Alex Berman – IC Framework

Alex Berman – IC Framework


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Course Curriculum


StartWelcome to International Clients Framework + Access to Private Community (13:39)

StartOverview of the System (5:55)


StartYou’re Worth It (7:39)

StartRacism (5:13)

StartFear/Embarrassment (5:30)

StartCompetition (3:59)

How to 10x Your Income

StartThe Scale of America (15:02)

StartHow to frame your experience to 10x your income? (12:40)

Written English Mastery, Sales and Offer Creation

StartCommon Mistakes Made by Foreigners (30:33)

StartWriting Breakdowns (24:55)

StartHow to Create a Compelling Offer (7:18)

StartHow to create a No brainer offer? (14:47)

StartHow to sell to Americans over Email? (14:24)

StartIntro to Cold Email (the Million Dollar Cold Email Template) (6:02)

StartCold Email Crash Course (22:38)

StartHow to land in the primary inbox? (3:07)

StartHow to create a Call to Action for better results? (4:27)

StartHow to follow up without spamming? (10:46)

StartCold Email Automation (22:21)

StartHow to approach a discovery call? (9:56)

StartGetting Clients with No Experience/Case Study (7:06)

StartCreating your website (7:19)

Lead Generation

StartHow to define the lead generation criteria? (6:04)

StartWhy does the lead generation platform matter? + Manual lead generation using Uplead (5:27)

Understanding American English

StartUnderstand the American accent (6:40)

StartSpeak in a way Americans can understand (9:17)

StartTV show/Movie Watch List (4:31)

StartHow to Master Your Service and Offer (7:21)

Talk like them!

StartAccent or No accent? (4:53)

StartHow to confidently speak to Americans? (8:32)

StartTest your Accent (8:18)

Putting it All together

StartMake a good first impression with your first voice (7:17)

StartHow to Push The Deal Forward, Contract & Next Steps (7:41)

StartSales and Negotiation Crash Course (The Right way to Onboard Clients) (12:59)

StartHow to take Payment? (7:32)

StartWhere to go from here? (1:36)


StartUpwork post templates

StartBonus – Closing $30K Clients with a Stutter (5:48)

StartBonus – Going from $150 to over $5000 (23:14)

StartBonus – From $100 to $2000 as Top Nigerian Affiliate Marketer (35:09)

StartBonus – How we take agency pricing from $500 to $5,000 (28:54)

StartBonus – $100 per website to making over $27,000 per website (Interview with 7 figure Agency

Owner) (30:56)

StartBonus – Questions you might have about freelancing and how to grow? (46:17)

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