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The Power of Om

Welcome 2020 with Om: the sound of creation.

Om attunes you to your natural wisdom. Om connects you to your creative power. Om opens you to your fullest potential.

This January, shop specially curated products that channel the power of Om into your life.

So you can make this new life cycle your most blessed one yet.

Amish Shah – Project Yourself

From anxiety and illness, to lack, loneliness and aimlessness – did you know that every challenge we face in the modern world can be solved with the knowledge of past generations?

At Project:Yourself, we believe ancient wisdom has the power to heal and unite humanity. And that if more people harnessed tools like energy healing, meditation, yoga, sacred geometry, and Ayurveda – the world would be a far better place!

Our mission is to bring ancient wisdom back to the forefront of modern civilization. We do this in a variety of ways, including:

Conscious Curations

We travel the world and curate consciously made items infused with ancient wisdom – like wearables, crystals and semi-precious stones, home decor, and more. Each item is then blessed with healing Reiki energy by Buddhist monks.

Transformational Training

We produce online training programs designed to awaken your reality-bending abilities, amplify your abundance, and awaken the greatest version of yourself.

This is made up of 9 levels, of which are as follows:

  • Level 1: Connect – How to supercharge your self-awareness and to discover a clear path to your inner self.
  • Level 2: Fulfill – How to fully empower your inner self, and fully understand, explore and begin to spark change in your external world
  • Level 3: Activate – Here is where you learn to switch on your own, personal superpower and begin to turn your innermost desires into reality
  • Level 4: Access -Time to really open both your eyes and your heart to the people and knowledge that will see you heading full speed towards achieving exactly what you want.
  • Level 5: Implement – How would you like to seriously attract both people and wisdom into your life that will help you fulfill your dreams?  Well, that’s what level 5 is all about.
  • Level 6: Protect: Here you discover how to stop any external and internal forces preventing you from reaching your goals
  • Level 7; Cleanse – Time to get rid of any negativity that might be hampering your efforts to succeed
  • Level 8: Accomplish – An incredible level where you literally unlock what is confining you to your current reality, and see you becoming free to really reach out an accomplish the impossible
  • Level 9: Create – This is where you gain the nourishment of knowledge, true clarity and the joy that you honestly can create anything you want.  In other words, this is where you become an unstoppable force, and your transformation is complete.

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