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Newsletter Mastery Is Perfect For

Beginner Newsletter Operators with no newsletter

Have you wanted to start a newsletter, but aren’t sure the first step to take?

Are you overwhelmed with the number of different platforms, topics, and strategies out there for starting a newsletter?

Use the most efficient and risk-free way for serious beginners to become successful newsletter operators.

Intermediate Newsletter Operators with up to 10,000 subscribers

Have you started a newsletter, but now feel stuck?

Are you gaining the traction you could be gaining?

‍Learn the methods that that took me to 50,000 subscribers on two separate newsletters, and beyond.

Advanced Newsletter Operators with 10,000+ subscribers who want to accelerate

Are you running your growth efficiently?

Are you selling out sponsorships and monetising effectively?

Get a behind the scenes look at how two 50k subscriber newsletters have been scaled, operated, and monetised. You’ll get advanced tactics, playbooks, and templates to apply directly in your business.


Hi, I’m Alex Brogan.

I launched my first newsletter, “Faster Than Normal,” in March 2022 while working full-time at a startup.

Beginning from scratch—with zero opens, zero subscribers, and zero revenue—I was completely new to the nuances of starting, growing, or monetising a newsletter.

Fast forward 18 months: I’ve successfully built not just one but two newsletters to 50,000 subscribers and five figures in monthly revenue.

What’s more?

My second newsletter, “The Intelligence Age,” achieved this in ~4 months—a quarter of the time of Faster Than Normal.

I harnessed everything I’d learned from Faster Than Normal to expedite our pathway to rapid subscriber growth and monetization.

Many have asked me about my experiences, so I’ve decided to document literally everything I’ve learned about starting, scaling, and monetising a newsletter.

It’s the exact playbook I wish I had when I was just starting out. I’m confident you’ll find the content no-fluff, highly tactical, and immediately actionable.

Further, it will help steer you clear of many blunders—ones both novices and seasoned newsletter operators often commit.

10 Common Problems Beginner Newsletter Operators Face

All beginner Newsletter Operators face the same 10 problems:

If you’re reading this, chances are one (or more) of these problems are keeping you up at night (and keeping you from starting or growing your newsletter).

And chances are, you know you should be leveraging a newsletter – which is why you’re on this page in the first place.

Whether it’s to share your insights, grow your digital footprint, or create a direct line to your audience, starting a newsletter has been on your list for a while.

  • Choosing the right niche for your newsletter
  • Building an initial subscriber base
  • Designing engaging newsletter content
  • Deciding on the frequency of publication
  • Utilizing the best tools and platforms for delivery
  • Creating a consistent writing habit
  • Developing a monetization strategy
  • Growing your subscriber list beyond the initial base
  • Analyzing subscriber engagement and feedback
  • Balancing newsletter management with other commitments

The breakthrough you’ve been missing.

Perhaps you’ve dabbled in newsletters before. Each time, the initial buzz wears off quickly. Obstacles mount. The exciting project of sharing your voice and insights with the world becomes daunting. And, all too soon, you find yourself without the momentum or growth you envisioned.

But this is because you were navigating it alone. You attempted to launch and grow your newsletter without a clear path or support system.

But Newsletter Mastery addresses this directly.

You’ll move forward with tactics used by hundreds of other successful Newsletter operators to launch, grow, and monetize their newsletters effectively.

This equips you with everything you need to create your own successful Newsletter business.

Demolish Limiting Beliefs and Bad Tactics.

We’ll conquer two categories of failure modes that beginners and advanced operators face in Newsletter Mastery:

Failure Mode 1: Starting

Problem 1: Not setting the correct expectations (thinking it’ll happen overnight)

Solution: Commit to a minimum of 6-months with 10-15 hours / week before you judge your outcomes.

Problem 2: Worrying you don’t have anything novel to say

Solution: Borrow credibility to earn credibility.

Problem 3: Worrying what other people will say

Solution: Remember the Spotlight Effect. Keep the benefits front of mind. Remember that we all die.

Failure Mode 2: Endurance

Problem 1: Not actually having the bandwidth to commit

Solution: Make sure your desire to start matches your ability to start.

Problem 2: Not having accountability

Solution: Tell people close to you that you’re committing. Connect with other Newsletter Operators.

Problem 3: Not making it enjoyable independent of results

Solution: Ask the question, “How can I enjoy this independent of my results?”

Problem 4: Not re-using old content

Solution: Re-use content regularly to stay consistent

Problem 5: Not creating systems

Solution: Create your growth, monetization, and engagement systems

The Time To Start Is Now

Stop wandering in the dark with your newsletter strategy.

The biggest mistake new newsletter operators make?

Overthinking, failing to grasp the “80/20” rule of effective newsletter growth, and investing in tactics that don’t genuinely move the needle.

Navigating through the sea of advice on newsletter success can leave you more confused than when you started.

But here’s the truth: It’s simpler than you think.

What you need are proven systems and the correct approach to growth and monetisation.

Let’s do this together.

What’s in the course?

Here’s what’s in the course curriculum:

Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: The Setup & Foundations

Module 3: Growth

Module 4: Engagement

Module 5: Monetisation

Module 6: Sponsorships

Module 7: Paid Newsletters

Module 8: Templates & Guides (17 resources)

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