Glam & Art Nude – The Anatomy of a Production Day By Dan Hostettler

Glam & Art Nude – The Anatomy of a Production Day By Dan Hostettler


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The Best Boudoir Photography Class To Upgrade Your Skills

Boudoir photography and art nude are sensitive photography aspects that require a high level of perfection to pass the right message with your images and attract the right audience.

This is why as a boudoir photographer, you must continuously invest in upskilling to meet professional standards.

One way to do this is by getting useful resources and staying updated with new updates. One of which is the new version of Lightroom that is making the editing process super easy.

This boudoir photography class is the perfect place to find additional knowledge about your craft, especially using brushes, masks, and gradients in the new Lightroom version to improve your images.

The boudoir photography class contains great details about brushes and masks and how they can help you improve your nude art or boudoir photography.

The class will touch four essential parts, helping you get the best out of the latest Lightroom version as a boudoir photographer.

Details Of The Recorded Masterclass

  • Topic: Working with brushes, masks and gradients in Lightroom CC
  • Duration:60 – 90 minutes
  • Access: The Vimeo video link will be available in your PhotoWhoa account once you sign up
  • Instructor: Dan Hecho

Topics Covered In This Boudoir Photography Class

  1. The ability to highlight people in the image in the new version of Lightroom, advantages and disadvantages.
  2. Mask adjustment with tools ‘subtract’ and ‘add’.
  3. Additional selection of shadow and light parts with masks.
  4. Changing the background with masks, giving a finished look.

Perks Of The Boudoir Photography Class

Dan Hecho is the boudoir photography class’s instructor. The experienced boudoir photographer leverages his knowledge to compile a resource to benefit budding and established photographers.

This masterclass is one of the best currently, especially if you’re more interested in the aspects of masks, brushes, and gradients.

It helps you make the most of the latest Lightroom version. Here are some of its perks:

Streamlined Duration: The class only contains relevant information related to nude art and boudoir photography

Knowledgeable Instructor: Dan Hecho has built an excellent reputation as an instructor and a practicing boudoir photography expert.

Get in For Less than the Price: The boudoir photography class is currently on at a slashed price, a perfect opportunity to gain more value at a lesser cost.

About The Instructor

Dan’s birthplace is Ukraine. He was educated in the arts. Since 2007, he has been working as a professional photographer.

Since 2010, he has been actively involved in photography instruction.

Thousands of people who attended his boudoir photography class, workshops, masterclasses, lectures, and photo school are today some of the top photographers in their regions.

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