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What’s inside?

  • 100 Pages of In-Depth Content
  • Learning Style Quiz
  • 10 Ready-to-go Portfolio Project Ideas
  • Professional Resume Example
  • Customizable Curriculum on Notion
  • 70+ Recommended Learning Resources

Here’s the truth

I won’t promise you land a six-figure data scientist position in six months… because everyone’s journey in data science is different. Perhaps you’ve spent a fortune on courses, books, and bootcamps, but still find yourself lacking a concrete, successful strategy to break into the industry. Maybe you’ve acquired some skills, but haven’t yet achieved the level of mastery or the job position you’ve been aiming for. You may have a passion to analyze, predict, and influence the future using data, and you’ve been doing all the “right things” academically and professionally. But still, you’re not seeing the return on investment for all your hard work.

If so, this DS guide is designed to help you navigate the nuanced path to becoming a data scientist—the way you envision it.

DS Guide is for you if…

  • You’re new to data science or 1-2 years into your career
  • You want to learn how to self-teach data science
  • You need a curated list of learning resources
  • You’re struggling with portfolio project ideas
  • You’re finding it tough to land a data science job

DS Guide is not for you if…

  • You’re already a seasoned data scientist
  • You’re aspiring to be a software developer, not a data scientist
  • You looking for one-on-one mentorship
  • You’re seeking college admission help
  • You are looking for a textbook or coding tutorial, not a career guide

Why I Wrote This Data Science Guide

Imagine diving into data science without knowing coding or stats, no tech degree, no bootcamp. That was me. The only thing I knew back then was that I wanted to switch careers and become a data scientist. I was super excited to start my learning journey, but also I was overwhelmed. The volume of resources, books, courses, and tools available was staggering. I found myself collecting anything and everything that seemed even remotely relevant. From thick textbooks to an ever-growing list of online courses, my study plan was overflowing with materials, yet I often felt lost. The paradox of choice was real: having too many options made it challenging to pinpoint where to begin and what to prioritize.

And yes, I made mistakes. Plenty of them. I spent hours, days, even weeks on topics and resources that, in hindsight, weren’t immediately relevant or crucial to my learning journey. But I managed to carve my own path in the field. In two years, I went from being a newbie with no tech background to securing a full-time data science position in a well-known consulting company working on cutting-edge ML projects.

Reflecting on my journey, I realized I could make things easier for others. I want to help you by showing you what really matters and what you can skip for now. In this guide, I’ll share my journey, the things I messed up, and the lessons I learned. My goal? To make your journey smoother and show that if I could do it, so can you. 

Why choose my DS Guide??


  • Save Money 💵 Courses can get pricey, and researching them can eat up hours. No need for all that. I’ve gathered the best free or low-cost resources just for you.
  • Save Time ⏰ Skip the mistakes most newbies make. I’ll show you exactly what to focus on so you can jump into data science faster than you thought possible.
  • No Fluff ☁️ I’m keeping it real—no filler, no false promises. Just hard-earned advice from me and other data scientists who’ve been there, done that.

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