Abi Connick – The Client Process


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Course overview


  • Why ‘The Client Process’ is Important
  • Overview of the Course

Handling Enquiries

  • Handling Client Enquiries & Mastering Discovery Calls
  • Watch a Discovery Call (Real-life example)
  • Putting together a WINNING Project Proposal


  • What is Onboarding?
  • Creating Your Client Contract
  • Invoicing Your Client
  • Setting Up Your Client Portal

Overview of Brand Strategy

  • Introduction to Brand Strategy
  • Your Guide to Hosting a Brand Strategy Call
  • Watch a Brand Strategy Call (Real-life Example)

Brand Foundations

  • Introduction to Brand Foundations
  • Identifying a Brand’s Purpose
  • Identifying a Brand’s Mission
  • Identifying a Brand’s Vision
  • Identifying the Brand’s Values

Brand Positioning

  • Introduction to Target Audience
  • How to Research & Gather Data (Target Audience)
  • Creating Audience Personas (Target Audience)
  • Identifying the Audiences Problems & Solutions (Target Audience)
  • Mapping out The Buyer’s Journey (Target Audience)
  • Introduction to Competitor Analysis
  • Identifying the Competitors (Competitor Analysis)
  • How to Research & Gather Intel (Competitor Analysis)
  • Presenting Your Findings (Competitor Analysis)
  • Identifying the Competitive Advantage (Competitor Analysis)
  • Introduction to Personality & Voice
  • Determining a Brand’s Personality (Personality & Voice)
  • Determining a Brand’s Voice (Personality & Voice)

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