Product Manager's Toolkit: 20 Ready-to-use Communication Templates

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Communication is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT skill to master if you want to succeed as a product manager.

Yet, very few PMs invest in learning effective communication.

As a result, they struggle in creating effective documents, presentations, emails, PRDs. Which means, they are unable to deliver the best message to their audience.

In such cases, PMs either search for communication tricks online OR try to learn from other product managers on their team. Both activities take a lot of time, and even then produce low quality output.

But maybe there is a better way! What if I told you — you can have access to a ready-to-use, fully customisable toolkit that has 20 comprehensive templates for every situation that you will come across as a PM.

This is where the PM’s Toolkit comes in — it provides you with everything you need to create concise and effective communication for every situation.

What is the Product Manager’s Toolkit?

This Product Manager Toolkit contains 20 proven, tested, and easy-to-use templates that will make your communication process efficient and your messages impactful.

Each template is created for a specific use case that you will go through as a product manager.

Over the last 8+ years, I have used all of these templates in my day-to-day work. These templates are relentlessly practical and easy to use. I have seen huge success with them and received great appreciation for the same. This is by far the most important part of the system that makes me an excellent communicator and a great PM.

You will not find anything like this on the internet.

What does this toolkit include?

  • The toolkit includes 20 templates, which are divided into 4 categories;
    • Strategic use – for communication that you do once a quarter or less
    • Regular use – for communication that you do at least once a month
    • Day to day use – for communication that you do at least once a week
    • Other use – for use cases that do not fit into other buckets
  • Each template has a detailed written and/or video that explains:
    • When to use the template
    • How to use the template
    • Who is the typical audience
    • The content to include and exclude when using the template
    • Best practices to make your communication stand out from the crowd
  • Each template can be copied and customised for your needs and organisation setup

One of the modules that I cover in the toolkit is a set of documents that I use for my performance reviews. Here is a short video snippet of what this module includes.

How will this toolkit help you?

Each template in the toolkit comes with very simple and easy to follow instructions. If you’re able to implement the guidance from this toolkit in your day to day communication, you will be able to answer all of the below questions:

  • How can I communicate effectively with a diverse set of stakeholders, like my manager, engineers, executive group, peers, etc?
  • How can I streamline my day-to-day process for communicating critical things to the wider org?
  • How can I make my written, verbal, visual communication more impactful?
  • How can I ensure my messages are clear and concise?
  • How can I communicate progress updates to my team and leaders?
  • How can I show my strengths in my annual performance review?
  • How can I create the perfect product plan for the year?
  • How can I share updates about my product development, launch, and success?
  • How can I win investment from my leaders on critical product ideas?
  • What is the best format to create and maintain a product roadmap?
  • Is there a better way to record notes, action items, and minutes from all the meetings?
  • How do I maintain a structured repository of all my documents, to-do’s, etc?
  • What is the best way to keep execs informed on crises/critical issues?
  • What communication best practices will help me stand out from the crowd?
  • What presentation template should I use while presenting to execs?

When will the toolkit be available?

The actual toolkit will be delivered to you on the launch date – 20th Feb 2023. This is a pre-order that confirms your copy of the toolkit at a heavily discounted price.

What if I have a need that is not met by any of these templates?

I am confident that more than 90% of your communication needs will be met by this toolkit. If you still feel there is no tool that solves your purpose, please write to me ([email protected]). I will help you find a way to meet your need.

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