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Mark Hess – Desktop Vertical Video Training


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First, go through the demo videos above, that’s essentially what you’re going to be learning how to do. I go over EXACTLY how to create those types of vertical videos from your desktop or laptop which can be uploaded as YouTube Shorts, to TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook as reels or stories. You instantly tap into billions of views and can put your pages in front of millions of people.

I Show You Everything Step-By-Step.

I guarantee that you will go through this training and think “OMG, this is so simple but brilliant”. (at least that’s what a guy who does YouTube full-time told me when I showed him this training).

Anyone can record one of these videos because it’s such a simple process. You don’t need a smartphone, you don’t need to show your face (if you don’t want to), and you can show people any website on the Internet perfectly.

When you upload to YouTube these videos automatically become YouTube Shorts. Upload these videos to YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and Facebook Reels tapping into billions of views for free traffic, exposure, views, and make more money. 


  • Show Your Sales Pages, Squeeze Pages, Webinar Signup Page – Imagine going to your marketing pages and showing people exactly what they’re getting and then telling them what to do with drawing, highlighting, and circling if you want. You are literally putting your marketing pages in front of millions of people for free.
  • If You Run YouTube or TikTok Ads – This is the biggest no-brainer on planet Earth if you are running paid ads. You can show people your website and show people exactly how you want them to take action. You are literally putting your marketing pages directly in front of people.
  • Promote ANY Product You Want – You can literally show people ANY product on the Internet and promote it as an affiliate. You can switch between browser tabs to create top 3 or 5 lists. Show people how to enter your coupon codes. Show people bizarre products, gadgets, do product reviews all without owning the actual products just show it to people on the website. Start a best of Amazon channel if you want. You are literally putting your affiliate links in front of millions of people for free.
  • Instantly Jump On Trending Topics and People – In the one demo video I show you how to do this. Go to Google trends and find trending topics then simply click a link to a news story and talk about that trending topic. You can show authority sites and highlight different parts of an article or story. Get monster views.
  • Drive Traffic To Your Blog Posts and Social Media Profiles – Anything you create can now be shown to people instantly. So the minute you post something on your blog or social media create a quick vertical video about it then give people a link. Show people what you post on your social media profiles.
  • Show Interesting Facts, News Stories, Crimes – All of these things grab people’s attention. You can go to any website on the Internet and show people anything! You can literally create entire accounts without ever showing your face based around entertaining things that you enjoy talking about.
  • Record Quick Tutorials, MLM Recruiting Videos, Show People The Backend Of Sites or Inside Facebook Groups, Show Tips and Tricks From Websites, Create Listicles. You Can Literally Show Any Website On The Internet In A Vertical Video You Upload To YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram.


Remember, there’s no smartphone required and you can now access all the FREE traffic flowing through YouTube Shorts, TikTok, Instagram and Facebook reels. You create these on your desktop or laptop in minutes.

YouTube is rolling out monetization for Shorts in February 2023. You can literally sit at your desk and create these all day long for multiple channels if you wanted to.

Some people are going to take what they learn from this training and absolute crush it.


 What more do you want than this? Absolutely anyone can do this and it’s basically zero actual work or effort. It’s hanging out shooting quick videos to get traffic whenever you want.

All you’re doing is recording 60 second videos. The content you need for these videos is already on the website you’re recording. You’re instantly tapping into billions and billions of views.

You don’t have to show your face, you sit there creating these videos from your desktop or laptop so no smartphone is required, you can put anything you want in front of people, you don’t need an existing following to get views and see results.

This literally checks every single box and if you don’t get this training I’m not sure what you’re looking for, but good luck because it doesn’t get any easier than this.

This training can solve every single one of your problems right now if you’re struggling with getting traffic and putting offers in front of people or building your list.

If that’s not your thing this training will allow you to talk about the things you’re interested in, you can build entertaining channels and profiles around funny stuff, news, anything you find you on the Internet you can share with the world and profit from it.

And if you’re not happy with the training I’ll gladly give you your money back so it’s totally risk-free (but let’s be real, there’s absolutely nothing to not like about this and everything written on this sales page is true).

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