Adam Bensman – The Copywriter’s 6-Figure Income Sprint


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The Copywriter’s 6-Figure Income Sprint

My Proven “Turn Key” Business Model to Earn a Consistent $9,000 – $26,000 Per Month, Every Month, With Fewer Clients, Making a Deeper Impact, and Taking Back Your Life

Are you ready to transform your freelance copywriting job into a sustainable, scalable, and wildly profitable 6-figure business in as fast as 60 days like Chris?

Not only did this work for Chris, I discovered this model as I grew to $26,000 per month of income in less than 24 months…

While having STRICT client boundaries, NOT working weekends, NOT working evenings, and vacationing multiple times per year…

AND delivered the best (record breaking) results for my clients.

I’m going to show you exactly how I did it.

Join me as I guide you step-by-step through an ultra-personal video-course experience to…

  • STOP providing strategy and consulting for free
  • STOP being an order taker
  • ​STOP selling “words on a page”
  • STOP bidding projects
  • ​STOP the never-ending cycle of prospecting for the next client
  • ​STOP the feast-famine cycle (best month followed by worst)
  • ​STOP letting clients control your life and walk all over you

And most importantly…

  • START getting paid (a lot) for strategy and consulting
  • START being an advisor to clients who respect you
  • ​START providing comprehensive strategy (first) and copywriting
  • START earning $36,000 – $72,000 per client (even small biz’s)
  • ​START developing deeper relationships with your clients
  • ​START earning consistent, predictable, reliable income every single month
  • ​START taking care of YOU, set boundaries, and build your business around your life

You’ll be guided through my easy-to-follow, 6-step process to learn the theory behind the pivots you’ll be making for your own businesses.

Then we’ll shift our focus to execution.

Each module has a “business assignment,” so you’ll experience wins damn-near every day you’re in there building your business.

It will all come together, one puzzle piece at a time.

You’re going to experience a massive transformation – both personally and professionally as you reposition and repackage your existing services into a high-ticket, retainer model business that will empower you to earn $8,000… $10,000… $15,000 or even $20,000 PER MONTH with only a handful of clients that you actually LOVE working with.

But it ain’t all about the money, honey.

This is about building your LIFE first.

Because burnout happens when you are trying to fit in everything that’s truly important “when there’s time.”

(This is the miserable cycle of “fitting my life in around my business” — been there?)

What’s important for you to have more time for?

SUMMARY You’re About to Get Lifetime Access to EVERYTHING Below

Begin your journey right now and get personal support for 8 weeks and both “early adopters” bonus bundles + lifetime access to the 6-FIS Private Slack Channel right now…

(Future Slack channel access will be limited to 8 weeks.)

Part 1: Starting Your 6-Figure Income Sprint!
  • 1 Video Introduction – Start here
Part 2: Income & Lifestyle Planning: How to build your business around your ideal life 
  • 1 Video: Income & Lifestyle Planning: How to build your business around your ideal life
  • ​1 Assignment: Vision + Goal = Action Plan
Part 3: Discovering Your “Needs Based Niche” 
2 Videos:
  • Backbone of identifying the right clients for your “needs based niche.”
  • ​Step by step exercise to nail down your own needs based niche.
1 Assignment: Your New “Needs Based Niche!”
Part 4: Creating Your “High Ticket Copy Package”
3 Videos:
  • How to prepare a crystal clear, high-ticket service offering on a month-to-month (retainer) basis.
  • ​Creating your “High Ticket Copy Package”
  • ​Pricing your new “High Ticket Copy Package”
2 Assignments:
  • Creating your “High Ticket Copy Package”
  • ​Pricing your “High Ticket Copy Package”
Part 5: Start Getting Clients!
7 Videos:
  • Expectations: Get comfortable saying NO to get to YES
  • ​Client acquisition channels – Existing clients, past clients, referrals, and cold prospects
  • ​Crafting your introductory offer
  • ​Bring your office to life! Updating your website + LinkedIn
  • ​Outreach to start getting clients
  • ​Preparing your proposal
  • ​Selling and pitching
  • ​Pricing your new “High Ticket Copy Package”
2 Assignments:
  • Updating your website and LinkedIn to bring your new offer to life
  • ​Outreach to start getting clients
3 Swipe Templates:
  • Email swipe to get clients
  • ​Proposal template
  • ​Presentation and sales process


  • Supplementary reading: 15-page excerpt on “Crafting Offers”
Part 6: Secrets of Successful Client Relationships
3 Videos:
  • How to manage client relationships with a successful workflow
  • ​Handling conflict as an opportunity
  • ​When to go above and beyond, and when to increase retainers

Personal Support From Me for 8-Weeks! 

Every assignment you complete will be posted in the appropriate “6FIS” Slack Channel and I’ll prepare a personal video screencast giving you feedback, advice, and clear direction.
Plus These 2 “Early Adopter” Bonus Bundles and Lifetime Access to The 6-FIS Private Slack Channel
(Future Slack channel access will be limited to 8 weeks)
BONUS BUNDLE #1: How to Negotiating Success Fees & Scale
2 Videos:
  • The two main ways to negotiate success fees.
  • ​How to present success fees to your client.
BONUS BUNDLE #2: My “Sales Email Formula,” Swipe Files, Templates, Organizational Documents, Client Workflow Processes, Additional Resources, and More…
Bonus 1: Library of Recommended Resources
Bonus 2: Client Discovery Template
Bonus 3: Benchmark KPIs & Asset Collection
Bonus 4: Sample Project Brief
Bonus 5: Recommended Reading
Bonus 6: Cold Sales & Follow Up Template (swipe emails)
Bonus 7: My “Sales Email Formula” (which I was told should sell for $997 on its own)
Bonus 8: Subject Line Copy Template & Swipe
Bonus 9: Content Strategy & Blueprint
Bonus 10: White Paper / Lead Magnet Opt In Page Template
Bonus 11: Campaign Deployment Checklist
Bonus 12: Email Master Schedule
Bonus 13: KPI Tracker Spreadsheet
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