AdPreneur Academy – Self-study

AdPreneur Academy – Self-study


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It’s your turn to stand out and become an AdPreneur (and it’s possible within only 2 months!)

AdPreneur Academy teaches you how to master one of the most sought-after skills in the marketing world and to quickly & easily grow your 6-figure Meta™ Ads Management business.

Why ‘ads management’?

You don’t need me to remind you that learning how to run Meta Ads for businesses (and doing it really well) is your shortcut to attracting premium (aka high-paying!) clients and the key to building your own successful, profitable business.

But simply learning about ads and offering ‘ads management’ as a service is only half the story

Guess what. I was where you are now.

When I made that decision and commitment to specialise as an ad manager and, my entire world changed.

  • I was no longer a Jack(ie)-of-all-trades.
  • I stopped having to ‘sell’ my services to prospective clients.
  • I grew in confidence as I was seen as the ‘expert’ in my niche.
  • I was paid more than I ever earned before (or thought would even be possible).

But it wasn’t always easy. 

At first I lacked knowledge. And confidence. And systems and processes.

But as soon as I started to build each of those 3 things, that’s when my business really took off.

5 years on and multi-6 figures later, I’m here to not only teach you how I’ve done it, but to literally hand you the templates, tactics, knowledge and intel to help you shortcut your way to becoming a true AdPreneur.

Most struggling ads managers are missing one of more of these three things:


Ongoing support, the latest knowledge of ads and what’s-working-now strategies are absolutely essential to be able to get results and have clients singing from the rooftops about how awesome you are.


It goes without saying that you need to know how to confidently put yourself out there, talk to prospective clients, and get results that they want, if you’re going to become a successful AdPreneur.


You shouldn’t need to recreate the wheel with each client. Using tried-and-tested systems and processes is the best way to streamline your entire business and free up your time.

Introducing AdPreneur Academy

AdPreneur Academy is a transformational step-by-step online programme that gives you the lessons, templates, tools, coaching and support to become a successful ad manager, so that you can charge premium prices and grow a business that gives you freedom (without feeling overwhelmed or having to use pushy sales tactics).

Here’s just a flavour of what you’ll get access to:

> Master your mindset with training that shows you how to stand out in your niche and position yourself as a Facebook & Instagram Ads expert.

> Practical strategies for niching down, attracting your ideal clients, selling without selling, seamless onboarding, communication and reporting.

> How to use my Beyond The Ads framework to make discovery calls completely non-salesy, to get complete clarity on kick-off calls, and to set up clients’ campaigns for success.

> Step-by-step training for planning, setting up, running and managing your clients campaigns. PLUS lessons on troubleshooting common ad issues.

> Technical up-to-date how-to videos showing you click by click how to use Ads Manager the right way. No more watching outdated videos on YouTube!

> A-Z training for unpacking a client campaign, refining offers, creating magnetic messaging, writing copy that converts, designing scroll-stopping graphics.

Here’s what you’ll discover in AdPreneur Academy:


> Understand the mindset of a 6-figure AdPreneur; if you’ve ever said (or thought) ‘who am I to run ads?’ I’ve got you covered with a mindset-shaping lesson, and establish authority even when you’re just starting out.

> How to attract your first few perfect clients as well as use advanced client attraction strategies as you gain traction and momentum in your ads business.

Discover your unique skill set and how you can use it to differentiate yourself as an ads manager.

You’ll learn not only how to price your services, but also create packages that make your proposals stand out and the decision to work with you a no-brainer.


> Discover how to stand out by implementing a seamless and professional onboarding experience for clients.

> Find out ways to organise your clients and create a flawless system to manage their documents, assets, invoices, agreement, etc.

> How to enhance client communications, set boundaries, manage expectations and avoid conflict.

> We explore different options for reporting to clients, as well as a downloadable reporting template.


> We unpack my Beyond The Ads framework and look at how to achieve amazing results for clients, as well as how to use it in discovery calls, kick-off calls and in campaigns.

> You’ll get access to the launch ads budget calculator, and how to understand metrics and audit results.

> We’ll look at the audience, messaging, writing copy, and designing scroll-stopping ads.

> Find out what different funnels look like, how to design them, create them, set them up, what to look out for, and what you should (and shouldn’t!) be responsible for as an ad manager.


> We get ‘in the weeds’ of Ads Manager where you’ll ensure your client has ‘good’ account housekeeping, and what they need to do to become iOS compliant.

> Learn about pixels, events, audiences, retargeting, lookalikes and targeting research and options.

> You’ll discover the ‘right’ way to set up campaigns, as well as some little tricks and hacks that you probably never knew existed in Ads Manager!

> We also get technical in terms of best practices for testing ads, optimising (killing the ones that aren’t working) and scaling the ads that are working.

> We explore policy, why it’s important, and the main factors you (as an ads manager) need to always keep in mind when creating your ads to ensure they don’t get rejected.


> Explore how to actually scale your business and what that even looks like for you.

> There’s a masterclass on growing a team, how to find team members, hiring them, onboarding them and delegating tasks.

> We look at whether an agency model is right for you, and opportunities to connect, collaborate and mastermind with other ad managers as you continue on your journey of AdPreneurship.

> On completion of the training, you’ll have the option to register in the AdPreneur directory to be matched with potential leads and other project opportunities. (A recent graduate has landed her biggest contract ever as a result of the directory!)


> Getting clients toolkit with templates to plug into your business.

> Client management toolkit to save you hours and create an amazing client experience.

> ‘Ad Copy Superstar’ mini course to learn how to write high-converting ad copy every time.

> Expert masterclasses to help you get more exposure and position yourself as the ads expert in your niche, in PR, LinkedIn and podcast guesting, as well as live and recorded masterclasses on topics such as funnels, onboarding, messaging and hiring.

> How-to video library to watch step-by-step how to do the tech tasks in Ads Manager!

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