Dan Wardrope – Click & Deploy Sales Android

Dan Wardrope – Click & Deploy Sales Android


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Generate Leads That Lock Out Your Competitors & Have Clients Begging For More, With A ChatGPT Fueled Sales-Android

I’d like to introduce you to Mr AI.

He wasn’t always Mr AI though.

He was a regular lead gen guy, like the rest of us…

…generating leads for lawyers.

Desperate for his leads to be sh!t hot

… he spent months tweaking his targeting, franken-funnel and creative.

Only to get hit with emails like this, all too often:

“Can we put a stop to the leads please, the quality is just not there’

So he did a bit of digging…

It turns out these clued-up solicitors weren’t great at answering the phone fast, and weirdly had a hard time qualifying their own customers. 

Good quality prospects were being thrown away

Leads were sitting around going cold and Mr AI was getting an ear-bashing, even though he wasn’t at fault.

Common problem for lead gen agencies ‘eh? 

Around the same time, Chat GPT-3 was released and Mr AI got super curious! 

Could he get the technology to understand if someone qualified for a service, based on the information it was fed? 

And could he then ask it to respond appropriately, intelligently and in a human-like fashion? 

(In fact, even better than human as the hot-shot lawyers kept screwing up the leads)

Figuring it out, was no picnic! 

Eventually, Mr AI built this new qualifier into his landing page and added a booking bot for good measure.  

These were the results: 

Bookings skyrocketed!

Clients were talking to better qualified leads, from the off. 

And the cost to generate each lead fell through the floor. 

But, how does it all work? 

By feeding the AI with criteria gathered from the FB lead form, it digests this information and assesses whether or not a prospect qualifies for the service.

The AI then communicates back with the prospect providing detailed answers as to whether they qualify and why, adding a human touch by relaying specifics from the initial information provided.

Those that qualify are then invited to book a call. 

This double opt-in ensures clients only speak with 100% qualified prospects, meaning they’re some of the strongest quality leads in the market.  

The before and after, looks like this: 

You may have seen a problem? 

Leads that aren’t ready to book a call, will fall through the cracks!

If your clients haven’t got sales staff to mop up? Unfortunately, those leads are on the long road to nowhere. 

You could hire sales staff to work them? But that’s more costs coming out of your pocket.

Or if you’re lucky enough to already have sales peeps? You could draft them in to help. 

But asking highly-skilled, expensive workers to do a menial and monotonous task feels like a huge waste. 

Instead, Mr AI needed something that could cope with asking repetitive qualification questions, without ever missing a reply.

Would be quick witted enough to adapt against the most contrary prospects, without ticking them off.

And would be available 24/7

Even the most committed sales person couldn’t fit the bill. He needed a sales-android!

So, he went out and built one.

We all know the longer your clients wait to contact leads, the less likely they are to convert them.

So as well as adding out of hours, customer service support…

Mr AI can now squeeze way more juice out of a database by initiating an SMS campaign and have the AI instantly chat with them.

The sales-android sifts out the leads that don’t qualify, whilst engaging the ones that do, ready for final stages and for a human to take over.

More importantly as Lead gens…

This new way allows us to generate leads through simple leads forms that only require a phone number to sign up. 

And where these types of leads would usually be high volume, but low quality…

We can counteract that by qualifying the lead through SMS, whilst still taking advantage of the super low CPL’s that lead forms bring. 

If you’ve ever tried to use service bots and SMS automation before…

You’ll know you need to create large, complex workflows which have limited capabilities and responses. A bunch of IF this, then do THAT. 

Even then… if an ‘invalid answer’ is given the dumb-bot goes haywire, gives a nonsensical response and reveals itself. 

Leaving the prospect feeling cheated and back to square one. 

So, how is this different? 

By laying out a set of instructions, the AI knows that its main objective is to sell to the prospect and mimic a natural, human-like response.

The AI has access to the full GHL conversation and as a result will intuitively reply and converse with prospects, via an infinite number of messages.

Like this:

Try as you might, you won’t hit that annoying feedback loop we all despair from other dumb-bots. 

And by hooking this up with GHLs own booking bot

You’ll move prospects closer to a sale, by getting them to choose a specific time to speak directly with your client.

