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Do you feel invisible to your superiors at work?

You may feel like relationships are too complicated and it’s not worth the effort.

Or maybe you wished you could be the guy that always steals the spotlight in social events – as if you had a secret playbook for these exact moments…

The body always speaks volumes about hidden emotions and unspoken truths of the mind.

And when you master the art of nonverbal gestures, cues, and behaviors…

You’ll attain the ability to instantly read the deepest intentions of what others are really saying.

This is the art of nonverbal body language.

Through this Quest, you’ll gain impeccable mastery over this domain, allowing you to gain control over the most important interactions in life.

From massively growing your influence, winning new business, meeting your dream partner, and connecting with more amazing people than you ever thought possible.

A 16-day program to master the art of body language and gain an unfair advantage in every social interaction

This Quest is created by some of the world’s most successful authors and researchers on the subject.

Allan and Barbara are down-to-earth and bring practical information that is easily and immediately applicable. Their work draws upon thousands of scientific experiments, research and data and personal experiences to demonstrate the lessons delivered.

You’ll discover how to read body language signals in a variety of situations, including: Sales and negotiation

  • Workplaces
  • Relationships
  • Social situations
  • First impressions

By the end of the program, you’ll gain a deeper insight into why others respond to you the way they do, gain a critical advantage in any social situation and be on your way to better relationships, enhanced social influence, and better business opportunities.

What you’ll gain from Mastering Body Language

  1. Awaken your people-reading ‘sixth sense’

    Accurately interpret facial expressions and gestures and understand others on a deeper level and gain a permanent edge in any social or professional situation.

  2. Influence others with grace and ease

    Learn to navigate social dynamics with finesse, using your newfound understanding of body language to build rapport, establish trust, and influence others to align with your goals.

  3. Develop an arsenal of high-level persuasion skills

    Master the intricacies of body language and gain a formidable advantage in achieving your goals and winning others to your point of view.

  4. Have undeniable social influence

    Connect with others on a deeper level, build meaningful relationships, and leave a lasting positive impression in social and professional settings.

  5. Become an expert negotiator

    Effectively navigate and influence with confidence, precision, and the ability to understand the true intentions and emotions of others in any negotiation scenario.

  6. Be able to instantly detect lying and deception

    Become proficient in deciphering the subtle cues and signals of body language that indicate deception, allowing you to accurately spot when someone is not being truthful.

The Curriculum Explore The Mastering Body Language curriculum

Mastering Body Language is a 16-day online program to master the art of nonverbal communication in any social interaction.

On each day you’ll join Barbara and Allan Pease for a 15 – 20 minute video lesson: each one a step towards gaining an expert awareness of nonverbal cues.

By the end of the program, you’ll gain a deeper insight into why others respond to you the way they do and gain a critical advantage in any social situation.

PART 1 Getting Started with Your Body Language “Sixth Sense”

Learn to become an intuitive observer of body language signals, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of every interaction in your life. You’ll detect deception with ease, spot subtle cues that speak volumes on hidden emotions and unspoken truths. You’ll have the advantage of uncovering the real intentions of those around you, whether it’s in a professional setting or in your personal relationships.

Highlights include:

  • Little-known story of the origins of body language: unravel the fascinating history behind this powerful form of non-verbal communication.
  • The law of cause and effect: gain a deep and profound understanding of how your gestures and expressions impact others.
  • Why women are more perceptive: dive into the inherent abilities of to women decode non-verbal cues with precision.
  • And much more.

PART 2 Instant Body Language Interpretations

Discover how to interpret specific body language gestures within context and predict what others might say or do next. By doing so, we can adjust our communication strategy to keep others onside and get them to listen. We will also become aware of our own body language signals and use positive ones to build trust and comfort.

Highlights include:

  • Palm power & handshaking: why these seemingly simple gestures hold profound significance in communication and relationships.
  • Negative gestures to avoid: these gestures will sabotage your best communication efforts, be sure to avoid these at all costs.
  • The magic of smiles & laughter: harness the power of rapport to create fast and instant connections with others in a rapid span of time.
  • And much more.

PART 3 Develop the Body Language of Leaders & Influencers

Recognize when others feel their space is being invaded and what to do about power games and intimidation tactics. By gaining more control over situations, they will have a competitive advantage in the workplace. They will also learn how to make powerful first impressions, deal with power and intimidation tactics of others, and maintain territories to keep others feeling comfortable.

Highlights include:

  • Procrastination, evaluation & deceit signals: expertly navigate high-level social interactions by easily spotting these hidden cues.
  • Tricks of the trade in office politics: gain the skills to handle complex workplace dynamics with finesse and confidence.
  • How to deal with power and intimidation tactics of others: easily make your way through the murkiest waters of power tactics with grace and resilience.
  • And much more.

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