Igor Ledochowski – Ultimate Self-Hypnosis System Live Training 2022

Igor Ledochowski – Ultimate Self-Hypnosis System Live Training 2022


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You’ll Find It So Rewarding and Easy You’ll Want To Use It All The Time

Because you’ll see the benefits ripple through every area of your life.

Whether your goal is to kick a bad habit, fall asleep faster, get into the best shape of your life, land a new job…

Or use these simple and fast-working techniques to upgrade your memory… relax your mind… supercharge your willpower…  elevate your confidence…

The possibilities are truly endless.

It really is THAT powerful.

Moreover, this new form of self hypnosis is so easy to use, that you won’t have to re-adjust your life to make it work for you.

You won’t need to carve out blocks of time in your busy schedule or move your whole day around to see results.

And you don’t need any previous experience with hypnosis, either.

Once you’re shown how to use this advanced form of self hypnosis – it will come so naturally to you that you’ll be able to use it…

  • Lying in bed.
  • Sitting at your desk.
  • Waiting at a bus stop.
  • Commuting on a train.
  • Relaxing for a few minutes on a park bench.
  • Doesn’t matter…

As long as you have a few moments to yourself, you can use the self-hypnosis system ANYWHERE at ANYTIME.

Which means you’ll start to move through reality as a new “elevated” version of yourself.

Now, how am I so sure this system will give you the easiest and fastest results you’ve ever experienced with self hypnosis?

For starters, this advanced system is designed to LASER FOCUS your awareness so you can use it to automatically PROPEL you towards your desired outcomes!

Because once you start using the 5-step self hypnosis method, you’ll feel as though you’ve switched out a blurry set of glasses for pristine new lenses, and once you put them on… your vision suddenly…

SNAPS Into Razor-Sharp Focus!

So you feel, think and behave in ways that instantly ALIGN you with your life’s dreams, goals and aspirations.

And in just a moment I’ll tell you how to save your spot for the live training where you’ll discover this new 5-step method (and much more).

But first, consider this:

Attention is your most valuable resource.

Matter of fact, getting anything you want in life comes down to sustained attention focused in the RIGHT direction. 

Yet many people find themselves distracted.

Or your attention gets scattered all over the place.

You might even find yourself focusing your attention in the WRONG places – draining it into destructive habits, negative thoughts and limiting ideas that lead you NOWHERE!

What’s worse, you can spend years struggling to reach your goals even though you know – DEEP DOWN – you’re capable of achieving them...

Truth is…

Too Many People Give Their Attention Away Or Let It Get “Hijacked”

It’s no secret that corporations around the world spend BILLIONS figuring out how to capture your attention.

And they’ve gotten really good at it. Too good.

But let’s face it, they don’t care if you fail to reach your goals or if you don’t live up to your full potential.

Because they know, that whoever controls your attention, controls you.

Which means unless YOU reclaim your attention and direct it where YOU want it to go…

It WILL get taken from you.

And when that happens, accomplishing what you want in life turns into an uphill battle.

So why am I telling you all this?

Quite simply, because I’ve designed a RAPID new self hypnosis system that gives you the exact method you can use to…

Reclaim And “Recalibrate” Your Attention So You Automatically Attract Your Life Dreams And Aspirations To YOU

Turning you into… the most vibrant… balanced…confident… motivated AND charismatic version of yourself.

All without apparent effort on your part.

Because once you find out how to TRAIN your attention network and reprogram your mind so you start to FIND new opportunities… and even CREATE them…

You will notice possibilities where before you only saw roadblocks!

You will decide what you want, and then MAKE it happen with ZERO interference!

You will go from attention to ACTION in a smooth and seamless way!

You will set a goal – and find the optimal path towards it!

You will take any situation—and make it work for you!

In fact, people always ask me how I manage to stay focused for hours on end, constantly producing new training programs and never getting tired of it.

That’s because for years, I’ve been using this exact self-hypnosis system.

