Adina Rivers - Orgasmic Oral Sex + Double Your Sex Power Hypnosis

Adina Rivers – Orgasmic Oral Sex + Double Your Sex Power Hypnosis


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Who Is The “Orgasmic Oral Sex 🔥” Premium Online Demonstration For?

For smart men who want to IMPRESS a woman in the bedroom and learn a sure-fire way to give a woman explosive orgasms (without needing an erection, a big penis or huge stamina)

If this is you, then you’ve likely struggled with:

  • Confusion of how to lick a woman’s pussy (does she want it fast, slow, hard, soft?)
  • Insecurity of your body, penis & looks during sex
  • Uncertainty of WHERE to lick a woman’s pussy (the whole pussy or only certain areas? If so, which areas?)
  • Doubt how you look when you go down on her. (Does it look feminine? Weird? Should you look at her or not?)
  • Routine because you feel like you are doing the same thing over and over.
  • Lack of sex because women don’t initiate sex with you

No worries! I’ll help you break the vicious cycle of doubt, routine, uncertainty & lack of sex for you.

How The “Orgasmic Oral Sex 🔥” Premium Online Demonstration Will Help You ..

  • Give a woman GUARANTEED orgasms
  • Know the best-performing pussy eating positions
  • End boring & average routine sex
  • Stand out with sex skills only 2% of men know of
  • Make sex more satisfying for her
  • Become a pro at pussy eating

The “Orgasmic-Oral-Sex” Formula 🔥
(Give her orgasms EASILY!)


Use the full range of your facial muscles as well as lips, tongue & mouth to set her pussy on fire. 🔥


Know exactly the anatomy of her pussy so you know which parts of her pussy to nibble, lick, kiss, thrust and softly bite (and which ones not!)


Learn mind-blowing cunnilingus techniques using your voice, energy, breath, lips, tongue, mouth and facial muscles and blow her mind. 🤯


Combine steps 1,2 & 3 and give her super explosive orgasms easily. GUARANTEED! 🏆


Only 5% of men on this planet know of the orgasmic oral sex formula. 🔥

Once you’ve learned this skill, it’s like holding the key to a woman’s heart.

“Sorry to my past gfs for the low quality pussy eating. LOL. Now I know better..”

The “Orgasmic Oral Sex 🔥” Premium Online Demonstration

Watch A Real Woman Getting Her Pussy Licked, Sucked & Eaten With A SPECIAL Oral Sex Technique By A Pro.

Then Copy The Same Tricks To Make A Woman Lose Control In The Bedroom.

Caution❗: Sexually Explicit Content. 18+ Only.

Here’s everything that’s included:

  • Get 2 x Premium Erotic Online Demonstrations For 1 (Save $200!)
  • 1 x 90 min “Perfect Pussy Eating 🌹” Premium Sex Online Demonstration (Value $497)
  • 1 x 90 min “Sensual Blowjob 🔥” Premium Erotic Online Demonstration (Value $497 – FREE for you!)
  • Get 3-hours of high-end & hot sex education with Adina, a world-class sex coach & 2 naked models
  • Q&A Insights Session (Value $197)
  • Lifetime Access To Online Demonstration
  • VIP Group Access (Get future live event discounts & connect with like-minded people)
  • BONUS #1: “Top 14 Oral Sex Positions For Explosive Orgasms ❤️‍🔥” eBook (Value $47)
  • BONUS #2: “Strange Mouth Exercises To 10x Oral Sex Skills” eBook (Value $47)
  • BONUS #3: “Magic Fingering Tricks To Make Her Cum Harder 💦” Mini Video Class (Value $47)
  • BONUS #4: “Fiery G-Spot Techniques 🔴” Mini Video Class (Value $47)

Benefits Of My Premium Sex Online Events & Demonstrations

Immediately Actionable

Zero fluff. Zero hand-wavy theory.

Close-up cameras will allow you to watch every detail of the sex techniques on real models while a world-class sex coach explains you-step-by-step how it’s done.

Short & Efficient

Most courses think offering “100+ hours of video content” is a good thing. Not me. Nobody has time for that.

My masterclasses are only 3 hours or less and give you all the skills you need while having fun (and maybe even getting aroused ;).


I want my courses to be accessible to as many people as possible while maintaining high quality. (even though the value is much higher!)

Skyrocket Your Sex Skills & Make Her Speechless 🙀

  • Upgrade your sex skills in only 3 hours
  • Learn faster & better with real demonstrations (not just theory)
  • Get excited, aroused & educated at once
  • Feel like you are right in the middle of the event
  • Ditch porn (it’s fake) & watch the “real” deal
  • Learn from leading experts

Here’s What You’ll See At The “Orgasmic Oral Sex 🔥” Premium Online Demonstration:

(that’s a tongue twister)

Part 1: Meet Your Sex Coach & Naked Models

  • Meet Adina – your host, friend & founder of the erotic online events
  • Meet your world-class sex coach Jonti
  • Meet the sensual female model Lexi & her partner Rod

Part 2: Improve Your Pussy-Eating Muscles

  • Follow the shown exercises to improve your oral sex muscles (tongue, lips, mouth) to give a woman more pleasure
  • Learn how to unlock the power of your breath, energy & voice for amazing cunnilingus
  • Watch when and how to start oral sex

Part 3: Understand Her Pussy

  • Watch how sex coach Jonti shows on the vagina of our female model the pussy-eating hot spots ❤️‍🔥
  • Get crystal-clear on where to kiss, nibble and lick a woman during oral sex with clear explanations on a real woman
  • Hear first-hand from the female model how she likes her pussy eaten

Part 4: Master The Orgasmic Oral Sex Formula

  • Watch how sex coach Jonti explains to the male model step-by-step how to unlock unbelievably explosive orgasms in a woman only using lips, mouth & tongue
  • Learn the best and most effective oral sex techniques e.g. 7-1 Oral Pleasure, the buzzing breath, pussy sound bath, clitoris blowjob etc.

Part 5: See The Top 7 Cunnilingus Sex Positions

  • Watch our naked models try the top 7 pussy eating positions
  • See how to move gracefully from one pussy-eating position to another (without looking awkward)

Part 6: Watch A Full Pussy-Eating Online Session

  • Watch how the models use everything they’ve learned during the event and apply it in a real pussy-eating session – on camera 🤯
  • See right in front of your eyes how to make a woman lose control in the bedroom using the orgasmic oral sex formula

Part 7: Watch A Hot Blowjob Session 🔥

  • Watch the female model give a hot blowjob to the male model with a POWERFUL oral sex techniques she’ll learn during the online event
  • Learn how to DOUBLE your lasting power during a hot blowjob

Part 8: Q&A Insights Session

  • We answer some juicy and intriguing questions from the audience.  
  • Hear other peoples sexual experiences
  • Connect with other open-minded people

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