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Inner Circle ⭕

Forecast / Analysis

Receive daily my Forecast / Analysis with POI and direction with instructions for the GBPUSD (Frankfurt + London session & optional New York)
You need to apply the entry confirmation and take the trade by yourself. This is the only way how you can learn and not through signals.
The forecast are super clean and more helpful than any signals

Education with Course + Zoom

Step by step course for my strategy
This is not a SMC Strategy. It has elements of the ICT Strategy. We understand the institutional price delivery. Every 1min candle is telling us a story and is relevant for the next trade

2 times per week we do have a zoom call where we go candle by candle through the most recent price action. here you can also ask me your questions

During the Zooms I also do Live Trading with you whenever we see a valid setup


Trading can be a very lonely business. Surrounding yourself with like minded people will boost your mentality and help you to grow. Especially when all trade the same strategy

Why Darius FX ?

I am in the forex markets for almost 5 years. Since I discovered FX I never stopped dedicating my time to it. I never had a break from it. I really love what I am doing here and I decided to share this with my community. This is why I created the Inner Circle ⭕

My community is trading the same strategy like I do and gives us the possibility to surround ourself with like minded people ✌️

Dangerous about most FX Communities is that everyone tends to trade a little bit different because of the big space of interpretation of the strategy which will affect your trading performance drastically as it will distract you a lot. This is why you need a very powerful strategy which work based on the principles of the market but having an easy approach to follow. So your mind can’t make to many failures 🧠

Also most trading gurus do not really have good and consistent results. Let me show you some of my verified results. Scroll down lower 💸

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