Melt: Couples Massage Courses (+2 months of updates)

[GroupBuy] Melt: Couples Massage Courses (+2 months of updates)


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There’s hundreds of classes / techniques and concepts to learn from. This is a lot.


Massage combined with intimacy (and filmed eloquently with no nudity or awkwardness)

Easy to watch and even easier to follow-along to

From the very beginning the MasterClass gets you in the mood:

Intimacy is implied (it’s not in your face but you know it’s there)

  • The way we sit is for easy access
  • The massage techniques let your hands explore
  • The massage routines create the most delicious experience.

It’s a comprehensive guide that’s broken up into 3 courses. Press play, follow-along. We’ll show you how to massage, all you need to do is bring confidence and energy!

Head Hands Feet

Mild when compared to the MasterClass, yet quite a beautiful experience…

There are secrets hidden at the extremities

Deep relaxation can be found at the extremities. The Head, Hands and Feet love massage – it’s like a spa at home. And so easy your partner will think you’ve been practicing in secret.

Unlike the MasterClass, this is a relaxed mood.

  • No need for dim lights
  • No need for an “intimate” production
  • Two best friends getting their hands on each other

And it’s so good for you!

Melt Shorts

Melt Shorts give you creative ways to massage at home. These take no time to do, require no effort or set up and are super fun.

Do on the Couch, Bed or Floor

Made popular on Instagram and Tik-Tok. Shorts help you discover new techniques and a fun approach at massaging at home.

A different vibe to the MasterClass, BUT what you learn here will make your intimate massage much better! 

  • 100+ massage massage classes (more are added each month!)
  • Includes massages sequences (not found on social media)
  • Includes massage concepts (super techniques)

Sequences: show you how to join 2 or more massage techniques together (think of them like mini-massage routines). For the full experience, use the MasterClass Masasge Routines to create an experience.

Massage Concepts: are very important, they’re applicable to multiple locations on the body (and also work for multiple techniques). When you understand the concept you can apply it to every massage you give heling you improvise and create your own bespoke massage routines.

Friday Classes

Every Friday a new massage class!

  • Keeping things fresh and new

No need to think or pout any effort into creating a connection. Each Friday you’ll find a new massage technique waiting for you in your account.

We’ll email you with a reminder – log in, press play and follow-along.

Fridays are always great days!

PlayTime Events

  • Run only a few times per year
  • These events help couples stay accountable to their relationship
  • Helping you spend more time on the relationship
  • Helping couples connect

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