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How often do you see a familiar face but their name is a complete blank? The exam paper is in front of you and you can’t recall anything you learnt in the past 12 months? Does your memory keep letting you down? Get this course to know how to memorize something fast. And never forget it again.

This course has been compiled by the first-ever female World Memory Champion and YouTuber, Yanjaa. She graduated from business school in half the time and she will teach you all the memory techniques she used to achieve that in this online video course.


International Open Academy courses are designed for anyone with an interest in learning. No formal qualifications are required to study with us. Our courses are suitable if you want to learn new skills, start a new career, or if you’re already working in a particular industry and wish to upgrade your talents and enhance your resume.

Memory Training Champion Techniques

Module 1: Introduction

  • Meet Yanjaa: Memory champion, memory expert and YouTuber
  • What you will learn from this course
  • The benefits of memory training. Can I really “get” a great memory?
  • Memory myth busting and what is actually possible with memory training
  • Let’s get started! What 5 minutes of memory training can do for you
  • Sleeping, eating, exercising, and meditating your way to a healthy memory

Module 2: Basic Principles Of Memorization

  • Know yourself and what you are already good at remembering
  • Unlocking creativity and the imagination to supercharge your memory
  • The #1 trick to remembering more and saying goodbye to rote learning
  • Making memorable associations to bring memories to life
  • The best ways, times, and places to train your mind
  • Memory Workshop: Activity I

Module 3: The Memory Palace: A Fundamental Tool Of Memorizing

  • What is a memory palace and how can I get one?
  • Building your shiny new memory palace and using it for the first time
  • Cleaning, repairing, and building new memory palaces the right way
  • Memory palace do’s and don’ts
  • Memory Workshop: Activity II

Module 4: Practical Memory Techniques For Daily Life

  • Single-digit numbers and how to make them stick
  • Remembering passwords and other short numbers
  • Remembering longer numbers (passport, SSN, credit card numbers)
  • Where are my keys, wallet, and phone
  • How to never forget another birthday or special occasion

Module 5: Socializing: Nice To Meet You, I Already Forgot You…

  • The power of remembering people’s personal details
  • Never forget a face – and the name that goes with it!
  • Never forget a name – and the face that goes with it!
  • Memory party tricks to dazzle your friends
  • Memory Workshop: Activity III
  • Thank you and goodbye

Who is this course for?

  • Everyone. We could all do with knowing how to memorize a speech, our lines, a presentation, clients’ names, our to-do list, and loads of everyday things
  • Students who don’t want to waste time rote learning and want to smash their exams
  • Anyone who makes presentations, such as a sales person or teacher, and doesn’t want to keep looking down at the notes

Career path

Having a good memory will help you stand out in any career. You will recall your clients, colleagues, presentations, lines, important dates, and all the knowledge you need to do your job perfectly

Yanjaa Wintersoul

Expertise: Memory Training

Yanjaa Wintersoul is a world-record holding memory athlete and public speaker. She is one of 22 international grandmasters of memory and won the team gold medal and placed first at the World Memory Championship her first year in competition. In 2017 she memorized the entire IKEA catalog – an achievement which garnered her media attention and a Webby award for Best Social Media Ad Campaign. Yanjaa has made appearances on talk shows and has been featured in two Netflix documentaries. She supports the memory journeys of her followers on Instagram and her YouTube channel by offering useful tricks, tips, and techniques for memory training.


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