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First of all, this is NOT your basic, cookie-cutter course. This is a movement.

The Better Than Art School™ system is unlike any other program you’ve ever experienced.

If you want to get your hands on all the tools, knowledge and strategies so you can sell your art before the paint even dries off the easel—while saving thousands of dollars and hours of labor—it’s all here.

This 90-day hybrid group program is for artists who want to become prolific and profitable.

Module 1

Art Abundance Mindset

  • Quickly identify what your influences are and with my mentorship, you’ll find your north star to guide you toward a unique painting style.

  • Shift your subconscious in your sleep with healing meditations that attract wealth, opportunities, and increased confidence.

Module 2

Color Mastery

  • Learn exactly how to use the color wheel to your advantage when creating vibrant paintings that sell both online and in person.

  • Discover my unique approach for achieving color harmony in every single painting.

  • Explore what color palettes you’re attracted to and why, and watch as your visceral connection to color develops and grows.

Module 3

Composition 101

  • Infuse the 3 main elements of composition into your work to create intuitive blueprints for your paintings.

  • Decode the work of your favorite artists so you can expand your painting skills and vision.

  • Use the composition tools used by designers and photographers to strengthen your abstract work.

  • Easily learn how to assess your paintings and move past the “ugly duckling” phase to the finish line.

Module 4

Composition 201

  • Compose your paintings with ease and confidence using my 3Rs.

  • Discover how to effortlessly raise the vibrations of your paintings to avoid dull work.

  • Master the skill of adding detail and color alterations to strategically evolve your simpler compositions.

Module 5

Depth Through Detail

  • Build emotive, expressive paintings through intentional mark-making.

  • Explore how to apply translucent, opaque, and fluorescent paints to create depth in your work.

  • Learn how to include additives to create glazes and patterns in your art.

Module 6

How to Make Your

Acrylics Look Like Oils

  • Experiment with how to build compositions using different textures.

  • Incorporate mixed media to increase the value of your paintings.

  • Apply new ways of building layers onto the canvas to capture and build interest.

Module 7

Styles of Abstraction

  • Learn from other expert-inspired paintings created with spray paint, enamel, other paint types, and more.

  • Gain a new perspective on floral, landscape, and figurative styles of abstraction (with bonus guest lectures).

Module 8

Finishing a Painting

  • Learn how to sign and title your work like a professional artist.

  • Discover the key to varnishing your work so your paintings stay vibrant and pristine forever.

  • Understand everything there is to know about packing and shipping your work (additional bonus material).

This is for you, if you want to:

  • Create inspiring work that practically sells itself.

  • Learn what it takes to evaluate your own work to consistently sell your paintings.

  • See real results and build a sustainable, successful art business.

  • Take a new direction in your work and gain confidence in your art again.

  • Push yourself to develop new skills in a safe, supportive space with other students.

  • Nail down the prices of your work and charge what you’re worth.

  • Become the artist you’ve always meant to be.

Get off the workshop train and start making money with your amazing art.

I’ve built a results-driven curriculum and a supportive community so you’ll see immediate progress in your practice and paintings week after week.

You’ll be guided and supported through this entire journey—but be prepared, you’ll be challenged to expand past your limits, grow out of your comfort zone, and expected to think for yourself too.

It’s up to you to trust the process and commit to an ambitious yet transformative course, but we promise it’ll be worth it!

Each week, you’ll get new lessons and training through video recordings and handcrafted assignments that will fire you up to explore something new while sparking new ideas as an artist.

Intuitively structured, think of every lesson as a brush stroke—a stroke built on the one before it—and every stroke leads to preparing you for your next masterpiece, your next sale.

Get ready for some homework too! I’m a strong believer in applying what you learn so you can fully benefit from the tools given.

 The homework you submit will help you stay on track, plus I can monitor your progress each step of the way.

Your life before

Better Than Art School™:

  • You’re tired of painting the same way and don’t know if you should change your style, technique, colors, or tools
  • You don’t want to waste time, money, or years trying to figure out how to turn your art into a real, profitable business.
  • You’re hesitant to take another painting course or art school class because you’re afraid it’s not going to teach you what you need to know.
  • You’re feeling creatively blocked and overwhelmed about where, or how, to start again.
  • You have a TON of ideas and questions that you want to talk about, but you don’t know where to turn for help or advice.

Your life after

Better Than Art School™:

  • You feel focused, confident and excited to paint new work that sells and speaks to your audience of buyers or collectors.
  • You know exactly how to paint a new piece in your style since using the best color combinations and composition comes naturally to you.
  • You’re selling paintings faster than ever before because you mastered your painting process, brand identity, and business operations.
  • You know what opportunities will scale your art business and how to gain media attention with a single painting.
  • You’re 10x more productive, profitable, and passionate about your thriving, legacy art business.

I really need this! What can I do next?

Time to enroll in Better Than Art School™ now!

If you’re ready to figure out who you really are as an artist, and to start selling and making a full-time income doing what you love, let’s get started on this journey together.

The program starts as soon as you sign up.

I’m committed to helping each student thrive and improve in their art practice. If I notice you’re not doing your homework, you may lose the chance to participate in this transformation.

That’s how committed I am to the success and integrity of this program.

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