Tune In to the God Frequency and Manifest God’s Blessings


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Secret Teachings from Jesus Reveal How to “Program” Your Brain to the God’s Frequency

Listen to the “Sound of God” while you manifest the life you’ve always dreamed of. All it takes is just a simple 15-minute habit.

Do it with… The God Frequency

Inspired by the teachings from Jesus to his brother James as well as the scientific study of cortical synchronization, The God Frequency program was created to help believers manifest God’s blessings through the following areas:

  • Uncover Secret Teachings from Jesus to His Brother
  • Learn How to “Program” Your Brain to “God’s Frequency”
  • Manipulate your Cortical Synchronization using Binaural Beats
  • Manifest Unlimited Abundance with Just 15 Minutes A Day

What is “God Frequency”?

The God Frequency Binaural Beat (MP3)

Plus 1 Exclusive Binaural Beat targeted in the area of Love (MP3)!

Engineered according to a code found in Jesus’s secret teachings and the knowledge that sound wave therapy is proven to work, God Frequency was created as a specific frequency that allows you to tap into the “manifestation channel”.

With this frequency, all you need to do is make this a daily 15-minute habit for 3 weeks and simply watch your life transform into a fairytale before your eyes.

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