Dejan Nikolic - Unique YouTube Method - Make Any Video Viral and Unlimited Channels

Dejan Nikolic – Unique YouTube Method – Make Any Video Viral and Unlimited Channels


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Passive Income – Unique YouTube Method – How To Grow Quickly & Make Passive Income

Do you know what’s crazy? This is my second source of income and I spend only one hour per day building massive channels in less than 30 days and I make 2 times more than average American that’s working 8 hours per day.

Do you want to know what’s even crazier? I figured out this business 3 months ago. Since then, my PayPal balance has been increasing rapidly.

In this unique course I will take you step-by-step using the EXACT blueprint and secrets I used to generate this income combining YouTube and other well-known websites (not Shopify, not Facebook, Instagram, Amazon or anything like that).

I will show you the essential secret tricks I have used to get thousands of dollars using videos that YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE TO MAKE! Yes, you heard me right. You don’t have to make them by yourself, you don’t have to be in front of a camera, you can stay anonymous and much more.

There is no other course like this and you will not find this information anywhere else.


These are my own, personal strategies that I use to build channels quickly, my own secrets that got the official Online Hustle channel to over 22,000 subscribers in less than 2 months, my own secret tricks to getting hundreds of thousands of views over and over again and much, much more.

I will be your over-the-shoulder guide through the entire process and give you secrets such as how to create unlimited channels, how to get your channel monetized in less than 30 days, how to get your video go viral, how to boost any video to make it go viral, how to get thousands of subscribers quickly, tricks to boost your subscribers even more, I will show you #1 hack to getting thousands of subscribers guaranteed – in less than 1 month, how to make sales quickly, how to avoid paying huge fees and much, much, MUCH more!

Keep in mind that as an added bonus, which will be WORTH THE PRICE of the course on it’s own, you will be given access to 2 different special Facebook groups.

First Facebook group (worth $97) is dedicated to students sharing their results, ask questions, help each other etc.

Our second Facebook group (worth $147) is a special Facebook group that is dedicated to students helping each other grow each other’s YouTube channels through giving free subscribes, likes, comment, views, and watch time to other student’s channels.

This means your channel will grow EXTREMELY FAST if you combine my secret growth tricks shared in the course plus free subscribers, likes, shares, views, comments and watchtime from other students.

This is ONLY available to students who have purchased the course.

I will teach you 3 different, proven strategies to get 1000 subscribers & 4000 hours of watchtime and that way get literally any channel monetized within 30 days.

You can try all 3 methods to see what fits better to you.

Method #1 will show you how to get 1000 subscribers & 4000 hours of watchtime with only ONE video.

Method #2 will show you how to get 1000 subscribers & 4000 hours of watchtime with our special group.

Method #3 will show you how to get 1000 subscribers & 4000 hours of watchtime using one unique strategy that I will reveal to you inside of this course.

+you will learn how to pass the review quickly – 24 hours up to 7 days max. (usually takes 1 – 2 months)

Your Instructor

Let me tell you something about me. Just a year ago I was the best student in my class. That meant I would be able to get a high degree & a high paying job.. But I gave up. I dropped out.

It wasn’t because I was lazy, it was because I didn’t want to be JUST ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL. I grew up in front of a computer and I know almost every single trick & ‘hack’ to skyrocket your success online.

Course Curriculum


  • FB Group & My Contact Email (1:10)
  • Overview of The Method (9:17)
  • Making Money With This Blueprint – Case Study (3:22)

Getting Started

  • Creating Your YouTube Channel (1:43)
  • Setting Up Your Channel (7:02)
  • How To Create UNLIMITED Channels (3:13)

Get ANY Channel Monetized

  • Getting Monetized – Overview (2:24)
  • Quick Setup (2:15)
  • [NEW] Get Approved For Monetization With ONE Video METHOD #1 (4:02)
  • Get Approved For Monetization With Our Private Group METHOD #2 (6:01)
  • UNIQUE Way To Get Approved For Monetization METHOD #3 (8:34)
  • How To Always Pass The Review Quickly (4:43)

Building Monetized Channels

  • Quick Introduction (1:04)
  • How To Find A Viral Video (4:08)
  • How To Get Those Videos Done For Free (4:15)
  • Why Title, Tags & Description Are So Important (2:56)

Building ANY Channel To 10K+ Subscribers In 60 Days or Less

  • Building Any Channel – Overview (2:03)
  • How To Download Any Video For Free (3:12)
  • My NUMBER 1 Secret To Getting VIEWS QUICKLY (4:26)
  • Free Tools To Beat Your Competition (4:33)
  • Creating Eye-catching Thumbnails (3:18)
  • Free Tools To Create Good Thumbnails (3:30)

How To Get Subscribers Quickly

  • Getting Subscribers Quickly – Overview (1:35)
  • Easy TRICK To Boost Your Subscribers (4:27)
  • Easy Trick #2 To Boost Your Subscribers (5:38)
  • #1 HACK To Get 1000s of Subscribers GUARANTEED! (4:05)
  • Boost Your Subscribers Quickly #3 (4:41)
  • Get More Subscribers From Our Private Group

EXPLODE Your Views

  • Get More Views – Introduction (1:26)
  • How To Get Even More Views (6:37)
  • How Do Videos Go Viral? (4:55)
  • How To Get Your Video Go Viral (10:15)
  • Quickly Boost Your Video To Make It Go Viral (2:28)

Making Money

  • Making Money – Overview (1:24)
  • Where To Sell & Get HOT Traffic (5:40)
  • How To List Your Channels For Sale (6:45)
  • How To Avoid Paying HUGE Fees (Save $1,000+) (3:17)
  • How To GUARANTEED Avoid Getting Scammed (5:05)

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