I’m not sure AI can replace anything completely. Maybe it will in the future? But it’s not there yet.

What it can do is the majority of the heavy lifting for you, freeing up your time (and your sales team’s) for things that require more finesse. 

The result for your biz? 


Meaning, you can finally focus on the things that will scale your business past that $10k per month ceiling rather than getting caught up in the weeds. 

If you’re thinking this sounds like super complex stuff?

And a lot to figure out to get it working as it should, without costly glitches?  

You’d be right. 

To do this on your own, from a standing start is no small task.

That’s why we’re going to give you a boost!

We’re handing over the controls to our Click & Deploy Sales Android.

Like Mr AI, you can SLASH CPL’s by 65% whilst TRIPLING lead quality by deploying this into your business. 

Our ready-made tech structures and walkthroughs mean you can power up your own AI sales machine, without needing a degree in computer science.

And instead of spending close to 372 hours figuring this out yourself, or paying $1000s for a developer to build it all for you…

You can have yours up and running in less than an hour

Now you have the android shell, you need to bring your AI to life

With our User Manual you’ll know the exact buttons to push that powers up your AI, programmes it to your niche and gets it starting conversations for super cheap. 

Our “Conversational Starter Kit” includes our lead form funnel and binary question examples that get quick customer replies and buy-in.

After teaching your android its first words…

You now need to give it a 5* education so it can qualify deals like a salesperson and be trusted to work, on your behalf.

Not much of a teacher? Don’t worry! 

You’ll get our AI Textbook and front row seat in our Prompt Writing MASTERCLASS. 

Like dealing with an unruly teenager, an android going rogue will leave you red-faced. 

Both need teaching right from wrong!

Educating your ‘AI’s brain’ with the right prompts, gives it the direction and know-how it needs… 

Preventing your sales-android from going off the rails 

…and acting like every other under-qualified, dumb-bot out there. 

Meaning you can trust it implicitly to do you proud, with the task in hand. 

Prompt writing ain’t easy. 

Even a simple misplaced punctuation can send the whole thing spinning out of control. 

With FULL access to our Prompt Writing Masterclass, you’ll understand the key structures of prompt creation and how you can incorporate modifiers to get your AI doing additional tasks. 

You’ll know the common pitfalls to avoid, that can leave you chasing your tail. 

..and learn how to safely test your AI’s knowledge and capability, before unleashing it on the world.Now, like a proud parent…

You’re going to want to show it off, so you can bask in its success.

Our “5 figure offer spinner’ help you engage in the ‘humble brag’ with current or past clients

… resulting in them whipping out their credit cards and increasing order volumes within minutes of the emails or SMS being sent out. 

Kinda like this:

I have never seen a faster way for lead gens to add an extra 5 figs to their weekly revenue, and that was BEFORE they had “AI” to supercharge their offer.

No one else is doing this, right now!

Which is why we’re super privileged that Mr AI agreed to share his secret sauce.

And after putting our heads together, we’ve made it so easy for you to get in on the AI action. 

Plus, you’ll get access to these BONUSES…

* Swiftly overcome technical headaches with access to the REPLAY of our BONUS Troubleshooting call with Mr AI, Dan and Flexxable’s own tech geek. Iron out the kinks here so you can deploy your sales-android as soon as.

** Super Charge your snapshot with our Prompt Writing MASTERCLASS. Without the right instructions, your sales-android is going to draw a complete blank, or spin off the rails. After this bonus class you’ll know exactly what to tell openAI.

*** Time Limited Offer – Prompt writing advice is on speed dial through our Sales-Android slack channel. Rarely do folks get prompt writing bang on first time. This iterative process can be sped up with some expert help which you’ll find at the other end of your keyboard.

****Benefit from ongoing support by joining our Sales-Android Collective! Our Private Facebook Group for Android users is where you can get direct feedback from the experts, ask questions and take advantage of the vast knowledge of its members.

***** NEW BONUS: Let clients sell themselves with access to our B2C Sales Android in Personal Injury. Imagine how impressed clients will be when they get first hand experience of how an Android qualifies a lead, according to case law. Don’t have lawyer clients? Don’t worry! We show you the tweaks you can make, to get this working in ANY niche.

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