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Can You Relate?

👉 Are you tired of merely saving notes without being able to produce content out of them?

👉 Would you like to discover the hidden connections between your ideas, put your own twist on them, and create content that stands out from the crowd?

👉 Are your notes a huge mess, scattered all over the place, and prevent you from achieving your goals?

👉 Are you tired of handling CONTRADICTORY INFORMATION online when it comes to what to do, how to classify, and what tools to use to build your second brain?

👉 Are you looking for a way to come up with a NEW, FRESHER, and BRIGHTER IDEAS than your competition?

👉 Are you afraid of setting up the wrong system (and thus losing weeks, months, or even years trying to figure out everything on your own)?

👉 Do you OVERTHINK, are OVERWHELMED and have a hard time making a decision about how to set up your second brain the right way?

👉 Are you PROCRASTINATING because you don’t know exactly how to get started?

👉 Are you struggling to find a way to finally MAKE SENSE of all the ocean of information you consume on a daily basis?

👉 Would you like to to ELEVATE THE QUALITY OF YOUR THINKING so that it can reflect in your CONTENT (and propel you to be the OBVIOUS CHOICE in your market)?

👉 Do you have a HUGE AMOUNT OF NOTES sitting in your apps but don’t know how to make sense of them? (You may even have the feeling of getting drowned by your notes, and know that there’s is so much wasted potential sitting in there… If only you knew how to get the best out of them)

👉 Are you experiencing MENTAL FOGGINESS, FRUSTRATION, and DILUTED FOCUS because you don’t have a streamlined way to manage all your ideas (and information) in a rock-solid way?


If you’re a content creator, the answer is yes.

What I mean by content creator is someone who’s creating content in any form or shape (articles, books, presentations, videos, podcasts, whatsoever.)

As creators, we’re dealing with ideas every day.

But if you don’t have an effective process to work with your ideas, then you’re at a huge disadvantage.


Because not having a process to manage information is like trying to run a factory without machinery and raw materials.

And your factory does not produce physical goods… but ideas.

Listen: Your brain alone is not designed to handle all the information by itself. Neuroscientific research has shown that our memory is limited to +/- 7 things.

This is why we forget more than 90% of what we read. This is the reason why we need to create shopping lists.

And running your business on a brain that is designed to forget 90% of information is as stupid as riding a donkey if you could take a plane.

Sure, you could keep up and constantly re-learning new things… But until when?

If you agree with me, it’s safe to say that…

Creators Who Don’t Have A Rock-Solid System To Manage Information Are Silently Loosing The Game


❌ Waste time on never-ending research (and waste endless hours going down rabbit holes without producing anything significant at the end of the day)

❌ Don’t come up with creative and breakthrough ideas (and simply regurgitate what the gurus and the big players already said, in a less compelling way)

❌ Rely on ”inspiration” to create content (and fail to create on the bad days)

❌ Struggle with consistency in creating content (and prematurely throw in the towel… leaving an empty boulevard for their competition to jump in and hijack their audience)

All this, compounded over time… leads to losing enthusiasm for what they do.

It makes the whole content creation process a heavy lift instead of a passion business.

This is the reason why…


5 Easy-To-Follow Modules To Create Your Second Brain From Scratch

(Or Enhance The One You Already Have)

✅ NEW UPDATE: Includes REAL-LIFE DEEP DIVES into Matt’s Second Brain


You can’t build a rock-solid workflow on weak foundations.

This introductory module will ensure you start on the right foot.

Some of what you’ll learn in this module includes:

👉 The Difference Between PKM, Zettelkasten, Second Brain, And Otter “Catchy” Terms. (Most People Don’t Know The Subtle Differences And Mix Everything Together Which Makes Them Not Achieving Anything Significant)

👉 The Most Underappreciated Productivity Principle (That You Probably Already Know But Rarely Apply) That Will Allow You To Cut Through The Noise And Become A Note-Maker Rather Than A Note-Taker

👉 Why Blindly Implementing Niklas Luhmann’s Zettelkasten Is Stupid And A Waste Of Time (And What To Do Instead)

👉 Why Most Note-Taking Systems Are Doomed To Failure (And How To Set Up Yours To Succeed)

👉 The 2 Most Important Elements Of A Successful Note-Taking System (And How To Set Them Up Correctly)

👉 Why Chasing New Complicated Note-Taking Apps Won’t Move The Needle And Is Nothing Else Than A Waste Of Time (And What To Do Instead)

👉 How To Set Up A “Future Proof” Note-Taking System That Will Last With Your Entire Career as a content creator


Creating better content starts with consuming better quality information.

This module will show you how to level-up your consumption. You’ll learn more, by consuming less.

