Tom Torero - Stealth Seduction

Tom Torero – Stealth Seduction


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Tom Torero – Stealth Seduction

Stealth Seduction is the infield companion to my textbook Street Hustle, taking you through my daygame, texting and dating structures in real life, with over FIVE HOURS OF INFIELD VIDEO and more than TWELVE HOURS OF INFIELD AUDIO.

This product is pioneering in its aim and scope. With a first-person point of view camera and a high quality microphone I show you not just how I stop a girl during the day and get her phone number, but how I take her on a date and then back to mine. The footage is annotated and subtitled each step of the way so you know exactly what I’m doing and why. I also include all the text messages so you can see how I get her out and keep her around.

Forget prank videos and flashy nightclub pickups. Stealth Seduction goes way beyond collecting flakey numbers or taking home drunk girls. This is the world’s most comprehensive daygame, dating and pickup product that is 100% infield. There’s no longwinded seminar or waffling video breakdowns as filler. It’s as pure as it gets.

So what’s inside the product?

16 successful seduction infields leading to a notch on the belt (4+ hours of video, 11 hours of audio)

12 more infields of number closes, instant dates, failed dates and rejections (1.5 hours of video, 1 hour of audio)

16 nationalities of girls (including British, American, Canadian, Japanese, German, French, Polish, Singaporean, Moldovan, Spanish, Egyptian, Ukrainian, South African, Russian, Colombian and Iranian)

Infield pickups in over 15 cities around the world from London to Las Vegas

How to seduce the complete spectrum of females: introverted shy girls, religious girls, party girls, headstrong princesses, academic girls, corporate girls, the ‘girl next door’

How to pick up single girls, girls with boyfriends, married women, MILFS, from late teens to early thirties

A whole range of scenarios: girls with no English, prickly girls, daygame in the rain, late-night street game, pickup on the Las Vegas Strip, booty calls, two sets

Same Day Lays, first date lays, second date lays and more

What to do with poor logistics (seducing in a park, in a hotel, in a van, going to hers)

How to have a threesome with a girl and your wing

Blowouts, rejections and failed dates to show you the reality of the daygame grind

Lift the lid on the “Secret Society” and discover a world of casual, discreet, no-strings sex

Bonus “Vault” section with some classic Torero infields (2+ hours of extra audio) plus a free PDF copy of my 130,000 word “Daygame” memoir and access to the footage from my three and a half hour “Daygame 3.0” seminar

Inside the product there’s also a 50 page downloadable handbook that goes over the daygame, texting and dating models that I’m using, plus all the key tools and techniques that you can see in the infields.


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