How I Made $9,756 in 30 Days With YouTube Shorts CPA by Erkaz

How I Made $9,756 in 30 Days With YouTube Shorts CPA by Erkaz


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Have you been seeing channels that spam YouTube shorts with a CPA link all over YouTube lately? If so, you must have thought:

  • How do these guys bypass the upload limit?
  • How does YouTube not detect them?
  • How does this even make money?

If you asked yourself these questions then you are in luck, because I have finally completed my in-depth guide on how I generated $9,756 in just 30 days from YouTube shorts.

Oh, don’t believe me? Here’s a screenshot.

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In this guide you will learn:

  • What YouTube shorts are and how they can be used to make money
  • How to safely create & manage 100’s of YouTube channels without getting detected
  • Which niche works best for YouTube shorts CPA
  • How to get accepted to a CPA network
  • How to create the perfect content locker
  • Where to find FREE landing pages
  • What types of videos to upload
  • How to share your CPA link without getting banned
  • How to automate uploading & how to bypass upload limit (upload 1000’s of videos per day)
  • The easy fix to apply if you’re getting 0 views

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