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Imagine waking up everyday to new followers, new business opportunities, massive engagement, and extra income.

It’s all possible with some Twitter magic.

So if:

  • You are tired of watching others find success and freedom online
  • You want actionable advice on how to supercharge your Twitter account
  • You dream of a life of abundance, yet you find yourself in stagnation
  • You want to use social media to improve your life, rather than make it worse
  • You want to live a great life by leveraging Twitter fully

Then you are about to unravel how to take advantage of your true potential, by using Twitter as your go-to app to get more out of life.

Who Are We?

Zuby (@ZubyMusic)
Rapper, author, podcaster, influencer & entrepreneur from the UK.

Active on social media since 2004 (Twitter since 2009).

I’ve grown my Twitter following from 18,000 to 280,000+ in less than 18 months and my tweets received 600 million+ impressions in 2019.

I’ve tweeted my way into crazy places – including The White House, The Pentagon, The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Fox News, BBC, Sky News, and many other major platforms in the UK and USA.

I can show you how to build a huge, engaged audience, that will love you, support you, engage daily, and pay you for your work.

Jose Rosado (@JoseRosado)
I’m a husband and father, living and working in the Dominican Republic.

I teach people how to create new sources of online income using their existing skills.

I’ve taught thousands of people how to make an extra income online by selling their skills and knowledge to their audiences.

What Will You Get?

This is a 2-course bundle composed of Conquering Twitter Engagement and Conquering Twitter Marketing.

Conquering Twitter Engagement (real-world value of $197)

  • Why Twitter matters and how it is superior to other social media platforms
  • Finding your voice on Twitter
  • The 2 types of tweets that build engagement, awareness and loyalty
  • How to grow a fanatical audience by being authentic
  • Hacks to create quality content your followers will proudly retweet
  • Specific ways to build trust and get massive engagement
  • Zuby’s personal formula for going viral consistently
  • Breakdowns of viral tweets – learn by example
  • The 3 things you MUST do when you go viral
  • How to deal with the ‘Twitter Mob’
  • Rules to not getting banned or suspended on Twitter 

Conquering Twitter Marketing (real-world value of $197)

  • Fundamental concepts everyone must know before starting to sell on Twitter
  • A simple guideline on how to decide what to sell
  • List of offer ideas you can totally steal from us
  • How Jose Rosado made his first $4K on Twitter
  • A straightforward path to make an income without creating a product
  • The absolute best ways to making an income selling your skills on Twitter
  • The 2 categories of services you should be promoting
  • How to pitch your services and how to close the deal in the Direct Messages (DMs)
  • Increasing your income with upsells
  • Qualifying your potential clients so that you don’t waste time
  • Increasing your income by selling your knowledge in text, video, and audio formats
  • The perfect way to pitch your info-products
  • The 2 most powerful persuasion tools to get more sales in less time
  • A simple path to launch your info-products

Bonuses (3x)

Bonus 1) World’s Simplest Affiliate Marketing Guide

  • “What Is Affiliate Marketing?”
  • “How Do I Share Affiliate Link With My Audience and Friends?”
  • “How Do I Get My Commission?”
  • How To Ask For Affiliate Links On Social Media
  • Finding Affiliate Programs Outside Of Social Media
  • Driving Traffic To Your Offers And Affiliate Links

Bonus 2) Simple Prospecting With Calendly And Zoom

  • How to automate the meeting scheduling process
  • Which questions to ask to qualify the lead
  • Schedule your sales calls faster than ever before
  • Setting up video calls automatically

Bonus 3) Crash Course Gumroad

  • How to create awesome product pages and what to add to the product descriptions
  • How to use Gumroad’s email marketing features
  • Simple trick to increase your income using Gumroad’s special features.
  • Simple hack to upsell other products
  • Bonus: 10-min video Case Study: Crash Course Gumroad Flash Launch

Everything Changes When You Know How To Grow a Loyal Audience

Meet The People You’ve Been Following For Years On Social Media: You’ve read their content, listened to their podcasts, watched their videos and bought their books and courses. Imagine yourself doing business with them.

​Find Your Dream Audience: There’s no need to stress about follower count, likes and retweets. When you grow the right audience, people will actually want to learn (and buy) from you.

Create Multiple Streams Of Income: Selling digital & physical products, your skills and services can become a profitable business for you. Imagine making money while you sleep… or even while taking a vacation.

​Get Fantastic Clients: Attract real, high-paying clients with less work and in less time – without losing your soul.

Receive A Constant Influx Of Love, Praise and Motivation: When you help others, a community of like-minded individuals will notice and its members will want to help you by sharing your content, liking your posts, and buying your products.

We’re Giving Your Nearly $400 Worth Of Training… For A Small Investment – But You Have To Act Fast Because This Is For A Very Limited Time Only

We’re giving you the complete game here!

Even after everything you read about Conquering Twitter, you may still be on the fence.

So, you really have three options.

Option Number 1 is do nothing and I know that’s not what you want to do because doing nothing means you end up in the same place tomorrow that you are today.

Option Number 2 is actually even worse. It’s figuring it out on your own. Look, these techniques in this strategy took me tons of time to figure out… hours upon hours upon hours…

So the only real option here for you is Option Number 3, which is taking this massive shortcut to using Twitter in a systematic, straightforward way.

The choice is clear.

That’s why we urge you to get ‘Conquering Twitter’ today.

So you know what to do!

You’re Protected By Our 100% Money-back Guarantee.

You are fully protected by our 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t like our course over the next 30 days, then we will gladly refund your money.

No questions asked!

Get Conquering Twitter Today.

All yours for $197.

  • Conquering Twitter Engagement video course
  • Conquering Twitter Marketing video course
  • Bonus #1: World’s Simplest Affiliate Marketing Guide
  • Bonus #2: Simple Prospecting With Calendly And Zoom
  • Bonus #3: Crash Course Gumroad video course

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