Dickie Bush – Ship 30 for 30

Dickie Bush – Ship 30 for 30


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Quiz: Is Ship 30 for 30 right for you?

Have you wanted to start writing online, but aren’t sure the first step to take?

Are you overwhelmed with the number of different platforms, topics, and strategies out there for writing online?

Have you started writing online, but now feel stuck?

Are you hacking away at blog posts, publishing into the void, never gaining any traction?

Do you have plenty of ideas, but struggle to put yourself out there?

Do you find yourself creating draft after draft, never hitting publish?

There are 3 killers of great writing.

Bad Habit #1: Overthinking

So many talented writers think success is about having the best ideas. It’s not. We have learned the best ideas come as a RESULT of producing a TON of ideas. Which means not overthinking the process.

Bad Habit #2:

Have you ever re-written and edited a piece of work for so long, you started to hate it? This is one of the most common challenges among writers. They spend so long on a piece of writing that by the time they “finish” it, they hate it—and then never end up publishing it as a result.

Bad Habit #3:
Falling out of practice

As soon as you skip a day of writing, it becomes easier the next day to skip again. Skip enough days in a row, and you’ll forget you ever had a daily writing habit in the first place. Getting started (or started “again”) is the HARDEST part for writers.

Stop publishing into the void.

The biggest mistake early writers make? Publishing weekly blog posts into the void. In the beginning, you think you know what you want to write about, and you think you know what people want to read.

But newsflash: you don’t.

With this assumption, early writers enter a sloth-like feedback loop, which makes writing consistently impossible.

Instead, you want to make noise and listen for signal.
By writing 30 essays in 30 days, you work through months worth of ideas. And by leveraging platform algorithms like Twitter, you get immediate feedback on your writing.

Stop lurking.
Start creating.

Let’s be honest.

If you’re reading this, you know you should be writing online. Since “start writing” found its way onto your to-do list, you’ve seen dozens of others do it successfully, building audiences, launching businesses, and unlocking new opportunities in the process.

But for some reason or another, you’ve been putting it off. And it’s probably some combination of procrastination, perfectionism, the fear of hitting publish, or thinking you have nothing worth saying.

Luckily, Ship 30 will get you to the other side. From lurker to contributor. From consumer to creator. And once you make the leap, you’ll never look back.

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