WondaFX Signature Strategy


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Learn more and trade less with the wondaFX Signature Strategy. Jam packed with videos discussing critical concepts in an easy to follow format.  Below is what you can expect from the Signature Strategy:

  • High Win Rate
  • Develop a strong ability to identify A+ setups
  • Understand important concepts you can apply to existing strategies
  • Minimum of 3R:R on your trades
  • Trade less – Eliminate overtrading, and reduce your time in front of your computer!
  • 1-5 trades per month/per pair
  • Weekly Trade Analysis

With lifetime access to the course, so you can always refresh your knowledge at anytime.

Section 1: Introduction

Welcome! (Start Here)

Trading Sessions

Market Behaviour

Chart Setup (Tradingview)

Section 2: Foundation

Highs & Lows

Trapped Traders & Stop Hunts

Other Timeframe traders (OTFT)

Round number levels

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