Dark Seduction and Persuasion Tactics – Emory Green

Dark Seduction and Persuasion Tactics – Emory Green


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Dare to Uncover the Science in the Art of Seduction

Have you had not much luck in the game of attraction?

Or are you still so puzzled about how seduction looks way too easy for other people?

And you just don’t get how someone so seemingly average, or even lesser than your good qualities, can actually have it all. Just like that?

Find out how even an average person can be a great charmer!

Or maybe you just want to up your game and masterfully exude the charisma and charm that many others are using as an advantage these days. Everyone needs a little oomph! You know that, too.

For many of us, this is not the first time we came across this topic and seeking a little help and some answers are nothing to be ashamed of.

This book has the answers to questions some of us are too shy to ask about the art of seduction.

Dark Seduction And Persuasion Tactics is yet another groundbreaking book by Psychologist Emory Green. Insightful and painfully honest, it will help you see beyond what you think you know about seduction.

This book is uniquely written to:

  • Give you an in-depth understanding of what seduction is and how it works

  • Provide you abundant information without judging your intentions

  • Give you awareness and at the same time freedom to choose what you will do with this new knowledge

  • Understand human weaknesses and vulnerabilities, how manipulators use them to their advantage

  • Protect yourself or someone from psychological tricks and mind games. Yes! The author dares to talk about devious seduction tactics here.

  • Let you discover the different types of seducers and find out or decide what type of seducer you are

  • Apply the science of seduction to improve your persuasion skills in other settings such as work and business

Dive deep into the unravelings of Dark Psychology with Emory Green shedding new light on controversial topics that other books won’t talk about.

A fair warning: this is not a book for everyone.

Knowledge is Power and indeed when it falls into the right hands, you are entrusted to do what is right. In an ideal world, we can play the Innocent. But in the real world, it is always best to take the role of the Wise and the Aware.

What if you know the secret to successful seduction, what will you do?

And what if someone else took this power, what can you do?

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