And for the first time, I’ve condensed it into a simple, easy-to-use 5-step process which you’ll find out (and much more) when you attend…

The Ultimate Self Hypnosis System Live Online Training

Here’s What Else You Can Expect From This Three-Day Advanced Self Hypnosis Live Training Event:

  • RECLAIM your attention and take back your awareness (too much of it is getting “hijacked” from you every single day!)
  • Gain the ability to manage your emotions so you maintain your composure and a balanced state of mind even during tense or stressful moments
  • Discover how to effectively regulate your thoughts so they work for YOU and move you closer to the person you want to be (instead of spiraling out of control or holding you back)
  • Find out how to CHANGE the behaviors that have kept you stuck in a SUB-OPTIMAL state for far too long
  • Resolve and process problems that leave you tossing and turning at night so you can finally gain peace of mind
  • Discover how to easily get the unconscious mind working towards your goals FOR YOU!
  • Assist your body with its natural healing processes so you start to feel healthier, and more vibrant
  • Gain more control over your life so YOU move it in the direction YOU want to go!
  • Heal difficult or painful memories from the past so you stop projecting negative thoughts, feelings and fears into the future
  • Feel more confident and in control of your thoughts… behaviors… AND supercharge your willpower!
  • Get to know yourself on a deeper level so you can finally understand the inner layers of your unconscious mind
  • Find out the principles behind self-hypnosis so you’ll know WHEN it is working… and what to do if it’s not!
  • Dissolve inner conflict and tension keeping you from forming empowering NEW beliefs
  • Relax in the RIGHT way so you create the optimal frame of mind to create breakthrough changes in your life
  • LASER FOCUS your awareness and find out how to “collect” your attention (instead of letting it drain out of you)
  • Program your mind to intuitively and automatically lead you down the right path towards your goals
  • Find out how to FIX broken affirmations by dissolving inner tension (it prevents you from changing “stuck” beliefs!)
  • Discover the secret to harnessing your awareness so you can catapult yourself in the direction YOU want to go
  • How to INVEST your attention so your actions line up with your desires!
  • Transform your relationship with negative memories or traumatic experiences so they stop sapping your happiness and energy in the present
  • Turn into a more vibrant person, present and at ease with your surroundings… (you’ll start to “glow” as you gain a newfound sense of hope, purpose, and inner ease!)
  • The key to anchoring behaviors so you build rock-solid mental habits
  • Feeling stuck in your own thoughts? Do THIS to feel more connected to the world around you and fueled by positive energy
  • The 60-Second Self Hypnosis DRILL: Do this ONCE a day… and make new habits STICK!
  • Stop feeling sluggish, mentally “checked out”… feel awake, alert, and engaged instead!
  • The fascinating difference between passive and active attention (you’ll find out how to TRAIN your passive attention network so it becomes exponentially stronger!)
  • Find out how to program your mind so you start to FIND new opportunities… and even CREATE them!
  • Start to JOLT your Reticular Activating System (RAS) WIDE AWAKE so it works FOR you (not against you!)
  • Enhance everything else you do with hypnosis by experiencing unconscious-level transformations… for yourself!
  • Experience heightened states of conscious awareness that fill every day with purpose and meaning
  • And lots, LOTS more…

Okay, as you have probably gathered from the training overview and descriptions – my NEW Ultimate Self Hypnosis System live online training program is now perhaps…

The Most Advanced Personal Transformation Training You Can Immerse Yourself In Over 3 Days To Experience A “Total Mind Upgrade”

I personally cannot think of any other self-development or personal transformation program that “expands your consciousness” so your life goals and aspirations end up coming to YOU by default of the “new, bigger you” you’ve BECOME.

In fact, the Ultimate Self Hypnosis System live training program is so effective and rapid at “quantum leaping” your consciousness — there are certain people who will NOT be allowed to attend the live online training event.

More specifically…

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