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Manifest a Reality Wilder Than Your Wildest Dreams?

After 13+ years of researching, studying, and implementing various manifestation tools, strategies & techniques I’ve learned a thing or two about what actually works and what doesn’t. Below you’ll discover the programs I’ve created utilizing my knowledge and experience to help you learn how to step into your highest potential and manifest your absolute best life! Let’s get started!

The Manifestation Babe Academy

The Manifestation Babe Academy is the all-in-one, everything-you-could-possibly-need-to-know, 20-week school of manifesting YOUR unique dream life. Utilizing the principles of energy, universal laws, ancient spirituality, human design, and subconscious reprogramming, MBA is guaranteed to help you completely shift your reality by eliminating all the blocks that are keeping you living the reality you most desire. This is the ONLY program you will ever need when it comes to manifesting your dream life. If you’re ready to harness the full power of the Universe and tap into your unique manifesting gifts to create a life on YOUR terms, this program is for YOU!

Sovereign Money

Rule your reality as the MF QUEEN and start manifesting on your command! Through your upbringing you were likely programmed to believe all kinds of narratives about money that simply aren’t true.
And through that process, you gave money the power to take rulership over you even though the rulership has always been yours.
Sovereign Money is about remembering WHO you are so that you can rewire archaic money beliefs, expand your capacity to receive and finally reclaim your birthright to infinite wealth!

The Blueprint x Manifestation Guide

Discover the intricacies of who you are and all of the incredible things you have to offer, as well as the special ways in which you express yourself and operate in this exciting Human Design collaboration between Erin Claire Jones & Manifestation Babe! When you get The Blueprint to your unique Human Design chart, you’ll also receive an exclusive BONUS masterclass in which I share how I amplified my ability to manifest my desires through Human Design and how you can do the same!

Manifestation Reset

Get to the bottom of why your goals & desires aren’t manifesting so that you can heal manifestation burnout and get back to living the dream life you were always meant to live! This program is like checking yourself into a 10 day spa retreat for the soul, where you will come out feeling crystal clear, knowing exactly what to do, and seeing floods of RESULTS in places that were once barren deserts. If you’re ready for your manifestation breakthrough, then you’re ready for the Manifestation Reset.

Melt Your Money Blocks Away

This isn’t your average “visualize, cross your fingers and hope for the best” kinda training. In this 90 minute masterclass we are clearing all those feelings around money that aren’t serving you including anxiety, fear, anger, resentment, and guilt in the most painless way possible. A way that actually feels FUN. So that manifesting money becomes an enjoyable process. One that feels light, filled with pleasure. Satisfaction. And joy. And I’m not just teaching you HOW the unconscious mind communicates so that you finally get on the same page–although you’ll learn that too–but how to make ALL the resistance you have toward manifesting money completely go away. Allow me to melt your money blocks away FOR YOU so that you can start writing your brand new abundant AF money story babe

Tapping Into Massive Wealth

No matter how financially successful we may already be, we may still be holding onto limiting beliefs about money that are preventing us from skyrocketing our incomes to the level that we feel most fulfilled at. In Tapping Into Massive Wealth, we will use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to blast through 7 of our most crippling financial beliefs. This is one of the best methods proven to rid the body of energetic and emotional attachments that create resistance to having more more wealth. Also a great compliment program to the Unleash Your Inner Money Babe book for that extra manifestation boost.

Business By Design

Combine the magic of Manifestation Babe with the most effective business strategies inside of James Wedmore’s Business By Design to get the EDGE in business you’ve been looking for! Once a year the doors to BBD X MB swing open to give you the absolute best training, tools & resources to skyrocket your success with 11+ exclusive MB business bonuses when you enroll in Business By Design with Manifestation Babe


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