Akeem Reed – Slingshot Rental Blueprint

Akeem Reed – Slingshot Rental Blueprint


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Stop Worrying About Money

After realizing that my home and car were my biggest liabilities and that my Tesla was being underutilized (only being driven 5%-10% of the week, I decided to start a trending business, document the process and share the game.

I started with 1 car and now have over 50. Let me show you the Fast Track to the making money in the car rental industry.

Learn how to make more money running your side hustle than working your current job. You deserve a worry-free, independent life and career.

Complete Your 5 Year Goals In Just 1 Year

Right now there is a high demand for personal car rental and if you know what you’re doing you can eliminate your car note and mortgage renting your car to locals and tourist. And when you master these steps you’ll be able to drive your dream car and actually get paid to do it!


Obtain the insight you need to build a successful business from scratch.

Invest In Your Future
Learn how to start a business and sell it for three times your original investment.
Find Quality Renters
90% of renters are car rental rejects. Learn about bad quality renters to find good ones and increase profitability.
Turo Is Not The End
Don’t get stuck on sites like Turo; outsmart your competition and take charge of the market on your own terms.
Limit Your Risks
Learn how to insure your assets to limit your liability and business risks to the bare minimum.
Eliminate Your Competition
Become more knowledgeable to easily get ahead of your competition – most competitors have no business strategy.
Smart Scaling
Get all the insight on how to scale your business predictably, profitably, and quickly.

Myths & Roadblocks:

Stop Stressing About Your Future And Start Your And Start Your Own Business In Just 30 Days

Do I need capital to start my business?

Yes, you do! This program is not for people who do not have access to capital, cash or credit. I will teach you how you can grow your capital in the smartest way.

Will I get rich with minimal effort?

This program is not for people who want to get rich quickly, nor for people who don’t want to put any effort in starting their own business. Starting a business requires effort. I will show you how to do so effectively and successfully, but you have to put in the work.

Do I need experience in this business or business at all?

Not at all! I’ve had many people attended my courses without any prior experience who were able to start their own business successfully. I myself started off with no experience and no mentor, and still succeeded.

Why do I need this course? Can’t I just get started myself?

You can definitely start yourself. But like with any business, it takes time to build a foundation and get your name out. Mistakes are always made and cost even more time and money to recover from. I made mistakes that cost me thousands of dollars because I didn’t know what I was doing. This course is a shortcut with my blueprint business strategy and marketing plan to build a successful slingshot rental company with minimal resources.

Why is slingshot rental so profitable?

Slingshot is profitable because the investment in a slingshot car is relatively low compared to other high-performance cars, but the perception of the renter is still the same. The renter will pay as much rent as for a Ferrari or Lamborghini, so the return on investment on slingshot cars is extremely high.

Can I start without a slingshot?

Definitely! That is how most people start out – without owning your own slingshot I show you how to build a network and leverage using my OPP strategy. It also doesn’t work for just slingshots this is the same strategy I used to partner with exotic car brands! When you have experience renting out other peoples slingshots successfully and have built up more capital, you can scale your business to become even more profitable.

Strategies You Will Learn:

1) How To Select The Best Vehicles For Your Fleet, Saving You Thousands In The Long Run

2) How To Finance Multiple Slingshots Without Getting Denied

3) Properly Insure Vehicles For Asset Protection

4) How To Leverage Partnerships And Increase Your Fleet With No Money Out Of Pocket

5) How To Create A High Performing Website And The Developer I Used To Create Mine

6) What Is Covered By Warranty And What To Avoid In Order To Keep Your Coverage

7) Details On Supplies Needed For Upselling And Increasing Your Bottom Line

8) How To Schedule Bookings And What Processing Software To Use

9) How To Create Free Listings That Maximize SEO And Web Traffic

10) How To Create Viral Facebook Ads That Attracts Paying Customers

11) How To Conduct A Competitive Analysis In Your Area

12) Get Access To Private FB Group With Akeem And Other Slingshot Rental Owners In Our Network For Ongoing Support

13) 4 Week Hands On Mentorship With Akeem To Ensure Success

14) Lifetime Membership To The Largest Slingshot Rental Network In The Country

15) How To Market & Brand Your Business Plus More

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