Demystifying ChatGPT and AI to Supercharge Your Marketing an

Demystifying ChatGPT and AI to Supercharge Your Marketing an


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What you’ll learn

  • Understand the basics of Chat GPT and AI technology and its applications in marketing and sales strategies.
  • Learn how to effectively integrate Chat GPT and AI into your organization’s marketing and sales activities to improve business results.
  • Develop skills to create and deploy chatbots using Chat GPT and AI technology to automate customer interactions and improve customer experience.
  • Get free tools to help you improve your effectiveness with ChatGPT


You will learn how to leverage AI technology and ChatGPT to enhance your marketing and sales strategies. The adoption of AI technology is rapidly increasing, and it is crucial to use it in daily activities to remain competitive. ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot developed by OpenAI that can do anything from simple calculations to complex tasks such as writing emails or articles. In this course, you will learn how to utilize ChatGPT’s generative AI technology to create human-like responses and generate creative content for marketing purposes.

You will be introduced to Deepak Goyal, an expert in AI technology who has been working in the field for over ten years and is both an engineer and a marketer. Deepak will demonstrate the capabilities of ChatGPT and the GPT language model to generate responses to text prompts. You will learn how to interact with the tool, create and refine prompts, and understand its limitations.

The course will cover the basics of generative AI technology, how it differs from rule-based or supervised learning, and the potential it has to simulate human-like thinking. You will also gain an understanding of the precautions that marketers should consider when using AI technology, particularly chat, and how to avoid plagiarism while generating product descriptions.

The course will emphasize the importance of understanding your target audience and how to tailor content to their personas, including using the language model with as much relevant information as possible about the product. You will also learn how to refine prompts and experiment with different prompts to find the best results for your needs.

Lastly, the course will cover the future of AI and where it is headed, including how companies are integrating GPT technology and fine-tuning it for subject matter. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of how to use AI and ChatGPT to enhance your marketing and sales strategies and stay ahead of the competition.

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