Spiritual Healing Program Universal Laws of Karma

Spiritual Healing Program Universal Laws of Karma


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What you’ll learn

  • Learning about the Universal Laws of Karma is essential for Personal and Spiritual Growth.
  • Understanding the difference between Human Laws and Spiritual Laws is important
  • There are multiple aspects and levels of karma that are essential for us to know
  • Laws of Karma are universal spiritual principles that apply to all of us
  • Learn about the difference between Fate and Freewill
  • Understanding the difference between Fate Related and Freewill suffering


We are used to living according to the laws of the material world. Each person has a little bit of knowledge that is specific to a certain area. This includes knowledge to make a living, earn, survive, provide food, shelter and money for you and your family. To earn a living, you need specialized knowledge and training in a particular subject or category.

In a similar way, for our soul to grow, it has to follow all the universal laws of karma. The goal is for us to achieve the highest level of spiritual consciousness. Our soul is a small spark of the universal light and our ultimate goal is to merge with the universal light. Over the course of human history, sages, prophets, mystics and enlightened masters have given us wisdom and esoteric knowledge to help our lost souls come back on the path of spiritual enlightenment.

All of us have worked hard to gain knowledge in a certain area of expertise to help us survive in the material world. In a similar way, we must put more effort to gain knowledge to help us progress in the spiritual world! Material prosperity gives you security, comfort and convenience. However, happiness, joy, blissfulness, and true inner satisfaction can only come from deep within you, your spirit! If we can learn and follow the universal laws of karma, than we can truly connect to the core of our being.

This is a simple Teacher/Practitioner Certification Program that is accredited by the IAOTH (International Association of Therapists). This program refers to the knowledge and wisdom of healers, mystics, sages as well as doctors and PHD’S to explain the hidden esoteric dimension of Karma.

There is also a demonstration of a simple and powerful deep breathing technique. Included in this program is a special guided meditation that focuses on Karma with soft background music. There is also an introduction to a very simple and powerful energy healing technique that you can use for yourself and clients.

There are some simple assignment questions that will need to be answered after which you will qualify for an accredited certificate from us. (Center For Inner Awakening).

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