Aaron Doughty – The Reality Transurfing Trilogy Workshops


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The Reality Transurfing Trilogy Workshops

Reality Shifting is THE most powerful manifestation process I have ever found. It mixes quantum physics with the law of attraction and so many people reach out to me thanking me for introducing it to them.
In this trilogy course I show you how to apply the most powerful techniques.
Manifestation will never be the same once you start to apply this.
Here’s a quick overview of the workshops:
#1. Creating a “Slide” Workshop to easily “shift” to the reality you want

In this workshop we focus on creating a “slide” which will help to draw in more characteristics of that parallel reality, which exists right now.  At the end of the video you are encouraged to make your own.  Some important pointers….

-Make sure you are passionate about your “goal” or slide.  Feel it in your heart.

-Imagine it though your own eyes (rather than the perspective of watching a movie)

-set a trigger to think of it many times a day.  i.e drinking a glass of water, going to the bathroom, before eating etc this will help to wire it in…

#2. Outer-Intention Workshop so the universe manifests FOR you

This weeks focus in on creating “outer intention” . This is more powerful than inner intention and I’ll show you exactly how to use it.  This is what I used to grow my Youtube Channel and making this switch is so powerful.

Think of a few ways you can start to align your goals with adding value to others.  this taps into the power of “frailing” and I explain this in the video as well. 

#3. Creating a Reality Amalgam

This workshops focus in on creating a Reality Amalgam which is a overarching belief about how we relate our “inner world” to our “outer world.” These go beyond affirmations and I have found they “leak” into every area of life.

At the end of the video I show you how to create your own as well as wire them in so that you start to experience powerful change in life. There may be some momentum from the past, however with time the new amalgams will create powerful change.

#4. BONUS! Self-Image Workshop

This bonus workshop above will show you how to shift your self-image and make your goals “natural” to experience. This will allow you to resonate with your desired reality in a totally new way.

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