadmap to take you from a, to b, to c and beyond

You have to know what action to take, and what mistakes to dodge.

You need a process to help stop you second guessing and course correcting in circles. Otherwise your content will never really get the results that you’ve been craving.

Instead time will pass and you’ll look up and find you’re not far off from where you started.

Let us help you get you to where you want to be…

The Amplify Content Academy is our step-by-step content creation and promotion program.

Its designed to help you side-step these mistakes, so that you can create and leverage highly effective content that drives traffic and grows your audience.

Its not just any old course…

Its an indepth system to help you step off the content hamster wheel, and instead create assets that help your business for years to come.

How Is The Amplify Content Academy Different?

Amplify is the first content marketing program to not just focus on ‘how to write content‘.

That’s the easy part.

We care about the PROMOTION and marketing of that content, so it actually gets you traffic and leads…


By focusing on 3 primary goals:

#1 How To Create EFFECTIVE Content That Drives Actions

Sure we’ll teach you how to write easier, faster and more effectively than ever before- but most importantly?

We’ll teach how to create content that converts.

Content that gets leads, links and sales.

That gets your audience to say “How am I only just finding this site?...”

That gets them to take action.


Content so good that people try to steal you for their own company!

Why care?

Because the better your content performs- the less traffic you need to get results.


Because suddenly its doing twice the work it was before… or more.

(Doubling your conversions is the same result as doubling your traffic)

Even better?

We don’t just stop there…

#2 How To Get Traffic From Day ONE Of Publishing

Most people focus on traffic methods that take a while to kick in, and nothing else.

Not here.

We’ll show you how to get traffic to your content from day ONE of publishing it.

That’s right- no more waiting for results to trickle in.

Even better still?

We’ll teach you how to ‘trade up the chain’ and build traction, so you can leverage new opportunities. This way you’ll see an ROI faster than ever before.

No more waiting weeks before you get traffic.

That’s not to say we’re against those other methods…

#3 How To Scale And Automate Your Growth

If you want to truly scale your audience- then you need to go deep with SEO and other promotion channels.

To get past those quick traffic spikes, until you get traffic that comes in day and night, consistently.

Even better?

You’ll learn how to get that traffic, even when you’re not there

Systems and processes that help you create long term growth that scales and builds on itself.

Better still?

You’ll learn how to create automated campaign’s that help you find new people who don’t even know about you yet.

Ongoing traffic long after you wrote the article.

And I know it sounds scary but its actually quite easy

Especially when you have people who are in the trenches with you to guide you along the way…

Inside The Amplify Content Academy

The Amplify Academy features indepth training video’s, coursework, case studies, examples, templates, worksheets and more.

All recorded, transcribed and downloadable in multiple formats for you to access and use, where ever you are.

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