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21 Day Journey

The 21 Day Journey is where it all begins.

Be safely guided step-by-step through the essential process for addressing stored trauma in your body.

Start truly living the life you were meant to live.

Who We Help

Who is This Course For?

Choose the best starting point for your journey by exploring the path below that describes you.


Receive cutting-edge tools and knowledge you need for yourself, and to help others.


Break the cycle. Work on addressing your stored trauma, for you, and for those you love.


Where do you start when it comes to addressing trauma? Let Dr. Aimie guide you safely step-by-step through the healing process when you are ready to take action.

Who is This Course NOT For?

Those who are currently unable to function independently for physical, mental or emotional reasons.

This course is not for those who could not or would not be able to do their own work but rely on others to fix them.

This course would not be for those looking for a doctor, therapist or diagnosis. The course does not provide individualized medical or psychological care such as diagnosis, therapy or treatment.

Imagine How Different Your Life Could Be if You Were Actually Fully Present Rather Than Just Reacting…

Does This Sound Like You?

  • You Are Here Physically, But Not Emotionally.
  • You Struggle To Have The Energy To Be Present.
  • You Lose Hours Staring At A Screen.
  • Your Mind Wanders Off In A Meeting Or A Conversation.
  • You Suffer From Physical Symptoms You Believe Are Stress-related Such As Headaches, Nausea, Joint Pain, Or Stomachaches.

How Is That Working For You?

You’ve tried your best to change the pattern; tried to strengthen your willpower, but your body will “sabotage” you by shutting down or over-reacting when you don’t want it to.

Certain therapies keep the focus on just the brain and don’t address the body, and may actually make things worse. These are the dangerous yet standard practices of addressing stored trauma. It’s not your fault, change IS possible when you know what to do.

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