Some of what you’ll learn in this module includes:

👉 The Alternative Approach To Effective Information Management

👉 How To Escape The “Information Overload Treadmill” And Gain Back Your Mental Sanity And Focus

👉 How To Get Rid Of “Note Collection Fallacy” For Real

👉 My Stupid Simple Process To Consume Less But Better Quality Information To Come Up With Valuable Insights

👉 Why Reading The Latest Bestsellers is a Waste of Time (& the exact psychology behind it)

👉 The simple tricks and brain hacks to implement TODAY to free up more time by consuming less (without falling behind)

👉 What to systematically do when you have the temptation of reading, watching, or listening to a content as soon as it pop ups in front of you… (Not doing this will KILL your creativity and SUCK UP all your time)

👉 Why most creators are wasting their time in spying over their competitors that prevents them unsubconsciously to stand out (and what exactly they should do instead)

👉 The 2 types of content consumption and the one you need to focus on starting from TODAY


Did you ever ask yourself what information to save and what to ignore?

You’re not alone. Collecting is all about knowing what, where and how to collect information the right way.

Some of what you’ll learn in this module includes:

👉 The Most Secure Ways To Dump Any Type Of Information Into Your Second Brain

👉 How To Escape The “Information Overload Treadmill” And Gain Back Your Mental Sanity And Focus

👉 UPDATED: My “almost” no-weekly review workflow to manage my second brain

👉 How to set up your own “hybrid” note-taking system to make your second brain work smoothly

👉 The Best Ways To Capture Information From Almost Any Source (Books, Audio Books, Videos, Podcasts, Seminars…) Without Coding And Using Free Tools

👉 My In-Depth Process Regarding The Best Way To Capture Information Effectively

👉 What To Do With Your “Old Notes” (Walk-Through Of My “Stress-And-Hassle-Free” Approach To Migrating Notes)

👉 The Simple Reason Why You Can’t Rely on “One” Note-Taking App like Notion, Obsidian, Roam, whatsoever… (and what exactly you need to do instead)


Every new idea is a combination of old ideas.

This module will show you how to leverage the power of connecting notes together to spark unique insights to fuel your content creation.

Some of what you’ll learn in this module includes:

👉 How To Classify Your Notes The Right Way In A Simple Time-Saving Process

👉 How To Escape The “Information Overload Treadmill” And Gain Back Your Mental Sanity And Focus

👉 How To Stop Being A Note-Taker And Start Becoming A Note-Maker

👉 My (Almost) Full “No Folder” & “No Tag” Approach To Stop Being An Archivist Who Never Re-Uses His Notes!

👉 The Only 3 Different Types Of Notes Your System Requires (And How To Implement Them Easily Without The Technical Fluff!)

👉 The Step-by-Step Guide to Correctly Distilling Information and Creating Notes in Your Digital Zettelkasten

👉 The 4 Rules To Follow (Almost Religiously) When Creating A New Note In Your Second Brain (And Optimize Easily It For Later Reference)

👉 The Multi-Entry Door Technique To Ensure That Any Information In Your Note-Taking System Can Be Retrieved In 15 Seconds (Or Less)

👉 How To Benefit from the Zettelkasten without having to get drowned into its complexity (Without The Technical Jargon)

👉The reason why ‘classifying your notes’ is a waste of time, never worked (and probably never will.) You’ll discover the research that supports that and exactly what to do about it.(Ironically, this makes the whole note-taking process that much easier, especially when you set up a self-organizing structure like you’ll discover step-by-step in this course)

👉 Exactly when to use backlinks, tags, folders, (and when not!)


Now, we’ll take your content production to the next level.

You’ll learn cutting-edge and new ways to create better (and more) content, faster than ever before.

Some of what you’ll learn in this module includes:

👉 How to effectively use your second brain to come up with new (and probably never-seen) content ideas. This will give your free (and paid) content a unique twist nobody else can compete with.

👉 How to format your notes the right way to make sure that the content you’ll create will resonate with your audience to achieve more likes, subscriptions and ultimately… sales!

👉 I’ll Show You How My System Works Behind The Curtain: How To Create, Retrieve, And Utilize Notes Step-By-Step.

👉 How To Start Thinking Critically And Stop Being A ‘Sheep‘ That Simply Saves Information And Regurgitates Other People Thoughts

👉 A Simple Method To 10X Your Knowledge By Identifying Your Information Gaps

👉 How to supercharge your second brain with unique insights that you can re-use almost on command

👉 How to Set Up Your Second Brain From Scratch to Create More (And Better) Content Faster Than Ever

👉 The Exact Process To Make Sure That My Content Will Resonate With My Audience (Before Even Start Creating It) – This Alone is a HUGE Time Saver

👉 How to use data to DOUBLE DOWN on the content that works, to get MORE ENGAGEMENT for your upcoming pieces of content and spin your content FLYWHEEL faster than everyone else

👉 Exactly how to organize short-form content you’re creating out of your notes like for Twitter or LinkedIn. (This will help you retrieve all your posts in just a few clicks, maximize their potential, and turn them into long-form content or emails later on.)

👉 How to come up with (almost) UNLIMITED new content ideas to GET NOTICED in your niche so that you can build your email list, and monetize your expertise with online courses

👉 And Much More…

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