The Futur Greg Gunn – Illustration for Designers

The Futur Greg Gunn – Illustration for Designers


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Illustration for Designers

Greg Gunn, Creative Director,

Bring more visual interest and emotion to client work, stand out with your own illustration style, and break free from your reliance on overused stock photos and clip art.

  • 40 video lessons
  • Digital illustration assignment with layered files
  • Color palettes
  • Thumbnail and presentation templates
  • Bonus material
  • Lifetime updates

Illustration for Designers

Expand your design skill set and develop your own unique illustration style—no prior drawing experience required. Illustration is the perfect solution for designers who want to dip their toes into the world of illustration and junior illustrators looking to sharpen their skills.

There’s Only One You—Let it Show!

What’s your style? Because what you aren’t going to learn is how to replicate someone else’s. You have a unique voice, a unique point of view, and unique subject matter—you’ll bring your style together so all of that shines.

All Levels Welcome

You’ll learn some simple tricks to stylize objects in illustrations, building objects using shapes, add details, and work through how design principles work within the illustration world.

Create Your Own Illustration Project

Working from a creative brief, you’ll sketch thumbnails, refine your sketch, and add details, color, light, shadow, and textures.

Ready for more?

Learn how to apply lighting tricks, work with techniques such as overprinting, and so much more.

Beyond Basic Instagram Posting

You’ve put so much work into your illustration—don’t hide it. You’ll learn creative ways to share your work on Instagram that go beyond a simple, “This is my illustration- hope you like it.” Get the most out of your work and learn Greg’s Instagram posting system so can milk as much content out of your illustration- posting more work more often.

Ask Questions, Get Advice, Be Inspired

Your enrollment also gives you access to our private Illustration Circle Community. Chat and collaborate with designers and illustrators from all overthe world.

Who is this for?

If you’re interested in visual communication, want to add new services to your creative business, or love drawing then this course is for you.

I’ve always loved to draw, but was never great at making things look real. Or even technically accurate. Rather than get discouraged, I decided to embrace my limitations and make that part of my style. If you’re not the best at drawing, but want to learn how to make your own digital illustrations, then I think you’ll enjoy this one. It’s not about making things look real. It’s about making things look interesting and unique to you.

Greg Gunn

Creative Director

Course Curriculum

Watch the video lectures and complete your project at your own pace, on your own time. You’ll have lifetime access to the course, so jump back into the content whenever you need a refresher.


A quick overview of what you’ll learn, the tools you’ll need, and the difference between design and illustration.

Finding Your Style

Bring together your unique visual language and subject matter so your work is like no other.

The Fundamentals

Build and stylize objects using simple shapes and tricks—perfect for beginners!

The Project

Create a brief and illustrate your own personal project, including thumbnail development, refining sketches, and adding finishing touches like color, shadows, and texture as well as presenting concepts to clients.

Tips & Tricks

Bring life to your illustrations with techniques such as lighting tricks, glows, underpainting and so much more.


Get your hands on Greg’s favorite tools, books, and go-to strategies for posting illustrations on Instagram.

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